The Big Question: How To Make a Living In Music?

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This is a response to a question from one of my viewers. This doesn't have an easy answer without talking about how money is made from Publishing, Record Sales, Sound Exchange, BMI or ASCAP, Publishing, Live Performance, Crowdfunding, Youtube, Teaching, Film Scoring and Licensing. I tried to address all or most of these things with actual numbers and how it all works. Links To Follow:If you are interested in purchasing The Beato Book click here: Follow On Twitter -

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Wow , Bill Clinton F'd us there too? What a guy, gave away the country and got elected twice. Sorry, didn't mean to get political.
How To Make a Living In Music? Become a plumber!
I think I will write a book on how money used to be made in the Music Business as it is all downhill now. Having played for 55 years it is very sad to notice the lack of opportunities for up and coming artistes
Aura Qualic
I agree all what you said. I been in the industry as a Motion Graphics designer and Musician and its quite a lot of things to do before you can get the payment for living... This is why I am still not famous since I'm focusing more on the Motion graphics day job... what's also hard for me is that I live in country side... and most of the creative things happen in the big city.. that is another hard part of living as a creator and not only a musician :/
Ben H.G
I feel like this video leaned over towards the question \
Bill Hannaford
How to make a living as a musician? Make a bunch of videos and start a youtube channel talking about how to make a living as a musician.
Bob shurunkil
you are a product of the giant labels, and sound exchange is great, if I heart Radio, and the corporate media radio is playing songs you had something to do with. the video is about how to make money TODAY, and this is youtube, so it is a video for the people, not other people that worked on major artist label efforts. You could have just done a mass email to your corporate friends, if you were gonna say \
Brendan McCurry
God, this is depressing.
C Math
Thank you Rick for the reality check that is needed for many people/artists who think they want to \
Camilo Salazar
how can a record cost so much? 250.000$ is ridiculous
Chris Bedan
Thanks, Rick... This information is soooo valuable, I appreciate the insight.
Conrad Craft
great video Rick. Every starting musician needs to watch this video to the end... covers a lot of ground while hitting the essentials well.
Dan C
Thanks for all of this advice, Rick. Being in this industry is such an utterly daunting task. It often feels like I need the skills of five different professionals just to have a chance at ever making any money. Currently studying sound engineering and trying to improve on my instruments and with my compositions but's so intimidating. Thanks for making it just a little easier :)
Devon Throness
Very relevant video. Thanks for the insight!
Dirty Curty
Sounds like a very bleak and depressing money making landscape in the music biz. Once people started stealing the artists songs it killed the money to be made and people felt justified because cd prices were up to 17.99 for a recording which might have only 2 or 3 good songs on it. They thought they were getting back at the record companies not realizing that record companies had ripped off all the artists they could with terrible contracts. That not only hurt the record companies,which probably deserved it for giving the artists hardly anything compared to what they made,but that really left the artists with nothing. I think the only reason bands continue to make music is purely for the love of music because they arent getting rich and its a shame they can barely eek out a living at it. People were enraged when Metallica went after Napster not thinking that they were stealing. Would Hollywood spend millions making a movie and show it in theaters for free? If that was the case they would never make another movie.I dont understand why people feel they are entitled to free new music from every band and artist out there. Would anyone choose to work for free? I think not and anyone that says different is a liar.
Edward DeCeault
I find this content very interesting, I never realized how tough it was to make a living in the music industry. People say they love an artist but the real question should be, are you supporting them?
The producer/mixing engineer point is interesting.\nWhat is the best way to begin as a producer/mixing engineer in your opinion ? What basic knowledge and experience would you recommend ?\n\n(I'm 23, bass and guitar player for almost 10 years, I try to expend to other intruments lately like piano, drums, singing, and sound design. I know the basics of music theory, etc).
Step one: marry a nurse.
