The History of Spider-Man Video Games

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Spider-Man hits the PS4 in just a week, so we decided to look back at the wall crawler's history that spans four decades from Atari 2600 to PS4.Watch more History of Games!

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Learn how to pronounce Sub-Mariner.
Alain borgrave
you forgot SM friend or foe ?
my favorite spider-man game is the amazing spider-man 2 because i got it for free
Amando Bahena
I remember i got a ps2 in like 2010( my family was kinda poor) at a game stop for very cheap and getting spiderman 2 and just playing it so much (i was like 6) i dont remember doing any missions i would just go around fighting bad guys till i had to go do chores
Spider-Man implemented the Dodge feature IN Spider-Man 2 but in Amazing Spider-Man they still cited as coming from Arkham WTF
To me neversofts spiderman and ultimate spiderman are the best ones.
Awesomo 360
Since mr negative is in the game do u think an anti-venom dlc could be possible
BEN Sayer
*G I A N T L I Z A R D S*
BetterBuffalo _
I wish I still had the ultimate Spiderman game on ps2
Bluespaceman Stopmotion
What happened to Spider-Man Ultimate Mayhem
Bryce Maximum
Web of shadows is a criminally underrated Spider-Man game
Camsterboss 2006
Dude, you forgot friend or foe
Ceanu Leaves
Guys I don't think I can live till Friday. 2 years waiting and I don't know if I can any further
i hate when people say \
Why was Thor removed and the Twin Towers, the Twin Towers are still standing and what the hell does it have to do with Thor?
Thinks: I'm hungry \n\n\n\n\n*pizza time theme intensifies*
Idgaf web of shadows is and always will be the best
Daniel Destroyer21
Can you swallow your saliva is your mouth the ocean
Diamond Expert101
Spider-Man Web of Shadows, change my mind
♡ spider-man 2
Dr4gonkiller96 Gaming
YOU MISSED A GAME... RE-DO THE WHOLE THING AGAIN... where is Spider-Man Friend or Foe...
Drew Forchic
You forgot the game I grew up playing...\n\nThe Spider-Man Plug-and-Play from 2004, made by Jakks Pacific. 5 whole games in one, no console needed. 6 year old me was psyched.\nThere was also a mobile game for my old flip phone, but I can't seem to find the name of it anywhere. It was a side scrolling beat-em-up and it was terrible and impossible to control on my terrible phone keypad but I played it anyway.
If you couldn’t swing you’re web in any Spider-Man... why are you playing 😂
Exotic Stormx
I’ll give $5 to anyone who actually watched this whole video
Finlay Carrick-Davies
Can the next history of be the Ratchet and Clank series plssss 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Flat Mike
7:02 poor guy in right corner just wanted to know if Annie is ok
Fortnite Mage
25:54 I’m going to die
Gabrielle Schweppe
Marvel/DC TDI\nSeason 3\n18 Supergirl\n17 Doctor Strange\n16 Santos\n15 agent from Shield\n14 The Green Goblin\n13 Gwen Stacy\n12 Wonder Woman\n11 Flash/10 Jane Grey merge\n9 Harry Osborn\n8 Iron Man\n7 Spider-Man\n6 Mary Jane\n5 Captain America\n4 storm\n3 Venom\nRunner-up cyclops\nWinner Miss Marvel!!!\n26 episodes!!!!!!
What was your favorite Spider-Man game?
Ghosty GC
Okay nerds, top 5 Spider-Man games\n\n5. Web of Shadows\n4. Shattered Dimensions\n3. The Amazing Spider-Man\n2. Spider-Man 2\n1. The Ultimate Spider-Man
Hanzo hasashi466
When I Was a little boy my first spiderman game was spiderman 2 for game boy advanced to the 2000s were the best
IMA_ Narwhal
What about Friend or Foe?
JC Gregory
People always forget about friend or foe and that game, despite it being a repetitive beat em up, was actually pretty fun and had a cool roster of characters. I love that game, but yet everyone else seems to forget it exists.
Spider-man for PS1 is legit still my favorite video game of all time, I literally play that game to completion once every 3 months xD I love it so much. Part of me is kinda salty the 2018 Spiderman's game story wasnt just that but in this updated quality xD
Kasey C.
You forgot to mention the fact that Shattered Dimensions was also taken to the DS, just with the Ultimate Spider-Man suit only playable in the alt costumes mode.
Kim Namjoon
*looks at bar* \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI'M NOT EVEN HALF WAY?????
Shouldn't Insomniac also be well known for the first 3 Spyro games?
Ultimate Spider-Man has always been so underrated. Much better than Spider-Man 2 in my eyes!
My top 3 \n\n1) Spider-Man Ps4\n2)Shattered Dimensions\n3)Spider-Man Total Mayhem (it’s a mobile game that got removed from the App Store)
Martin Mcwilliams
SUB-MAR-IN-ER\nNot sub ma rien er.
Michael Mioducki
I don’t care what anybody else says 2004 Spider-Man Ps2 was the best game as a kid!
Michael Staley
Please don't disappoint, Insomniac 🤞
Spiderman 2 and ultimate Spiderman are the still the goats imo. Shattered dimensions and web of shadows get an honorable mention though.
Nelson Bennett
In spider-man 2 for the ps1 why does professer x sond like sean connery.  Also why is the sam raimi and other spider-man movies are considered marvel movies when spider-man is now owned by sony. Please don't type that spider-man is a creation of marvel that doen't count.
