Action 52 - History of the Worst Game ever made! - From Concept to Console

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Action 52 is the only game that makes me angry. All 52 games really get me pissed
Vince Perry sounds like an arsehole\n\nNo wonder he wants to be in incognito
I feel sorry for that perri guy although he made that terrible game. \nHe had such big ambitions and then he passed away.
Ali Agusi
Honestly if they just made action 52 a bit better, like with better game design, better controls and things like that, it could've been a good game.
AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler)
This story would make an excellent movie.\n\n\
Andrevus Whitetail
Angus Beer
I find the story of Action 52 facinating- every now and then i come back to do some research on it and seeing all the info all in one place here is fantastic! :D
Anthony McDevitt
Lol, \
I think it's apparent that this Perri guy was a complete idiot who had no idea what he was doing. He was blinded by greed and arrogance and had no idea how to sell or market video games. Forcing 4 guys to develop and perfect a single cartridge of 52 games is beyond ridiculous, and was doomed to fail from the start.
Wow, the fact that it isn't a joke that people actually used to make games in paint... \nHe might of had a chance if he was more legit with his workers, if he maybe made it 10 games instead of 52, and gave the developers at least 6 months, maybe a year, it could have been really great.
Balloon Sage
Fascinating info. I had no idea - wow! I love Action 52 even more now.
Now I've seen it, and it's really fascinating! There's just people whose dreams are truly far too overly ambitious (or overinflated in this case) for their own good in this world, sadly. And Action 52's creator is a perfect example of this.\n\nI'll share this on Facebook in case anyone is interested, not sure it will work but this channel clearly deserves more views, it's informal content is around the level of the Game Theorists! (Maybe not as much as multiple shows, but as a stand-alone…)
Chris Hillmon
I don't know what's harder to find. Vince Perri himself or his unknown son which we know nothing about.
Chris Servos
one of the creators of action 52 is on YouTube to this day.
A very long wait.... BUT WELL WORTH IT!!! Thank you for taking the time to do all these great videos!
Clinton Cosby
Worst unlicensed NES game ever!
Damian Yerrick
Imagine if a bunch of hobbyist NES programmers decided they could do one better and make an Action 53. Do you think they could beat Active?
I wonder why Perri is so mysterious when we know four people who worked directly with him. Can't we grill them for more information? They must know something.\n\nAnyway, fantastic summary of this disaster.
Elliott Rivard
Why do the lil' boy in the commercial said that Action 52 is great? I think it os one of the worst game on the NES
*Shine on you crazy diamond. You flew too close to the sun on wax wings...* \nyou were also a liar, a thief, and a horrible businessman. So you got that goin' for you... which is nice.
Faris Scherwiz
so action 52 was based on Taiwanese bootleg NES games
Ohhh man, missed seeing this channel in my sub box xD Enjoyed the episode, never really thought about the story behind Action 52, just that it's terrible ._.
It is possible that Vince Perri was just a Fake name used to escape Bankrupcy and allow him to run away with the remaining money from the investers. That would explain why Ooze only had one code, the fact you can't find pictures of him and that he literally went Poof when Action Enterprise failed.\n\nThat, or he actually was a rich fool Who did not know any better...I may overestimate Vince's smarts!
Galaxy Spirals
The games were very shitty as can be seen on AVGN. However, they did 52 games in 3 months. If they made one game it probably would have been a decent game. They are not bad
You know what made action 52? Cocaine, lots, and lots of that booger sugar.
This games story would make a good documentary film
Now i can't look at the Monopoly guy without thinking about Action 52, or the Cheetahman.\n\n(Nice work on the video by the way, hope to see more Concept to Console videos)
So who owns the rights to Cheetahmen now? Like if I were to make make a Cheetahmen reboot would I be sued?
Juno Belmont
5:43 That´s like the most handsome game developer ever.
Karate Shark
Am I the only one who is surprised that they didn't make a action 52 show just to sell out?
Karl Hans
Subscribed just for this video, it was amazing!!!\nbtw what's the name of the music in the background during the very end of the video?
Mario Gonzalez should have taken a cheap plastic kodak camera with him or something to get that sweet Perri shot with his coffees lol!
That took you long enough but it was worth it!
Kryptik Komatose
it sounds like a scam which is why he disappeared hes probably afraid he'll get in trouble which is why the weird cryptic reply
Kyler Ramos
The secret is that nobody created action 52, it secretly formed deep within the white house slowly becoming sentient from the collective consciousness of the la le lu le lo.
Larry Bundy Jr
lol, is that action 52 from my upload of the video? :D\n\nOh,  Deluxe Paint is an Amiga program, the PC version of Deluxe Paint is Paint Shop Pro.\n\nAnd you did overplay the video game crash,  it only affected the US, in fact during that time, the British Action 52, Cascade Cassette 50 was released!