Firstname Lastname
I have a non-music related full time job, but I always love the feeling of playing music live (although only few times a year, mostly at friends' events). At some occasions I get paid, but not that much... Lately I have been thinking about going into playing music full time, but I know its not easy... Guess I'll just start by doing regular session at bars/cafe at night while working in the office during the day. It's always been constant battle inside of me, between being realistic and following the dream...\n\nJust sharing though...\n\nOh, i remember Guthrie Govan once said:\n\
Thank you Rick for this video, a closer look at today's reality.. it's funny cause Im 30y/old now, I was lucky enough to start making dance music records very young in early 2004 and from that point I seen the decline of the music industry like you described..after graduating at a sound engineering school I seen all the big studios I worked in, or got an internship, closing cause labels went out of budget..I couldn't never imagine that, I had to change mentality so fast and become independent..nowadays it's not easy making a living in the music industry, you really have to be a multi-purpose \
This sounds like the publishing industry and others as well. You don’t get a book deal unless your book is selling. Sounds odd, but with the Internet, publishers can sit back and take less risk this way. Not so good for the up and comers but great for the publishers.
Gary Citro
Best financial decision I ever made as a musician BY FAR was to become a public school music teacher,. By happenstance, I live in a well paying area that supports and values music programs. I can't produce or engineer, but I don't really need to. The caveat is that music teaching requires a completely different skill set, and much of it has not much to do with music. But to do it well, ideally you still have good chops, musical and non-musical literacy and a wide breadth of knowledge, along with a huge dose of tolerance. \nWhen I started teaching you still had an outside shot to have a band that could \
Geoff Taylor
If you want a sure-fire way of making any kind of money from the Music Business nowadays, become a Music Business Lawyer.
Glenn Hurley
I felt the pinch when Disk Jockeys came in favor in the early 80's. Way less live, private party, wedding, bar gigs every weekend. Playing drums I sure felt the pressure to get live bookings. The horn players I worked with had got killed and many had to fall back to teaching revenues. These guys were not hacks they were pro players who could do almost any style. lately in Chicago seems to me live is on a small up swing. Last year at my Nieces wedding, no DJ. They brought in a small PA plugged in the grooms Phone and hit play. No JD.
I B Right
So very interesting. I once saw Dolly Parton in an interview talking about if you want to make money in the music business be a writer. Seemed like a strange thing for her to say as such a big star but I think even she made much of her (pre-Dollywood) fortune from her songwriting rather than performing. I can play guitar like Jimmy Page/SRV/Joe Satriani/whatever, but as personally satisfying as it is, it means nothing in dollars. I do like performing but I like (and need) money too. I started playing because I wanted to do what Jimmy Page was doing. I never thought of it as a profitable endeavor but as I get older, it would be nice to get a little return on the lifetime of effort and cash I have invested.
Ian Webster
I studied music production, got my masters in Audio production. I've played bass for 17 years. I produce music which I put up on soundcloud and have accumulated a couple of thousand listens. D'you know how I make money from music? Covers band. For the majority of musicians, that's the best you'll do. Play pubs, weddings, birthdays etc. You have a great time and you can make a bit of cash to supplement your earnings from the regular job you have to have.\n\nThere's always that joke about how do you make a million off jazz music? Start with a billion. Reckon if I become some sort of crypto millionaire I could build a studio, employ myself and slowly run out of money until I have to get a job again.
Jack Sprat
The Beatles never learned to read music, but after playing together a few years for food and drink, got their chops down and managed to collaborate among themselves professionally and had a great producer to guide them. But yeah, it's getting tougher and tougher to make a living in music or anywhere without the right connections, talent, skills and knowledge. But as we go deeper into the \
Jacky J Jones
Another great tip towards making money and the right connections in the music business... is, be Jewish.
Jake Hose
In other words, 97% of musicians will never work full time, ive seen alot in the music business, played in bands, recorded albums, know people...if you have any other talent that you can make money at, pursue that as a career and have music be a hobby, i know rock stars (all work day jobs, had major label releases) i know musicians that their bands dont make enough money so their main job is studio engineers, trust me, your chances at becoming financially successfull is almost 97% against you. Music business is bs
James B. McGill
Step1, quit job. Step 2, stop paying all of your billls, Step 3 , move into your car, live on what you make busking. That's how I do it.