Nemo Dollaz
Ultimate spiderman deserves so much more recognition.
The only spiderman games i ever owned and played where Spiderman (2002), spiderman 2 (2004), web of shadows, and shatter dimensions
so you mention marvel vs capcom games but not ultimate alliance?
Patrick Gin
spider man for the ps1 was the best one
Please Stand By
you missed FRIEND OR FOE WTF!! i loved that game
Prince Vegeta
You forgot friend or foe
God, the animated scenes remind me too much of that crappy Legend of Zelda game and I already hate it
Shattered demotions was my childhood🙌🏽
The Amazing Spiderman 2 was really good, the only issue was having to constantly side track to stop crimes or the whole city hates you.
If Spider-Man ps4 does well, it will open a new lane for marvel superhero games
Raging Ranex
Wow its \
Raxus Prime
Pizza TIme.
Ricky Gill
Who else has beat the game
RoB iS d0nE
Spider man 2018.... my God It's beautiful ❤
Rockstar Fem
16:36 I find it weird they would remove the twin towers from the game. I get a tragic event happened, but it's a good historical reference as a representation of New York. Why remove it as if it was never there??
Ruvik Blüd
The outro on this video is SPOT ON!😂😂😂 Love the idea of adding the Pizza Delivery Music at the end👍👍
Sam Lewis
Well, the closest thing everyone expects we’ll get to Spider-Man’s ‘Arkham Asylum Treatment’ releases on Friday.
Sean Richmond
Ultimate Spider-Man swinging was just as good as Spider-Man 2 if not better. You attached to buildings just the same way.
Shadow Libra
Ultamate spiderman is my favorite
Ultimate Spiderman needs a remaster so bad :(
Ehhy what happened to friend or foe
Sol Di
Best Spider-Man games:\n1. Ultimate Spider-Man\n2. Web of Shadows\n3. Shattered Dimensions\n\n\n\n\n\n\nIMO, of course.
Stephen Albright
The cadence of your voice is the worst thing that has ever happened. It is - and i don't say this lightly - worse than a hundred September 11ths.
Steven Cox
What kind of monsters says SNES instead of Super NES?
Spider-Man (2000) , Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro , Spider-Man (2002), Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, Web of Shadows and Shattered Dimensions were the good ones
SuperStriker7US Team Name:The Last Bosses
edge of time is extremely underrated because not that many people got the game i don't think but if you play it you will see why it is one of the best spider man games ever next to the amazing spider man 2 and the 2018 spiderman game...
Hey, uh, you forgot two very important things: A. Shattered dimensions is on the Wii also, and B. Friend or foe. People only don't like FoF because it is too different, and it generally doesn't have nostalgia value to most people. It's actually pretty good, it's just simplistic.
Tetroy 64
Spider-Man 2002 for PC was my favorite Spider-Man game! Having Tobey Mcquire voice act for the game made for some great commentary and the vast set of attacks made for such an enjoyable game!
The Cringe God
Just prep ordered it!! Even though I don't have a ps4 and I know sony is getting greedy at the moment so I won't be getting ps4 plus (I am a hardcore spiderman fan) oh and also PIZZA TIME!!!
The Gamer Who Does Life
I do have to say props to Gamespot for only playing 1 ad during this video. Most would put over 10 ads.
*Is it weird I wanted to see if you made it back to the pizza shop ?*
spider-man friend or foe is the best game of all time change my mind.
Thish ish that Chrishhh
Spider-Man vs Kingpin was way too hard for its target age-range. You're on the clock, dying and continuing subtracts two hours from the game time, web fluid depletes quickly; and if you run out, don't even bother playing. He punches half the distance any given enemy can strike you. I think the only people who praised that game were very mature/seasoned gamers. The rest of us popped in Sonic and anxiously waited for next Saturday morning to watch Spidey instead.
Tony, The Stark
Shattered Dimensions was awesome! After Spider-Man 2 was the only SM game I really liked. More linear approach but the gameplay was so much fun with all the various mechanics between the 4 characters.
Tooshoes 79
Where’s the plug and play?
Trevor Horton
Turboturtle999 Gaming
Vs the Kingpin was super dark!
Vijay Singh
Shattered dimensions, extremely underrated.
Yolo Every Day
Wrong not mr negative its doctor octavious
Enjoyed Shattered Dimensions and that about it.
Haven't really fully played a spider-man game since ultimate spider-man. Reviews just kept disapointing me and Shattered dimensions flew under my radar at the time and it is a bit pricey to try and go back to now. Definitely picking up the new spider-man in a couple days and I'm really looking forward to it. Watching this retrospective made me realize just how much spider-man 2's graphics and jank have aged so hopefully this new one will be great so I can have that authentic great experience without sacrificing in the graphics department.
Actually how do you pronounce Sub-Mariner? I pronounce it like the team Seattle \
I want to get copys of edge of time and shattered dimensions I loved those games I also have web of shadows
lisab theboss
Shattered dimensions was my favorite
marvel's greatest hero
Rip spiderman games published by Activision
nobody survives even one bit
Ultimate spiderman is one of the best in my op.
sub MAREiner. not subMARINEr. pronounced wrong
old and new gamer
Spider-Man 2000 is the best
Could do without the narration
The mobile games were the best
A little surprised that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance duology, or the more recent Lego games featuring the webhead, didnt even get a passing mention; though I suppose it falls under the category of 'marvel game that also has spider-man in it' rather than a SM focused title.
• Chaos
What about the mobile version