1 Hour of Relaxing Rainy Day Animal Crossing Music + Rain Sounds

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I picked some of my favorite rain variations of hourly songs from New Leaf and City Folk, and then added a chill rain sound in the background. Enjoy! I'll upload a no-rain sound version soon in case you're interested! 2 PM (Rain) - New LeafI have a license to use Nintendo’s content in this video through the Nintendo Creators Program. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo, but any advertising revenue from this video will be shared with Nintendo.

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Ahh. Hard to beat Animal Crossing music when it comes to relaxing tunes. This is some great study music. Thanks, Vapidbobcat.
Alexandra Yelton
It's so pretty! Helped me feel better since I wasn't feeling good💕
Asdhjfjfkf Askkfkflflf
This is helping me survive adulthood, I wish I was a kid again and the only worry I had was to make sure I spoke to all my villagers:(
Aura Frost
THANK YOU! New favorite video that's goin on repeat
Autumn Lily
The one dislike is from sir orangehead. \n\
Ben Shrager
Love these mixes so much! Especially with added effects like the rain. Keep it up :)
Braeden Valdivia
cat? I'm pretty sure that's an orange with a body
Brian McDermott
I have to pee
Caitlin Williams
So relaxing, thanks for making this!
Carley Quintrell
I wish there was more or this was longer, rainy weather music in ACNL is my favorite thing ever \u003c3
Carolyn Grace Marie
Excuse me while this music carries me away to my town.. 🎶
Catalyna Monge
I just wanna Burst in to Tears. This is me and my Brothers Child Hood. I remember when I used to pretend I was the princess of my city.
Charlie Arlet
I've felt so anxious lately, and within two seconds of listening to this I feel so relaxed and calm. ;;u;; Thank you
I'll come back in a few weeks to see if my comment got famous c:\n\n\n\n\n\n*see y'all in a few weeeeks*
yo... please don’t put ads throughout this type of vid....
They need to put animal crossing on the switch, I'll pay anything just put it on there already
Love it! But tbh some of the songs make me think i have a phone call or something lol :p\n\n\n\n\n\nIve never played an animal crossing game so maybe if it comes out on the switch ill try it
It is interesting to see how in every AC music videos, there is literally no hate comments, everyone can relate themselves to others and feel empathy for each other's childhood memories. Imagine if our world was like AC with such beautiful soundtracks in the background while we walk outside.. life would be peaceful. Damn just realized I got engulfed by this music :)
Crusadrian, Mandatory last name
You are the greatest human being of all time
Deenie N
YAY! congrats on 1M views!! a quarter of them were probably mine because i come to the video at least 3 times a week haha
Dilara Karahan
This cured my insomnia
Doodles ‘n Uke
I love it mashed with rain sounds, you should do one with the ocean.
who tf disliked this video? damn
And there, the forgotten villagers and abandoned cities remain, waiting for you in the rain. Will they give up hope yet? No, you'll be home soon. Won't you?
Emma Schramm
This is literally the best Animal Crossing compilation ever. MORE RAIN VIDEOS! MORE RAIN VIDEOS!
Ergoslavya Ergopump
This heals my soul.
Erin Moss
I listened to the entire thing😂💗
Awesome for studying and completing homework assignments! Thank you very much for this.
Grafton Brown
I am loving these rain + music compilations, thank you :)
Harry Lynch
Words cannot express how close I hold animal crossing to my heart. The music is breath taking. I want this played at my funeral.
Hatori Tsukishima
if animal crossing have a date of release,i'm buying nintendo switch!
Hayley 헤일리
Please make night time AC music with rain
Holly Amber
This reminds me of when I was a kid sitting in the back of my parents car late at night and driving through the rain, whilst wandering round my little town on Animal Crossing and excitedly waiting to see KK Slider perform because I could never stay up late enough to catch him
Inking Theory
*why is no one talking about that cat*
Jane Doe
I love the one at 4:25, it reminds me of some of the happiest times in my town :)
1am New Leaf is one of the most relaxing songs ever.
Lara Flynn
trying to sleep the day before school... this helps, a lot \u003c3
Liz Erskine
I love this so much I want to cry
Lucky Lily
I love this! Is there any chance you could do one for the music from the gamecube version and wild world too with the rain? It's gorgeous!
Megan C
this made me incredibly happy and honestly kinda emotional. animal crossing just makes life seem so wonderful and lovely. this reminds me of times where i would just stroll around outside in wild world in the early hours of the morning and it makes me feel so content. thank you :)
Melanie A Fuego
Thank you so so so much for this! This music makes me feel as if I was a child again and it helps a lot with my anxiety disorder❤️ Any time I feel sad or panicky, I go back to this video and it never fails to make me smile
Melissa Crum
This is so perfect for studying!!! With the rain sounds too it's just perfect! Thank you!!!
Oh my gosh, what this does to my soul. 😭💖💖💖
No pe
do you ever wanna, like, live in a video???
Noble Nova
Ya'll think they'll announce it for the Switch at E3?
I actually bought Wild World at Game Stop today, I do have New Leaf and Happy Home Designer but my first game in Animal Crossing was Wild World. My family and I loved playing it but it was mostly me, we took the game and DSi to the dentist but when we walked to the waiting room we noticed it was stolen and so was the pictures we took on that DSi too. I was so happy when Nintendo announced New Leaf so I got the game a year or two after its release. My family and I went to the mall on Tuesday and I felt like going to Game Stop since I haven't been there in months and I saw that Wild World was there. I waited until today to get the game. Joy and memories flooded back in.