James Hash
Hey Rick,\n\nGreat video, cuts to the chase .. it is very hard for most creative people to break through the status quo there is a lot of mediocrity and thus, a lot of resistance (\
James McNamee
Hi Rick, thanks for the great video. I have just come across your channel and am finding it extremely rewarding with a wealth of wisdom for someone who is just starting out. I do have a question: Do you know many successful writer producers that do not - or aren't that great - at playing any instruments?\n\nI've never learned, though I am self teaching myself keys at the moment but progress is slow. I do however possess a good knowledge of music theory and believe I can write a good tune (my strength lies in engineering/producing/mixing though).\n\nAll the best,\nJames
James Randorff
Jeffrey Gold
Rick, I see you're still running a Mac G5. Is that the last pre-Intel Mac G5 Quad? Kudos! I'm still running mine too.
Jerry Smitherson
Stupid music business. I could have been a famous basketball player, or famous actor, but NO, I had to be a musician. Ughh
Jim Merrilees
Arrived late but will add my tuppence worth....I have been singing pro for getting on half a century......I love the biz and hate it at the same time......To say it is fickle is an understatement......Unlike most business, talent and expertise counts for diddly squat....neither does hard work although it clarify..... I know some pretty lazy untalented people who managed to reach the top and some pretty hard working really talented folk at the bottom....It is down to luck...who you know...who you meet and who you have backing you.......and when all these things happen......\nOne thing is for sure you do not start making a living until you have built up a reputation and a demand....unless of course you enter one of those X factor type shows and get really lucky....which for many reasons I would discourage.\nI perform mainly live but do the odd session work and sometimes even do Karaoke/disco to fill up my have to know how to be versatile and adapt to what is wanted by the public not what YOU want to do.\nNever give up stick at it...but do not give up the day job till you are making plenty.
Johnny Guitar
The best chance for most of us to earn money in the music business is to simply own shares of Spotify, LOL!
Jonathan Richer
Hey Rick, you said that if you you're a producer than can play instruments and write that that is a huge plus, but how would a producer actually go about getting hired by a label? Would they start doing indie projects and build a portfolio or is there some sort of showcase element involved?\n\nThanks for the help! Love the video as always
Sound exchange collects royalties for performers and PRO companies collect royalties for the writers. That is the difference, your welcome.
The main rock is dead is because there is no incentive anymore for a kid to decide to dedicate his life to becoming a professional rock musician. The rock music was always an ultra-competitive, brutally hard industry in which to become successful. Guys spent their lives driving hundreds of miles a day, sharing a room in a cheap motel at night away from their wives and children year after year and if they were talented and lucky, they made a living. That doesn't mean they got rich; it means they made enough money to survive. If you were one of the extremely few who were both hard working and extremely lucky you had a chance to become a rock star. \n\nWhy would anybody enter an industry where the chances of becoming successful were so incredibly small? It's because the potential rewards were incredible. An income of millions of dollars a year along with the fame and the prestige of being a rock star added to the enjoyment of doing what you love for a living made it seem worth it for thousands of bands to dedicate their lives to making it big in the rock music industry. \n\nThat was the incentive and now it's gone. Now, no matter how good you are, no matter how hard you work, you have no chance at becoming the next Led Zeppelin or the next Metallica. Living your life on the road, driving hundreds of miles a day, sleeping in cheap motels and all for maybe a one hundred dollar payoff at the end of the night just isn't worth it when there is no future in it. In the past people were willing to do that, to \
Killigrew - Chillstep Artist
Rick. You never responded to my comments about Spotify royalties (I wonder why, people still don't believe me). Me, and many others are making a living purely off Spotify. Why wouldn't you want to share that to your audience? You only briefly adressed streaming. You get around 4.000 dollars for 1 million monthly views if you're the one who gets all the royalties. So yeah, you need to be pretty popular to get hundreds of thousands of views. But it's possible. That's a lot of money in my age. Maybe less if you're a successful top producer...\n\nI'm the songwriter, producer and engineer which means I'm not splitting royalties with anyone but the publishing website (CDBABY). So we get 90%+ of the royalties.\n\nYes, this is true. I had music on Spotify for 3 years before I made a single dollar from it (it took a long time before things started moving). I never thought I'd earn anything on it but here I am living in a beautiful village in Sweden producing my own albums fulltime in a pretty underground genre :)
L. Scott Music
If offered a 360 deal one should counter with a 180 deal! (Do a 180 out the door.)