Lazy Gaming
In 1995, four years after Action 52, Perry and the four developers made Hong Kong 97. Eight years later, they made Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
You suppose it could have been Perry as \
Still better than CoD.
Lord Proteus
The unreasonable demands made by Vince Perry are similar to how things are now.
Luca Alister
I remembering reading that the reason he wanted the games done in 3 months was because the 3-4 of them were college students and those three months were there summer break off from college. So he wanted them to finish the games up before the fall semester started and they had to go back to school. Man was this Perri guy cheap.\n\nI do remember hearing a story about the multicart he bought in taiwan for his son, if only he knew that the games on that cart were pirated and compiled from preexisting NES games and were not made for that unlicensed cart collection, oh the blunders of the pre-internet world.
Long story short: Action 52 failed for one reason: The 52 part. Quality is ALWAYS more important than quantity, but unfortunately, quality cannot be measured as easily as quantity, so people think they can hit it big by slapping a huge number on their product and calling it a day.\n\nThis is true even today. If a single piece of media (disc, cartridge, etc.) has more than one game on it, all of them are going to be abysmal, and that's if they even function. (The exception to this is compilations of games that were previously released on their own. For example, if you see Borderlands and Borderlands 2 bundled together, that's fine; both were initially their own, and both are great.)
Master Farr
Maybe this Vince Perri character shot himself once the game commercial first aired
Not sure if this is really true, but someone said that Vince Perri died in 2012.
So, from what I understand things, the reason it failed drastically as are the following: \n\n1.) Basing it off a model from Taiwan, which for this context basically means something from China, who are known for terrible cheap products and knockoffs. \n2.) Having no idea on how the industry works and how game developing works. \n3.) Getting in over his head on the ideas and not sticking to one central idea. \n4.) Treating the ones actually developing the games not too well in the least. \n5.) Straight-up false advertising. \n\nYikes...
I now have a strange urge to play TETRIS
Dude, make videos about Hong Kong 97 and Big Rigs!!
Jeez,\nPerry sounds like the most thickest person ever to exist...
Perri either ended up working on No Man's Sky or possibly became president of the United States in 2016.
Wait they had to SPLIT the 1500? even in those days, for that work and \
RaidenBlackSamurai Lolz
A documentary like this will be made in 2036 about No Man's Sky...
Riff Chick
Why did it have to be 52 games? Even the Taiwanese multicart \
Robert Verdugo
Well at least Perri brought them some coffee...
Wow, it's as fascinating as the story behind the E.T. game. Besides the 90's were chock full of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle \
Ya know had Perry told them to drop the other 51 games and just focus on the Cheetahmen idea then it very well may have been pretty good. The ideas were ok and some of the enemy designs actaully look pretty cool.
I didn't know this thing had this huge backstory! But then again no Internet back then, so they couldn't do research.
Sean S
Here's my top 10 worst video games (so far that i have played)\n\n#10: Monsters vs. Aliens The Video Game (2009)\n#9: Madagascar 2 The Video Game (2008)\n#8: Shrek the Third The Video Game (2007)\n#7: Spongebob Squarepants Planktons Robotic Revenge (2013)\n#6: Decap Attack (1991)\n#5: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi (2011)\n#4: Sonic 3D Blast (1996)\n#3: Kid Chameleon (1992)\n#2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Danger of the Ooze (2014)\n#1: Ninjabread Man (2005)\ufeff
Sean Wilkinson
Utterly fascinating; a tale of one man's unfettered imagination and wild ambition that wasn't balanced by realistic expectations, adequate resources, honesty in representation, and dedication to quality. \n\nThe recent Retro Gaming System/Coleco Chameleon disaster shows an amazing likeness to the saga of the Action 52. Both follow near-identical and meandering paths to failure in major ways. Financing their creations; lacking staff and developers who knew their crafts well enough; having unrealistic expectations of their possible buyers; poorly-imagined creation and release timelines; falsifying the actual product in several venues and forums; changing directions wildly when plans failed or they were called out on their trickery; constantly promising \
The lesson here is : \
Shade Lulu
The worst game ever is not Action 52, it's Bubsy 3D.
So we have 3 cheetahs who sound like an austrailian, a New Yorker, and a Mexican? da fuq?
Stephen Bianchi
One of the best reviews I have ever seen. Great information. I've probably seen 10 videos between the NES and Genesis versions, and combined they were not as informative as this one video. Love that you didn't read off Wikipedia.
What I find hilarious was this guys initial complaint was spending 50 to 60 dollars on one game... And his solution was to produce and sale a game for $200?!?
