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If by demon spirits you mean alcohol then yes.. these are demon spirits...
Abby Stubbs
these vids are amazing nice editing its like a crime show
Adriana Orackova
Now it's time for me watch funny animals 🤔😣😪
Alisha Miller
I think I watched every episode I said this is the last one and than I keep going lol.. you definitely need your own TV show
Amber F
This is a awesome presentation of truly disturbing crazy people
Amela Montgomery
The best 911 calls videos I've ever seen. You are the only one that gives us an actual info and update on those calls. Very refreshing! Thank you!💖
Amor Schoeman
amazing I really enjoy and love your videos
Annette Johnson
man : uh yeah i just shot my daughter and my son. 911 : are you armed?
He was crying drunk
Ashley & Family
Absolutely love your videos so sad but so addictive to watch
Bazz boozie
OMG @ 8.35 as Police are shouting @ her to drop the knife & she's saying \
Bill Woo
Woman who emotionlessly suffocating a 2 year old, per local news station: \
Billy The Kid
What the hell they doin livin at home at nearly 50?!?
Blue Angel
BtS iS lIfE aNd BlAcKpInK jenina18
Christopher Thorkon
Creepy people.
Curtis Neilson
I know this family I know his grandson I live about a mile from that house he only got 5 years
Danielle 2018
Just found your channel,can't stop watching I'm getting anxiety omg!!! Just subscribed......prob won't put my phone down for awhile.......
David Bibler
Gabbee, how do you put all of this together repeatedly without becoming scared for life?
Eivon Therize Dahunan
I love your channel. Very informative!
Thanks for Watching & Hope You Enjoyed It\nfollow me on instagram =') link on description
I absolutely love the way you do these videos, with the follow-ups.They're awesome! keep em coming!
omg, first thing i see, Tacoma WASHINGTON, I LIVE SO CLOSE TO THERE WTH
I support Jesus Christ
I thought with today's technology, they would be able to trace the call
Ismail Hariff
thank you Gabbee for part 2 you're the best
JaeSung Blount
“I killed my son” \n\n“YOU WHAT”
Jamie Yayme
If any of you ever feel overwhelmed and want to kill your kids, I'll take them. No questions asked. \n\nNo one has the right to end another's life.
Kako SnowLeopard
Michael sounded possessed .__.
Kim Chase
Man had a mental break.
Laura Alfieri
The 911 operator that spoke to Michael was excellent, she kept her cool
Legend 28
GOD DANG!!! Why can't anybody spell?!?! It's spelled A D D R E S S
Lenard Maller
im just amazed how calm the operators are
Lene Marlene
There are some sick people in this world Holy crap...i need to stop watching these because it is scaring me, you just never know it could be your nice neighbor or someone else you would never imagine would do something like that.
Lincoln knight
Malak angelica
Malia Derstein
1:11 address*
Mark R. Chandar
1st viewer
It wasn't me I promise.
Max Anderson-Reager
why am i watching this during the night
Michael lee
Have to admit, wasn't expecting to hear this. Demonic and sad. Absolute chaos. Evil doesn't even touch this. There's gotta be some possession or crazy shit going on. Sad.
Michelle DeFrank
I love how in the 1st call, he starts the sobbing & suicide talk, then right about 2:17 the dispatcher asks what kind of gun he has & immediately his demeanor flips back to completely calm & under control. Just seemed like the crying & all may have been him just acting, possibly to gain some sympathy or for some sort of defense when he would inevitably be tried in court.
Michelle Fisher
People saying the operator anything wrong/stupid: she did amazing. ANY responder that gets to the scene NEEDS to know if he still has the gun and if the suspect plans to continue the violence. She obviously knows he used a gun to SHOOT them but she needs to find out if he still has the gun ON HIM so the cops (and other responders) can go home alive. Usually suicidal people (which he clearly explained he was) will attempt to do a suicide by cop which means the cops and even people standing there will be in serious danger. She HAS to try to keep him on the phone until cops tell her they have it under control so they can help navigate them SAFELY into the situation. \n\nGrow up. He shot two people, his own kids, so he was an obvious danger and she did what she could to keep responders and even the shooter safe.
Mira Tay
Did anybody paid attention to what he was saying @2:41 it sounded like an unknown language!!!
MizzQueen SoldOut4Christ!!!
💥 These people are\nDemonically possed!
NaomiYah Virge
No connection to the Spirit of goodness... No humanity. None. Empty vessels for the darkness.
Nicholl Salazar
Wow, that was good make more please.☺
NoeliaisAwesome13 Diaz
Your safe here here have some sweets and stars ☆☆☆♡♡♡¤¤¤
Patty Lanenga
People commenting that the 911 dispatcher was an idiot for asking if the guy that shot his 2 kids and was going to shoot himself if he was armed. They HAVE to ask these questions because they need to relay the most accurate information as possible to the responding officers. What if she never asked the question and the officer(s) walked in and the man shot them?