Hey Rick! I've been watching your talk videos and video lessons for about a month now and they have been really helpful so far. Can you make a video more specifically on music for video-games? It has been a field of interest of mine for years now but it's still a very \
Music is dying no money in it ! I agree about the consolidation of the industry - Trump wants to break them up
Marc Hertlein
It's hard. The fact that there is not much money to make many talented people will work in there usual jobs and will never have the time and energy to focus on their music as much as it needs.
Mark Jones
Lots of truths here Rick ! I would add that, If your an artist, the most important revenue stream, at any level, is live performance. You have to be able to sell tickets to your performances. Most acts, established or emerging, generate most of their revenue from live performance. Your ability to do, especially early on, is an indication that people like what your doing and will likely buy your recordings, merch, and other income generating vehicles as well. While you can make money selling the music itself, I would suggest that, more than not, music sales revenue is a fringe benefit of successful touring. Radio, for example, functions as a marketing tool for live performance revenue. Moral of the story is, if you (or a club owner or promoter) is having trouble selling tickets to your shows, you need to step back and take a hard look at what your doing, both artistically and marketing wise. Its not just about being great (very subjective) but its about getting people to buy in to what your doing on stage. Every thing else follows.
Matt Gilbert
Learn electronics. Make \
Michael M
When is he gonna throw the ball?
Mike 4thekite
the owners dont need popular music to condition the herds media is doing a greater job of infiltrating the new young people watch media...listening is a old meme....visual can transfer more info and subliminal images can better be programed into minds then audio or reverse masking.....dont need it anymore....thats why there is no no 1 songs anymore..year 2000 came after the 90's which was female affirmation decade...whitney...celine..chaka and all the rest of the female programming that was behind the social engineering of men....then rap emerged away from music ....was mainstreamed and stepped back out of the limelight back to a adjunct of music as a whole.....the end....DEATH BY NOSTALGIA...MUSIC 1920-2000....served its purpose and nobody cares ....bring on the synchronised dancers....YOU FORGOT the cost of the video that buckles the band
Mitch Vine
Sneaky way to earn 50 cents from YouTube Rick. 😀. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Mr. Lowery
I always wondered how a producer gets a trademark sound no matter what genre they're producing. Like Rick Rubin for example. I can usually tell a Rubin production when I hear one. Is it the equipment used when tracking? Or something else?
Hey rick you said writers and playing instruments is the most profitable way to get money but how about if I'm not a great player but I'm really good Drawing midi in my daw and I know a lot theory would this be considered as a written skill to be categorized in the same group?
Nazmo King
What Rick just described here is the exact same thing that has happened to the book-writing world. No publishers out there want a new author - they're just willing to spend money on the already-established author, regardless of how good your book is. Everybody in music, movies and books wants to \
Nic B.
I think the most important thing you can do for your own career is to network , no matter what that profession it may be. You can be amazing at your profession but you wont make money if nobody knows about you.
Clinton, the death of the Democratic party rests on his shoulders with the Communications Act and the deregulation of the banking industry. People like Pat Metheny and Rick Beato would still be making music which is the most important point to remember.
