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From the creator's of Rick and Morty, Accounting + has 3 times as much hilarious and twisted content as the legacy version.Subscribe for more of Accounting Plus! ►

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3000 subscribers with no content challenge
That dude was extra thicc
Adam Holmes
Can't wait for accounting ++\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAnd Yes I liked my own comment
Alex Middleton
I cant stop laughing
Alicia VanCuren
Make another one right now!!!!!!
Alina Tijerina
When are you gonna make more throw anything vr videos
Andrew Donnell
Start bad end good
Andru Lowpocoyo
10:43 the bad words starts
Angel of Chaos
Never mess with the accountant with a knife. HE CAN KILL KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aquatic Sparrow
Funny game. But is this what Rick & Morty team have been doing instead of Season 4? It's going to be 2200 and still no Season 4.
Ashey Potato
I remember when you only had 70,000 subscribers and you responded to my comment and I literally died and I have the screenshots on my iPad
Ayden Jones
I love the person in the background at the beginning
Sauce, you MUST play blade and sorcery, its an awesome VR game, you will love it
Brads Games
Hit that like button and hopefully we will get another episode guys.
Brock Austin
Camplayz 20
It says 2 likes and no views
Crash Skidmark
Nice video
28:45 for the Satan rap \n\nMore like 28:33
Deb Eisenbach
How in the world does this video have ads on it
I want that shirt of a sloth surfing pizza in the Milky Way
Der spiele Baron
Stobt den Rassismus
Discrete Yeet
Yay a captain sauce video
Dominic Ramos
I have no life
Man, can't wait for you to get to 1M subs! You should probably make a Draw My Life vid for that!
you breath with your optical rifts
Fazfan 1987
“Why did Hagrid's penis answer the door?” 🤣🤣🤣
This is the funniest game ever lol the gang part when she said we eat dicks I was crying 😂😂
Gabrielle Darque
Love, Love, Love!!!!!!!!!! More, More, More!!!!!!!!!!! This was AMAZING!!!!!!
Green Bones
Hexdew Gaming
See the stanky doo doo pie
Hunter Gang
InsaneASock Jr.
Not first!
Isaiah Werdmuller
Play more plzzz it soooooo funny like if u agree
Jacob D
I didn’t sign up for asmr with gameplay
James Gens
I love you
James Payne
Play on Acid\n\n\n\n\nPlease
Jason Weng
Captainsauce:Well you sound depressed\nMe: WELL I AM DEPRESSED WHEN YOU SAID THAT
Jenny Lagergren
This game is amazing 😍
Jessie Nebulous
I just noticed you're up to 831K subscribers. Congratulations, Cap! I think that's doubled since I subscribed, and you deserve it, and so many more. I'm proud of how well you're doing. Great video, as always. Lots of love to you! \u003c3
Johnny Sherazi
That was a great vr video you should make more
Jordan Thompson
First comment and view
Just Dutch gaming
Make more pleasee
Huh, I always wondered what heaven is like
I saw this game on Steam and I fell in love with the art style! Sadly, I don’t have VR
Kendal Hampton
Notification group
Kenzie Chadburn
Sooooooooooooooo, you watch Jaiden animations........... I also watch Jaiden animations.............. \n\nKenzie\nKenzie Chadburn \nKenzie Chadburns\nMckenzie Chadburn\nChadburn Kenzie
Kerstin Olsson
10:44 lol his reaction
Kim Bruno Andersen
Are you ever gonna finish crush crush
Lauren Victoria
just a regular school day for me👍
Lisa Lee
At the start did you say hagrid or did you just say something else if you did say hagrid he’s from Harry Potter just to tell you :/
LisaMaria Goodmaster
When you think your the first comment until you see that comment that say f and your like fml so close.
Lucia Poland-Kelly
Slime rancher ep30
I love that rap
Maks Greblo
❤❤❤❤❤ your vids keep it up!!!!btw MORE CRAZY GORN VIDS PLS
Mark Garza
Yeah I’m in a GANG\n\n\nG- threw a\nA- brick at\nN- a\nG- Window
Michael Roberts
Moose067 Pickle Rick
Mr. Views
Love your vids
Nicholas AhNa
Nolan Tipton
Nice shirt
Oliver Clarke
Poonam Bhanushali
This guy needs more recognition. People who are not watching this are missing some quality content.
R Willems
I just bought this and was hoping you did a video on it. So happy, can I vote for more please?
Random Superfan
I knew my religion was correct, pizza sloth really is satan.
Rava GamerBoy
cap, can you please play undertale?
RealBrainer wilson
Sounds like jelly bean king out of rick and morty. The tutorial voice is very funny and creepy
Red Assassian
Pickle Rick is da bomb
Renee Evans
I love the two peeps at the begin
Robloxgamer 24
Rylee The pro gamer
play vrchat
SAMY sout
Love the t-shirt😂😂
I thought the secret level was going to start playing \n\n*GOTTA GET SHWIFTY*
Sam Hibbert
If you sea this have a great day
Sexton 9
28:04 amazingness begins and at 29:11 is when it ends
Dunder mifflin this is pam
Stryke Forceph
hey im early.
SuperUncommon Kitty
Sydnee Savage
Love the video. The beginning asmr was creepy. And then the crazy demon girl screaming at you was funny. 🤣🤣🤣 the song at the end was good. ❤️💛💚❤️💛💚❤️💛💚
ThatguyZach 759
I remember this game, this will be...\n\nFun...
The Player
Like for more puzzle room VR ?
Not first but love vids
Thomas Stone
Toxic inc.
*pickle rick and morty*\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*(Im disappointed)*
W.D Gaster 2.0
Now we know just how bad Grant Cohen's life was.
Worldwar Zombie25
The guys on the phone remind me of yogi and regi from farcrt
Every time Captain Sauce wears that sloth riding a pizza shirt I can just think of how expansive it is.
dopeninja 989
The first one was so funny
dylan nagy
Where did you get that shirt, I want it
accounting=pick up the fry
jordan abraham
You should play prey!
I love vr! Its just so cool! I also love captainsauce! He's super funny! Anyone else?
pumpkin playz
the very first vegan brony brony
The menu = asmr
therealdragonboy2923 tube
unspeakble gaming
Job sim
zay xavier
I don't know why I'm asking this but can you find every single one of the secrets in this game there's allot of them so be ready