Is The Lion King A Rip Off?

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The Lion King vs Kimba The White Lion: We all love The Lion King. But did Disney rip off Japanese anime Kimba The White Lion? Alltime Movies investigates!► SUBSCRIBE for more DISCLAIMER: We claim no ownership of intellectual property used in this video. All footage is the property of its respective owner. It is used under Fair Use laws permitting the use of copyrighted material for the purposes of commentary and parody.

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Shocking. Childhood ruined.\n\nSeriously Lion King doesn't even try to hide it.
AandOLover G
Simba...Kimba the White Lion... SKIMBA THE WHITE LION!
Adam Malkovich
Coincidence? Really? Why would anyone spend more than 10 seconds calling this into an unanswered question. OF COURSE THIS WAS DONE ON PURPOSE! However, Lion King is clearly the superior movie...right?
Ana Ulloa Mondragon
Its pretty obvious what happened, Disney wanted to remake Kimba ... the deal fell thru and they went and released it anyway. Ralph Bakshi did this repeatedly in the 70's. Wizards (1977) was very obviously supposed to be a film version of Vaughn Bode's Cheech Wizard. \
Andrew Parke
I heard that early concept artwork depicted Simba as a white lion cub...
Wow I remember watching Kimba in the late 60s as a small child.  It was one of my favourite cartoons.  I always thought that The Lion King was based on Kimba.   Time for Disney to pay some royalties to the family of the original creator.
I dunno, there's such a thing as a coincidence... Just not this many.
Barrington Morris
This is completely a knock off and the original writers of the Kimba movie deserves royalties.
Bella J.
I don't really care that lion king is kinda a rip off it's still one of the best movies I've EVER seen
Billy johnson
it's a rip off.. I grew up watching Kimba in the 70's
you deniers are seriously behaving like batshit nuts. Even without comparing the stories the video clearly shows numerous animated scenes carbon copied from the kimba anime.
Caped Baldy
how did they get away with this lmao
Carmela Maria
As much as I love the Lion King, and I've watched only a bit of Kimba The White Lion, I feel like this is true. Sadly, I feel like The Lion King is pretty much the same
Cheetah luvsAJ
The lion king is better.
Commander Shepard
Disney should come out and admit Lion King is a Kimba remake... its SO obvious... Them denying it is pathetic.
then I suppose tarzan rip off the jungle book, in both stories a human baby is raised by a kind of animals after his parents are killed by another animal\n\nand if you didn't know:\nSIMBA MEANS \
Dads And Dragons
According to other sources I've seen, Kimba ran into production troubles and wasn't released until 1997. That's three years after the Lion King. All of the \
Dakota The Wolf
technically not a rip off since the lion king was good, kimba was shit
HUGE ripoff
Ebony Eclipse
The Lion king is a big rip off.
Well, Tezuka was a big fan of Disney and he was inspired by its animations. Hence his bereaved family and production decided not to sue Disney because they thought he would have being honored if he knew that Disney had remade his work. Every artist is inspired from another artist in one or other way. Nothing wrong with that. I call it the \
Emily Arpey
they named him Simba because it means \
Scar: This looks familiar. Hmmm...
Flamingo Edits
Lion King Is Better
WHAT?!\nLion King how could life....\nmy life is ah lie!
Gene McKenna
Disney has never had an original story, so no surprise they stole Lion King too. What gets me about Disney is they are so litiigous and controlling of copyright. Everytime Mickey Mouse is about to enter public domain the length of copyright gets extended by the US Congress. Disney wants to make sure no one ever does to them what Disney did to the Brothers Grimm (or the creators of Kimba the White Lion).
I knew the world was full of retards, but wow this is taking it to the next level guys LMAO\nThe directors of the Lion King said that they had no clue that Kimba existed until it as brought up. Why would they lie? Give me one good reason why they could've lied. Oh wait, there is no good reason because they didn't lie. And besides let's be honest here who's the one who made more money? Kimba or Lion King? I'll let you figure that out yourself. And if Disney was *really* trying to copy Kimba, then why does Simba and Kimba look so different as adults? It's just because the cub's similarities were major coincidences. And besides The Lion King was a blockbuster film while Kimba was a Japanese anime. Why compare the two if they can't even be compared with reasonably? Nearly all of the retards in the comments are clouded by nostalgia, and it's making me wonder if this rant is worth the time because I'll never know if they'll learn from this. Anyway, this is all my opinion, and if you don't like it don't read it. Thank you and have a good day \u003c33
Hannah Lololo
I think the problem is not Disney ripping „Kimba the white lion“ off, the problem is Disney straight up lying about it and denying it, while merchandising their film as truly unique and original. Like, they could have at least given kimba a little credit and admit that they took some inspiration from it.