P Baggio
Rick, I am going into film scoring and I need a starting point. I watched your videos about film scoring and I want more. You are so helpful for starters like me. Thank you.
My dream
Pete Zen
A solid standard deal now is 10k per option, 20k \
Purple Pig
Don't forget busking as an option.
Play your music outside the computer Play live and you will get money That's the only way to make money for 95% of us. I played in clubs, restaurant, I lived in a small town. I know 4 musician making a living not doing records, producing, They learn cover song and work 3 to 5 days a week NOT EASY this is a JOB. I believe, what ever you do.. ITS A JOB...\n\n What I want in life is happiness.. listen.. nobody can give it me EXCEPT ME and the GOOD NEWS IS.. WE ALL HAVE IT no struggle needed no education needed no intelligence but you will need REAL intelligence Real intelligence is living happy NOW and that's it.. So simple the mind can't grasp that But the real you can
Richard Adamson
Great video, Rick, but you left out playing music live in bars as an income source. I don't like to brag, but I made well over a hundred dollars gigging last year. Honest.
Samrat B
The music industry never stood to benefit or favor the artist .. As Theodore Max Adorno predicted in the 1940s that the culture industry will turn into a powerful tool for shaping mass media and tastes ... That means the most mediocre rapper and singer will rise to the top and not the one who is better or original ... The guy totally misses the point that tech-gaints like youtube, soundcloud, itunes, spotify etc reduce artists and songs into accounts and data .. Be it soundcloud Napster is great ! Americans are always crying about profit ... Technology destroyed the greedy record labels of Hollywood which is great ...
Sanna Artism
Thanks man! appreciate it! Q: How do I get better at mixing? I've been recording for like 10 years, and I still sound like crap, even though when I talk recording in front of other people they understand absolutely nothing (that's taken as a sign that I've come far at least a little bit.. yeah really.. hahaha..) na, jokes aside though, what am I to do? thanks egen.
Sasan Ahovan ساسان آهوان
I think you forgot to cut the end of the music. So that's my view... Anyway great informations thank you so much
Sherlock Holmes
Money money money money money..\nI hate this world..
Simon Williams
Simone Greco
Are there any Italians that are watching this?
Steve Edwards
domo origato, Mr Beato...
Steve's Mixed Bag
Learn a trade...or go to college for something in the Medical field , Legal or Law enforcement. Do music as a hobby. You'll have more money to enjoy and make music. I could make good money 80's-90's playing live, but even then it was hard for a really GOOD band to \
Can people not just Jam to backing tracks in the street? That\
The Amazing Mister Frazer
How do you end up with a $1000,000 in the music business? Start with $5000,000 and gig for a couple of years. :)\n\nI remember back in the day, mid-70s, when buying a piece of vinyl was a moment of great anticipation. You would put that album on, sit back, look at the artwork, read the liner notes/lyrics and play that album until it had worn out. Music shows like Top of The Pops in the UK were 'institutions' - a conversation topic next day at school: '... did you see so and so? Did you see that band, this band...?' You just didn't dare miss it. Music, as a normal, cultural 'phenomenon' was held in high esteem and aspired to. It was 'special'. \n\nFast forward to now.... Frankly, no one gives a s**t. Kids have the attention span of a Labrador puppy. So many things vie for their attention - games, internet, smartphones etc - music isn't the huge point of focus it once was. The internet has made so much music available that its value has plummeted financially and culturally. Diamonds only have value because the mining of them is carefully controlled and restricted. Too many diamonds and the value falls. This is what happened to music: its total accessability has been its undoing. Some will make money but they will be a miniscule percentage. Years back if someone had 200 vinyl albums they were a serious, hardcore collector. These days, my ex girlfriend had over 100,000 mp3s on her hard drive - that's around 8000 albums - hardly any of it she listened to. Every month Spotify would send her hundreds of tracks to listen to - mostly rubbish - that she paid next to nothing for. \n\nThat's where the business is now. You stand a better chance of making a living with music by standing on a street corner banging out a few well-known songs with an acoustic guitar. In fact, some very good musicians do very well playing in the streets around Europe. Thing is, they ALL at some point thought they would make a million from the 'music biz'.