Ramon van D.
This is very very sad! !!
Rebel Rocker
What the Hell is wrong with this dude, Killing his kids, this dude is mental ! Throw away the key
Don't like this type of vid....
Ron G
May be a stupid question but are these actually calls or reenactments!
Russell Crawford
I've read several of the comments below, many are selling how great all this is and how much they enjoyed it, the way it sounds is a bunch of ghouls who enjoy other people's tragedies and miseries, only one person said this is sad. What is wrong with you people? At least there is one person in Dallas Texas who is not a pig
Say What?
Put them out on the street if it's a problem. Don't shoot them for heaven's sake.
Sharon Free
He somehow manages to not shoot himself.
thank goodness i’m watching this while it’s still bright out
Skylar Oakins
This is great! I subbed :)
Sonia Savage
It's 03.29 am and I can't stop watching these
Tasha Richard
Wow are these real calls ?gave me chills
Tenzing Bhutia
Gta V
The Sorrentos Moon
Good Lord Gabbee, love your video's, but it's 11pm in Australia, you just scared the life out of me with this one......xx shiver's.
just sad
Tracey Marie
Call number one is heartbreaking. . Being abused by your own kids.. Ugh and then to be killed by your own Dad.. Such a sad, sad case.
Tristen Peterson
This is great! I subbed :)
Van Le
what’s wrong to these ppl ?
Vanessa moonlight star Willamson
People can be still unstable without beer or drugs
Well presented video I must say love the backstory .... add on after the call worst time to beat beats by Dr Dre at night hearing the sound effects where the hell is ChoBoygan
Vidia Armstrong
Your editing is on-point and you provide great news clips. Well organized content. 👍🏼 subscribing!
Wallace Geller
If this is an actual 911 call the dispatcher is very cool in her demeanor. Great job.
audrey camacho
wow....your 911 calls leave me speechless...great job
craig negrey
awesome love your channel just subscribed yesterday love these 911 calls hope to see more
dianne Dido
Really enjoy your videos, if that's the word as it's sad topic . You do a very good job putting them together 👍
dragon slayer
dreamslayer 23
More love the editing
edith machado
May the little boy R.I.P... i have a 3 year old & 1 year old & i cant imagine doing such a thing to them & watching these videos just makes me want to love & nurture them even more than i do alredy!!!
fl studio
Love your channel 😉 I think any parent that confesses to killing their child, children, should be put to death immediately! Who cares why they did it. They DESERVE to die!!! Save the tax payers money on all the court bullshit! One bullet to head is much cheaper.
jacob crowder
Gabbee I've watched horror channels such as Mr. Nightmare and Corpse Husband for well over 2 years, and I just found your channel a couple hours ago, and I've been obsessively watching your videos this entire time. They're so well put together, it's incredible and truly addicting! Your content blows all of the bigger channels out of the water, I swear. You definitely earned my subscription.
jaelynn zee
We need to legalize weed b/c too many people have problems with alcohol. I think people would choose weed over alcohol if they could. I hate what alcohol does to people and we shouldn't have bars on every corner. It's sad how many die from it.
Mid fort yr. old kids still living in their parent's home? He DID put them out of their misery. Demons or not, I'd kill myself if I was still living with my parent's AND my sister at 46.
just me
Speechless 🤔this ppl are sick in the head . This is pure evil.
mike broadwell
100% sounded possessed on the 911 call, demons are everywhere, that is a fact and they will take ahold of you whenever they want
missy sparkles
Ohhhh mmmyyy gggoddddd i just dont understamd how anyone can kill their children i just don't understand
monica warren
He should have shot himself first...coward🐉
noody memo
I love the way you make the videos , absolutely subscribe ❤
I literally threw up in my mouth when I saw the mother who kills her 2 year old.....I hope she gets her ass beat!
poke fan
First person what kind of idiotic person shoots there son and tell the cops and says I hear my son moaning am gonna have to shoot him again :/\nWTF is wrong with people killing children and calling cops after saying I killed my son boy if you don't get you....
WELCOME TO COMMENT SECTION\nNow your are safe grab some popcorn...
rockmom h
You gotta have to have thick skin to do this this job. I wouldn't be able to do it.
sonya griffy
GABBEE,\nDid we just become best friends?!?!\nWow great vid, truly disturbing.\nDemonic possesson is real. We all need Jesus. Be blessed
ssnader a
Theres no such thing as demons and devils as the religious fools claim, its just them doing alcohol and drugs
svensk kWinna
**get rid of the demons**\nok go away demons
This shit actually gave me the chills, good shit dude keep up the good content
underfell sans
Wawawait he said 3:30 he was probably possessed DA FRICK
zay day
But why????