PK Blueberry
And now my mind as it peace \u003c3
So relaxing
Panda Express
The key to passing any upcoming exams is this 😽❤️❤️
Peter Lutz
I Love 1pm rain music for Animal Crossing City Folk.
Omg Animal Crossing mixed with rain sounds is what i've always wanted someone to make on youtube. It's a couple years late for me but it is still always welcome! Thank you!
Rapid The Gamer
you demonic soul who disliked this begone you foul beast
Animal crossing is so sweet. It just makes you feel all warm and atmospheric and generally happy about life. Thank you for sharing this sweet calming music
Rowan Pankhurst
animal crossing is the best
Sailor Pugster
I love this so so much♡ animal crossing is one of my favourite games en the music + rain is just ♡ could you make/provide a download link (:?
Sebastian Marquis
Thank you for putting this together! I have insomnia and I found that this really helps me fall asleep quickly
Shinyditto 2000
Can’t wait for the new tracks in Animal Crossing for Switch!
Shirley v. Steenis
Love these songs and the added rain effect.\nI hope they bring some of the old ones back in some way in the upcoming Animal Crossing Switch. That game MUST happen soon!
Silas D
I just wanna dance in the rain!!
Sofia Gonzalez
I didn't even know I needed this until I found it. Thank you. ❤️
Sol Studios
Oh gosh. This is genius. Yes, please, give this to me any day. I'm feeling so nostalgic and sad now... wow..
I listened to this in class and slept through the whole thing. Thanks XD
Sorry Charlie
The rain added a nice ambiance. Made the whole thing feel more in the distance, so it wasn't distracting. Put me out of my head and into my work. Thanks man. I'll be back for sure.
Speed Grump
Can't wait for Animal Crossing switch, I know it's on its way! It better be for my sanity.
Thankyou and bless you for uploading this 💖 my little heart is very full
Sugar Mushroom
Omg bless you this sounds so good
Legitimately listening to this before an interview... It's actually helping to calm my nerves a little...
Tan Phan
i never knew i needed this in my life
The only snake that J-hope doesn’t hateu
Its 10pm, it’s raining i am drinking my warm milk with cinnamon sprinkled on it and i am listening to this, this is the definition of aesthetic~
Man, I wish I was part of the Animal Crossing world :’)
Tomás Paino
i can't belive i found this while smoking weed man i love you all
I'll be posting an extended version with ALL the rainy songs soon! But let me ask you something first. You think the volume of the rain sound is ok? Is it too loud or too quiet maybe?
Victis Honor
\u003ewhen you get a 12 year old letter from yourself asking about how great the future is after booting up animal crossing on the DS
Okay... I'll admit, I don't usually listen to the Animal Crossing soundtrack when I'm not playing the game. I don't usually listen to music period when I'm not playing a game. But this just... I don't know how to describe it. It hits home so well! I've had it going for maybe 30 minutes now, and am enjoying it way more than I expected. Thanks for this video!
Playing this to settle my little baby nephew. I think he likes it :)
i miss animal crossing so much i want to cry im so sad i lost my ds :(((((........
_.BruhItxSammy._ Blog
I’m in need for a animal crossing switch now! I wanna put some wellies, raincoat, rain hat on and wonder around my town with my umbrella❤️
Okay but this seriously is actually the best. I feel no anxiety whatsoever. I guess it's just the nostalgia. I've gotten so much work done! Please make a longer one!
cupcake fetti
I almost fall asleep instantly with this every night
good luck finding A p r i l
_I don't play animal crossing but i find its music so relaxing. Plus the rain ! \u003c333_\n\nbut the dog's creeping me wijsjss helpp lol
im....so....relaxed.... ~w~
it’s not a phase, mom
I always waited for rainy days in my town so I could just put down my 3DS, close my eyes, listen to the music, rethink my life, until some villager has to come up to me with the *BLING* noise and ruin my moment. T^T
Thank you so much for this! I always want to study with music but I get too into the song to focus (and regular rain sound videos by themselves are kind of boring), but this is just perfect~ \n\n\nI even listen to this when I’m bored sometimes lol
kyuai kyaui
Animal Crossing 2019 HYPE!!!
laith E
why do i feel nostalgic even though i never played animal crossing haha
mr. stark i don’t feel so good
listened to this before a solo presentation, it really helped mellow me out. thanks man :)
o00o000o00o _
I legitimately need this to be played at my funeral :’)
This video made me not want to kill myself for an hour. Thank you.
This is the cutest shit I’ve ever listened to
toast week
A perfect combo.
toe beans
this is one of the only things that can calm me down during a panic attack. thank you for uploading this...truly
visual brandon
This is the best thing that has happened to me in a LONG time.
w0t zoey?
I have very hard troubles with sleeping. So I put this on to help me and sooth my brain with nostalgia.\n\nThank you~
there is something special about animal crossing music. It’s so relaxing and just fits so well. Wether it’s 2am and you cant sleep so you get your ds out or maybe you stayed up late to catch bugs on the island. Maybe it’s a rainy day and you are catching fish and bugs and fruit until your inventory is full, then you go sell everything or donate it to the museum. Maybe it’s the bug or fishing tourney and it’s a beautiful summer day and you feel happy and energetic. Walking down main street while the ground is snowy or it’s clear skies or rainy, seeing the old villagers that moved away and are now visiting. Saying goodbye to a villager you knew since the beginning, only to meet another one you like as well.
I have been playing AC for 2 years now and i never noticed the good beats in this