Theo Cedar Jones
I love your videos Rick, but my take away from this video is that for up and coming rock bands and songwriters making a living in the music industry is virtually impossible. Look at your own video and count the number of times you said \
Thomas Scott
lol...How to make a living in music...get a 40 hour a week real job. The days of making a living have been over for the majority for at least 20 years if not longer. I parlayed an OK record deal in 1980 into a new house and a car... The house made me money to buy a nicer house that lead to another home that lead to the home I am in now... I was one of the fortunate few nobodies that will retire working a real job but, not having any debt because I was smart and bought a home instead of 8 balls and beer everyday of my short career. I know guys that had bigger careers than mine that have called me in a pinch to sell me vintage gear because they were broke...I won't mention any names but, it is appalling to me that they are broke.
Tom Spallone
That background noise is driving me CRAZY. \nHow’s that for producing?
Vice Squad
If everyone who was creative became knowledgeable about income sources, they honed theirs songwriting skills, managed to somehow sell thousands of shirts despite excessive postage costs, they learned how to play several instruments and produced fantastic music, surely we would be in competition with each other! The cake would further diminish as the market had wonderful product made by millions of super talented, super hard working people and we would be essentially cutting our own throats.... \n\nA good living is made by those who promote the idea that making money is possible to everyone but it is actually unrealistic. It's an idea based around a more insidious form American Capitalism which was developed by the highly successful proponents to placate the aspirational hard working poor, BUT, as we now see, the ethos of unfettered Capitalism and so-called free market is causing more poverty, unemployment and less opportunities for regular people than ever!\n\nIn closing, right now, tangible money is made by those who teach a large volume of people about the avenues of making money by charging them for it. This concept isn't new, it goes way back to vacuum cleaner salesmen of the 1950's and ads at the back of comic books and newspapers to this day.
Victor Rocha
Thanks. Now, I'm depressed.
Just turned 50 and I still love music. My band had a record deal with BMG in the mid 90s, released a full length and toured the country twice. But it fizzled out because we never wanted to become pop stars, and I personally didn't get into music to make money. These days I could care less about how the industry changed because I was never a fan of the industry to begin with, not even in the so-called \
William Olsen
I am a progressive in my beliefs, and everyone people want to blame the Republicans for everything, and they do deserve the blame too. That being said Bill Clinton did so much to consolidate corporate power, and expanded the prison industrial complex etc.. Yet people say he was such a good president, and I disagree.
Zach Derbas
Hey Rick, I have a video idea for you.. How about \
Zvika Dror
Thanks Rick (Dangerous) for talking over this troublesome subject.\nI always thought (25 years ago) that making a living off music making would ruin the romatic and magical nature of it, and make it a routine, stressed, compromising profession for me. I thought musicians should have a \
In Norway we have 2 company's taking care of royalty.And one of them only pay if You are accepted and \nSuccessful.That means if you are making money but to little,they take your money and give them to their\nstars .I find it terrible unrighteous,but they do it that way. Also if I perform my own stuff on TV the company \nwants me to give up my royalties rights .I fiend it relay unfair ,it says in other words either You be a star ore we \nrob Your rights legally .\nIs it not Right that the small beginners got some attentions and support since the stars get all anyway. \nThey are honored with gifts and support all the time and very good pay to.\nWile the struggling ones are robed of their rights.
I got into the \
d wolfy
based Rick Beato #MakeMusicGreatAgain
diet shazta
this. this is probably the most important question in the world. whether you're doing commercials for hot wheels or playing live on the Conan show, if you can make a living playing those 12 notes you got it made
Thanks! A great video! How about video game industry? I have understood that it is already bigger than movie industry.
I kept track of the \
Hey Rick, your videos are a treasure cove of inspiration and information. Thank your for the stories, insights, experience and teachings. I feel grateful beyond my ability to express it.