IKEN Studios
Rip off
Jessica White
I don't really care. The lion king was still wayyy better.
Jolly Sora
Eh. It really doesn't matter to me. I will still watch The Lion King with as much love as before.
How did they not get sued
Josh Milligan
Kimba is actually a lot better if you give it a chance, especially the main character.
Juan hernandez
“Good artists copy; great artists steal” -Picasso
JusticeLynx :3
Well it's because the monkey from Kimba and Rifiki from The Lion King are the same species. I mean, that's its natural color. You sound like you expect Rifiki to be blue or something
Karma Kat
There really is no running away from kimba vs simba because simba is lion in Swahili!
Kavinth Amirthanathar
384 idiots can't stand the fact that their childhood memories was really a ripped off copy from something in Japan....oh there's another one...and it's been only 24 hours
Keara Yuki
Disney isn't very creative sometimes
Kladuu Streef
The dead hide bit at 3:38 - 3:45 has me laughing my ass off xD
I wonder if Disney will rip off Fairytale? They might change it to HAIRY tale XD
Lps Mkay
Yep, Lion king is a rip off, i watched both of them, and they all have to much in common to deny the facts.
Luke Emanuels
Who came here from Honest trailers?
don't see the resemblance
Mark Sylvester
Short answer: Yes\nLong answer: Yes it did.
Funny how some people still try to defend Disney no matter what :') C'mon guys! It's ok to like Disney but you should know by now that they almost only make rip-offs. From every fairy tale like Snow White till Lion King, till freaking Big Hero 6. It's all been done before, it's not original!
The Lion King is still better
Michela J
I grew up watching Kimba, and many other anime. The Disney's film was a blatant ripoff, thus why I never was interested in watching it. I remember seeing the trailer when it came out and thinking \
Very true. The scenes, The characters, The personalities, The moments when they sing, The dark moments when a lion dies. The Lion King did copy Kimba The White Lion. But then again, Disney copies almost every story out there. But still, I love Disney.
Mikhail Titchener
I say coincidence. There are many coincidences in life. I guess we'll never know.
The extent to which people cling to denial can be incredible.\n\nDisney apologists in this thread lob insults and rehash the Hamlet argument, or simply dismiss Kimba as a ripoff (though not of TLK). That last bit misses the point quite a lot. Even if Kimba was a knockoff, it is TLK, not Kimba, that's under scrutiny here.\n\nThe point of the whole thing is:\n\n1. The Lion King IS a ripoff. Just for once stare the evidence in the eye and let Hamlet take care of himself. Actually, this wouldn't have been so bad if only for the much more graceful Disney animation, but\n\n2. Disney never gave proper credit to Tezuka or his people. At least Salten was mentioned for the Bambi movie, even if he himself said he was shortchanged by the Disney people.\n\n3. They sued against the movie of the original. Talk about blatant.\n\nPlease keep the discussion around these three points.
Well what do the people who who made the lion king say? They say it's not a rip off and wasn't inspired by kimba.\n\nWhat do the people who made kimba say? They say the same thing. the lion king wasn't inspired by kimba.\n\nYou made a 4 minute video of a string of visually similar elements, but you could have made a video of their divergences and it would look completely different. Show kimba running around on two feet or punching people in scenes that look visually different.
When the coincidences pile up like this. They stop being coincidences
Noir Noodles
Fun Fact: Disney and Tezuka met in New York in 1964! Their conversation was mostly about how Disney wanted to adapt Astro Boy into a feature length film and Tezuka wanting to adapt Bambi into a manga. The coincidence is fucking strong here. Maybe the two just planned this all along up there.....
Disney has always taken credit for other peoples ideas, and there is nothing we can do
Patrick Coston
I used to watch Kimba when I was 5 years old. Loved it. The Lion King is a blatant rip off.
