VGHS Season 3 Live Stream A Thon (Almost complete version)

Download videos:

You can watch the last hour here: This is the RocketJump Live Streamathon they did to rise funds for Season 3 of VGHS (Video Game High School) Indiegogo campaign.The beginning is here. Some stuff in the middle is cut out and I don't have the end, but luckily Kimono Gaming has uploaded the final hour, which I linked at the top. I wish I had downloaded the full thing before they took it down but I didn't, so this is all that I have. It's unfortunate Rocketjump removed it from their Twitch account, and it would be great if they uploaded the full version, but for now this is what we have.If someone has some missing clips from this you can contact me at: Legoluke654(at)gmail.comand I can edit them in.

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