I'm not a professional musician but when you look at the music industry today the people who are the most succesful are the people no necessarily with the best music it's the people who are great at catching other peoples attention. See Steel panther for example they are a glam rock band who parody the whole 80s rock music scene. They released their first album feel the steel 2009 and today they are probably the fastest new growing metal band i know and it's not because of their music alone. A huge part of it is each band member playing their role very well and the theme is 80s rock parody but they really catch peoples attention and people talk about them and remember them because of their act. And those who don't know Steel panther first time watching them can be a shock if you are not used to over top jokes and vulgar language.
jon ryman
how to make a living in music the condensed version.\n1. become a well established drug dealer.\n2. buy a highly expensive car and clothing.\n3. go to record company office (if you can still find one) with 1 and 2.
Clip summary: \n1. Most of you will be broke forever; and \n2. One in a million will make a lot of money but only if you wrote formulaic, saccharine garbage music.
lowell kennett
I will save some people some time and cut to the chase..wanna make a living playing music? get really really good..having said that Rick is smart and all his lessons are very good as is his advice on the music biz..
nobby styles
is there a cricket somewhere in the room or is someone using a very old typewriter 20 meters away.
peanut monkey
Comments here made me extremely sad. Why do i even watch these videos and read them when I should just create music. But i cannot focus on music when i need money, money is more vital task. I guess need for money killed so much art...
As always, Mr. Beato's knowledge on any music topic may be among the most valuable sources around. From film score analysis to complex music theory, I hope some royalties are being earned here because all of these videos are in my repeat queue.
I am interested in becoming a classical-contemporary piano music + pop song writer, I always have many ideas, I have finished a few pieces and songs and have tons of unfinished ones, but I really don't know where to start. Do u think I should try contacting record company first? I mean, I get really frustrated cuz I ain't good at everything but it seems that I have to be. I have already written lyrics for my songs, played the instrument for them and even sung them, but what I wanna do is just write them. I am currently a piano teacher which I started out so as to get closed to the music writing industry.
Man, this thing about merchandising.... people make music and people tell them to make t-shirts for a living..... better idea to make t-shirts and no music (ie, go into fashion biz, or in the mug bizness, lol).... I beleive money comes in the long run and if you are a band playing live and touring. it's a good way to promote your records..... and you are not obliged to sell mugs and tshirts.... (i beleive merch is for already famous people, or at least with a good number of followers/fans) . My only advice (not tested in real life yet) : just stop thinking about money, make music, and if it's good enough to make money, then money will come. One more thing, I bought a mug at a gig once, a pretty famous bands from the 80's with several chart hits .... one of the band member told me later he never saw a single penny from the merch shop... it payed for roadies i guess (or not). Somebody in arts told me one day that people shouldn't do Arts for money, they should do arts, and there is money ONLY when someone is interested by this art. ie, when someone calls you, ..... it may happen or never happen, it shouldn't be the most important thing in this kind of biz....
Best and most straightforward video about the topic that I've seen on youtube. Thanks for making it Rick. I have one question, do you know of a business where one can submit music to collaborate with other more professional musicians that could take the music further? Thank you again!
It really looks like your screwed being a musician! Best be happy just playing!
It is a reality now that it costs major money to get a new act known. It is like a lottery. Some say that it costs upwards of $ 5M to get some slight name recognition...with no guarantee of sucess. That is why producers go back to the tried and true..and pay the money. Adele...Swift...Grande...etc. They cost more but success is pretty much a guarantee on one level or another. A new, unknown artist, even if the next Michael Jackson, is too much of a gamble for the average production executive out there.\n\nThat is why today, no bands like Pink Floyd, Stones, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Steely Dan, Fiona Apple and so many others..will likely never happen will instead be Adele, Sam Smith, Beyonce, Ariana and Swift forever.\nI hear that even the album is now going away...and its back to the singles...