The Lion King might be a rip off, but its way better Than Kimba....
Peach Carmel
what's depressing is that Kimba gets no love while the Rip off trash has a New series and gets a live action....screw Disney.
Plight of the Black Woman
I know I'm telling my age but I used to love this cartoon. It came on early weekday mornings in the 70s. Walt Disney is lying when they say they never knew about Kimba.
Precious Nakoa
ok so I saw this video and it talked about kimba the white lion and I was like what's that so I searched it and I was like wait Disney copied kimba childhood movie memories ruined!
Professor Winston
Of course. it's a big rip-off. I was born in 1963 so I was a very little kid when Kimba the White Lion appeared on US TV and my mother told me it was my favorite show when I was very little and she was probably right because I never forgot the show. So, when the trailers for The Lion King came out, it was obvious that The Lion King was a rip-off of Kimba the White Lion. As this video so EXCELLENTLY shows, it's downright plagiarism. Disney should have been sued.\n\nThanks for this video; I am eternally grateful and glad that I am finally not alone in realizing that Disney is The Borg of culture - this giant deadly behemoth that assimilates \
Lion king is the better film
Scar:This looks familiar...mmmmmm...\n\nScar:Ooh! My little secret \n\nScar:*whispers* From Kimba the white lion\n\nSimba:Nani?
Rin Nugget
Probably I'm one of the few here grew up with Kimba the white lion before I got to see Lion King. I read Kimba manga when I was little and the story stayed in me ever since. People would compare both films but I can never make myself like Lion King more.\n\nKimba story wasn't just about him and the jungle. It was a story about relationships between human and wild animals, how mankind destroys the nature and damage the jungles. There were conflict between the animals and conflict between the animals and bad people trying to destroy their habitat. And how the animals unify to protect their land. The story also tells kids about not all people are bad. The good people in Kimba helped the animals and were helped by the animals and both stayed loyal to each other till the end. It was such a great story that even among mangas, I still believe it's one of the best.\n\nI would recommend anyone who wants to compare these films to read Kimba manga.
Rogelio Ortega
Should watch the movie of kimba the white lion it's different from the series
The Lion King IS a ripoff.
Someone has to sue Disney for this, I mean it's so blatent they ripped off the Kimba; there's overwhelming evidence you can use to sue them over this Kimba rip off.
Sierra D
long live kimba, the true lion king!
Spectator 58
There's barely any good comments to read... :/
Suzanne Niemeijer
Man, I thought I knew people where stupid but not this stupid.\nPeople just calling the Lion King better because of the pretty colors and the drawings? How shallow can you freaking be.\nThere was a gap in the making of these two, a 30 year gap. Where a lot of technology came out. Technology that helped with voice recording, animation, distributing and producing to name a few. Not to mention the difference in pop culture which makes a pretty big difference in what people liked. Then you have the name Disney attached and people will love it and it will be distributed to a lot more people. \n\nThe Lion King is good but don't defend it on not being a rip-off because it has pretty colors, are you actually a 4 year old girl?
Swan Kelly
I read somewhere that Disney silently paid the production company well. Part of the contract obviously included them not complaining about it. Most of Disney's animated films come from old fairy tales, folklore or old books. This isn't much different than that. There are humans in Kimba the White Lion along with several differences. The Lion King is ten times better.
Disney fully copied there's no denying that
This is appalling. It's somewhat disgusting how people call The Lion King a Kimba rip-off when all of the main differences are HARDLY pointed out or hardly mentioned.\n\nKimba - Simba\nJungle - Savanna\nFather killed by a human hunter - Father killed by brother\nLost a mother during a storm and the mother dies by drowning - The mother was still alive and well\nHuman-related conflicts or places present - Humans are never present.\n\nJesus Christ, it's 2016 and people still calls the movie a rip-off while they don't even educate themselves and actually research about the entire Kimba series and the MAJOR differences between that and The Lion King series in its entirety.