Stick Man
perri should have said \
Surfing On Squarewaves
The way business \
TB Tabby
I heard they weren't even seriously trying to make a video game: it was just a big scam to bilk money out of investors and distributors. \
Tenshi Cat
That was a very entertaining, well edited and interesting video - looks like I've found a hidden gem YouTube channel!
Wait, developer four has a picture but not a name? Odd.
Wow, that Vince Perry deserves to be on a list of top 10 greedy people, at number 1
Vic Santiago
Sadly....they did not use the warioware formula. I would imagine it working as a series of microgames within a plot centered on the Cheetahmen
Wacko Doodle
An Anamatronic cheetahman costume...\n\nAaaand suddenly that five nights at freddy's game makes sense. It wasn't a pizzaria, it was originally a gaming expo go wrong... All because of cheetahmen :S
Xavior TheLycan
Wow...the head of this game made EA look like one of the best companies on the planet
So basically this Perri guy did not know how game development works, though that he could pay and treat the employees like shit and demanded 52 games within three months, which of course were crap not because of the devs, but because the work-flow and he has so arrogant at the end he bankrupted his own company... like Atari bak in 1983.\nFunny how history repeats itself
Was Perri mentally ill? Did he have a drug habit? Was he dropped on his head as a child? It's clear he had no grasp of reality.
the 4th developer's name is Ray or at least that's what Mario (zentanith) stated in a comment on his Action 52 commercial video
Yudron Micross
althoug the games are bad, the cheetahmen theme is cool, nonetheless.
That video was awesome. You deserve an other million views.
Watched the whole thing. When I first tried Action 52, I thought surely my controls were messed up. Nope ! Just bad bad BAD game design and mechanics.\n\nGreat video ! Thanks for sharing !
Jesus Christ Perry was such an incredible idiot!
Vince Perri did indeed disappear. Those Saudi investors didn't appreciate being taken for a ride.
Considering all those games were made in 3 months, by a team of 3 to 4 people, who were learning how to make NES games on the fly, without any internal drama, I'm somewhat impressed.
josh ThisIsStupid
You gotta admit... This vince perry guy had some balls. The things he was trying to get away with, EA doesn't even have the balls to pull what vince perry did. And EA has been voted 'worst company in America' not once, but twice!
luis enrique vargas azcona
OMG, I have the impression that they put more time making the animation for the commercial than the actual game.
This is really a fascinating story. As bad as Action 52 was, I think Perry deserves credit for what sounds like the first true indie game, back when Nintendo had a monopoly. Thankfully, the quality of indie games has gone WAY up.
I really do love these segments. They're SO fascinating and fun! Best history lessons I've ever gotten. :D
So I repeatedly get people annoyed at the mention of Nintendo's importance to the video game market after it crashed. Sometimes it's because I don't mention the european market, sometimes its because of PC gaming and sometimes its because people seem to have this odd vendetta against Nintendo having any meaningful impact on the industry. Honestly some of the comments are quite spiteful, I'm not sure why people feel the need to be so offended by it.\nBut I wanna clear stuff up that I am fully aware that there was more at play then just Nintendo. Could I have perhaps worded it differently? Probably. But I really didn't think it was that big of a deal. I had no idea people would get so defensive over it and wouldn't have said it otherwise. It's just 30 seconds, of a 22 minute video, to make it clear that Nintendo was king at the time in the country the story is set in and not meant to be any kind of deceptive plot to ignore other parts of the industry.
Man, I remember pressuring my mom to buy this game but she never did. Now I'm glad for that.
Happy new year
If this story is at least mostly true, I can't really fault the developers behind it. Having 3 months to program 52 games for all of them to be at least playable for a 4 man dev team is nigh impossible.\n\nIf they had a lot longer, then this concept doesn't seem too crazy.
Action 52: The Game Responsible for the Infamous NES Mass Suicides of 1991
So basically around 2 days to work on per game at 9:11. Just doing the math.
Cheetahmen for super smash bros
something tells me perri got into the wrong people for money and is buried under giant stadium.
Hey, where's Perry? (In Phineas style)
I want the real story behind Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Shattered Crystals came out as an ok game, and Rise of Lyric was promoted the same way, but then....something happened and the game basically fell apart at the last minute. I mean, wtf was Big Red Button even doing that caused Rise of Lyric to fall as hard as it did? I really want to know that story.
Perhaps Vince choosing not to learn how to program games himself was his first and most important mistake. In my opinion, if you have a goal and a vision, you're not going to get anywhere or be successful if you're not willing to put in the hard work yourself. Plus, having experience making games would have helped him understand the pros and cons of different consoles and given him a more realistic vision for what his game could've looked and played like.
Best documentary I have seen so far.  Great Job!  I think this is the first video that mentions my wife. Thanks, she's gonna love it when I show it to her.  Just want to shout out to everyone that no matter how bad these games turned out,  I am humbled and proud to at least be part of video game history.