The Dragon Killer
Of all the animation companies in the world, Disney is the biggest and most powerful, and thus the bully, which basically means it can rip off anything it wants and no one will sue because they don't stand a chance at winning against Disney's army of lawyers and their dirty tactics, AND it can pay off critics to denounce other companies' animated musicals as \
The Lion's Den
Absolutely not, there is so many ways you can animate a lion and so many ways that Lions interact with situations, Disney while making the Lion King went to Africa to see how Lions react to certain situations and live on a day to day basis, so there wasn't any stealing there.\n\nBesides, the plot of the Lion King was based off Hamlet, so if Kimba had a similar plot... Sorry but they ripped off Shakespeare, you can't rip off a rip off. \n\nBesides, as in the video was stated, Simba is the swahili name for Lion, Kimbah is just a stupid name made by the Japanese.
The Panda Bookkeeper
I know this is sorta old, but Simba actually means lion in African, the Kimba and Simba naming thing might have been a coincidence.
TheHolyRoman Empire
The director said he didn't realize the similarities before it was already made
there's too much here to brush off easily.
Treavor Brown
Fun fact Disney met tezzuka and the worlds fair and Disney got promotion to make an American remake of kimba and tezzuka got copy rights to make a new anime styled Bambi movie also so both were inspired by each other's works of art that's the honest truth Ik cuz I did a report in high school about kimba and got all my facts off the net to help me back up my point u were close thow infact very close good job buddy
Ty Berryman
William Craig
People keep forgetting, Osamu Tezuka created Kimba as a direct response to Disney's 'Bambi.' So Disney was borrowing from something that was already borrowing from THEM!
Yuwen T
Just like Nolan said he had not watched _Paprika_ when making _Inception_\nIt's OK if you're taking inspiration from other works, especially when you're doing a better job at it. But come on, admitting a simple fact won't hurt.
Poor Kimba :( He got overshadowed by the Lion King.
Zenith Wills
I think the Lion King was better, but it was deferentially a rip off.
Disney should come out and admit Lion King is a Kimba remake... its SO obvious... Them denying it is pathetic.
It was the most obvious rip off in animation history...
The Lion King was one of my favorite movies growing up. I never heard of Kimba the White Lion until recently, but I always heard that The Lion King was basically Hamlet for kids. If The Lion King was a copy of Kimba, doesn't that make Kimba a copy of Hamlet? They could both just be an animated account of Shakespeare's story, only one was a lot more successful and well known to adults and children, even now. I'm guessing that they both took inspiration from Shakespeare and the creators of the less successful version want to go after the creators of the more successful one. Did this come out in 1994, when The Lion King was released, or only after it became one of Disney's biggest hits?
There just can NOT be that many coincidenes. The Lion King is a nice movie. I like it ok. But even still, it's clearly just a huge rip off of Kimba...Kimba is the REAL Lion King in my book!
courtney lavere
all of this is true but.... Lion King is so much better
You know, I thought there was a possibility of it being a coincidence up until the scene of Kimba vs Claw/Simba vs Scar. \nThe crawling through brambles is a dead giveaway that The Lion King is a rip off of Kimba The White Lion. Still, both are great movies/series
There's also early concept art that shows Simba being white in color. As the story goes, Disney was going to do a re-make of Kimba, but the deal with Tezuka fell through. Then Disney went \
I've never seen Kimba, but there are some differences between the two, Claw is not Kimba's uncle and Simba didn't get lost he ran away from home and was hiding out and he didn't make friends with a warthog and a rat did he?
john hoskins
So we nuked Japan and stole Kimba, Battle Royal. God we're terrible
Disney should of owned up. Now it looks bad because they lied to many people. The whole success of Lion King is a lie
patrulla animatronica
It youst a considence i belibe Disney!
The Japanese are experts in copying and reinventing. I think most Japanese probably see the Lion King as a flattering tribute to Tezuka’s creation.
The Lion King will always be my favorite Disney movie. I will say that I did not think it was possible for me to lose even more respect for Disney considering all of their evil deeds...not true apparently. Never seize to amaze.
Thanks for posting this. Kimba the White Lion was my favorite cartoon as a child. When the Lion King came out, I immediately realized that it plagiarized the Kimba cartoon even before it go a lot of attention. We're talking stroke-inducing plagiarism folks! I refused to see the Lion King- I almost felt as though my childhood memory was violated.
You sound A LOT like Paranormal Lana who deleted her channel and disappeared ;)
Probably 98% of all Disney movie are based off older stories. Disney has almost no original story ideas. All they do is take an old story and give it a happy ending. The only thing original about Disney, is their soundtracks...