SONIC • Chill Out Music Compilation

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Even Sonic doesn't want to hurry everytime.Même Sonic n'a pas toujours envie de courir.○━▽━○○━▽━○All rights for these songs go to the original artists/composers/owners of these tracks.

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Best thing ever ! Thank you alot
Andrew DeNike
Anthony Carter
The Mad Space / Rouge mix is beastly. Good to see the girl get some love.
Arash Kordi
This is a great list!
Fly In The Freedom would fit RIGHT INTO Persona 5. Perfectly.
Bald Beliefs
One addition I would have made is GUN Fortress from Shadow...but I love what you DID include, so kudos to you.
Is there going to be a part 2?, it would be really awsome!
Brianna unicorn
This is the only time sonic will go slow
bro im already triggered when i dont see the entire planet wisp songs included, planet wisp was completely chilled dude.
CitrusGasTank III
a lot of these songs just teleport me away to the level or the feeling of playing it, especially sonic adventure one, two and sonic unleashed
SA2 Music! \u003c3
YES! Absolutely love this!!! We need more of these music compilations just like this! There are SO many Nintendo music compilations out there, finding a beautiful set of Sonic music on YouTube... is like finding a hedgehog in the Death Egg!
DeltaGamer 4
Tbh, i loved everything about this video. it helped me surpass my goal in a game.\n\u003c3 +Tenpers
You hit me hard with Area Planet Wisp ~ Sonic Colors. My childhood...COMEBACK TO BE YOU LOVED ONE! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU AREA PLANET WISP ~ SONIC COLORS! I LOVE YOU! Okay...I'm done...COME BACK PLEASE! Anyways, thanks for the memories! \u003c3
Drogen X
knuckles at the background is not having a relaxing time
anybody notice knuckles in the background
Some very nice choices here, but I must say, I'm a bit surprised that there aren't any pre-Dreamcast tunes in this compilation. Just to list a few potential examples:\n\nStar Light Zone from Sonic 1 (16-bit)\nCasino Night and Sky Chase from Sonic 2 (16-bit)\nGood and Bad Endings from Sonic 2 (8-bit)\nTidal Tempest (Present) from Sonic CD (Japanese/European version)\nToxic Caves from Sonic Spinball\nMenu Theme and Credits* from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (16-bit)\nLave Reef Act 2/Hidden Palace from Sonic & Knuckles\nGood Ending from Sonic Chaos\nMeta Junglira from Sonic Triple Trouble\nTails' House from Tails' Adventures\nMarine Madness from Knuckles' Chaotix\nVolcano Valley Act 2 and Final Boss from Sonic 3D (Mega Drive/Genesis version)\nRusty Ruin (Both Acts) from Sonic 3D (Saturn version)\nBuilding Theme from Sonic Jam\nMenu Theme from Sonic R\n\n*Technically, this Credits theme is originally from Puyo Puyo, but that game got rebranded with characters from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon for Western release, so...
Emmanuel Touray
knuckles tho.
Felicia Ng
15:18 You have to strike me hard with that nostalgia there, *claps hands* Idk how to play Sonic back when I was a kid that I only made it until the second island(the one after the dinosaur badnik with the long neck boss, pardon me, It's been a while since I played, or maybe it was the boss after that one, the third island I think). So I didn't really develop much of a childhood from this nostalgic game(only some of the tracks hit me hard with nostalgia, I didn't even finish half of the game).\n\nEDIT: Just gave a check, and I only made it to the second island, first act(I think).
Finmacle Fresh
I need devs to teach me how they make such SPECTACULAR music. Sonic music has this charm that is so undescribable
Fl!ngo Dingo
There are some who say Sonic still floats in Mania Space to this day, listening to his own soundtrack.
FuzzyBear 196
1:28:36 Sonic lost world water stage (although it didn't really have any water in it) goes well with 2 songs. Snow Halation and Aqua Road
Gian Avalos Nishiyama
44:58 Dive Into the Mellow (Aquatic Mine) ~ Sonic Adventure 2 \nWOW :O O.O
Greg J
01:15:00 sounds like a breath of the wild music remix
Ilies- Sheep
Pour une fois, Tails arrivera à suivre sonic, il ne vraiment trop rapide en marchant, sinon super compilation comme d'habitude, que des ost que j'adore dans l'univers du hérisson bleu ^^
i give lost world shit, but good lord is the ost good (i only like sea bottom segue, a few others and thats it)
JCPrime 113
Title: Chill Out Sonic Music\n*Stardust Speedway Act 2 starts up*\nI CAN'T STOP DANCING, BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING EITHER.
Jacob Ridgway
I love playlists with the some of the best sonic music over the years, thanks man
Jay Rose-Ham
God, Sonic Unleashed has some amazing music...
Joakim Mårtensson
The tile sucks
Jolois Silva Vargas
This is beautiful, thank you very much!
Jorkeny Cruz
Meteor Herd hit hard
Julian Wagner
Love that illustration! Retro style sonic is THE BEST!
Knock Knock
I love this! I'm listening to it right now while I write a paper for a class. Thanks for making this!
Korean Takeout
Honestly surprised sonic mega collection isn’t in here.
s0N1c.. i5 Ch1lL.... Reeeeee!!!!!
Logeenth: Live!
I knew that all the music for the night hubs for Sonic Unleashed would be here...I'm not disappointed.
Mario and sonic plush bros 2000
I can go to sleep with this
Matheus França
A única mais rápido que o Sonic foi a lágrima que correu aqui. Que compilado lindo. :')
Matheus Vasiliauskas Soares
16:42 as a brazilian, this makes me feel very comfortable by being so familiar in some ways, but it is so original and unique in other ways.
A great assortment of varied and chill tracks! Glad to see some oddballs in here too like the original M&S Rio Tracks nobody seems to care about.
Mereki Panfia
Honestly, Area Planet Wisp is my favourite. It fills me with a light hearted feeling.
Micah Buzan
So much nostalgia.
Michael Mulligan
Gotta click fast!
Merci !
Nelson Gonzalez
Wow I never thought 06 would have beautiful music God damn
The moment I clicked on the video and found out that planet wisp was the first piece of music I was immediately convinced that I had struck gold. Very nice job on this one, keep up the good work :D!
Nero Ziozama
beautiful soundtrack choice! subscribed! : )
Noodle Tribunal
how you not have tidal tempest present and collision chaos good future from jp sonic cd? that stuff will put you on HOLD
dis is ya boi knucklessss
O Incrível mundo dos Brinquedos e Jogos
Sometimes... You must go slow...
Philip J. Fry II
You are a sweet blue ball, Sonic.
What!? No Sonic Colours Planet Wisp Act 1?
Pumpkin Dog
God rouge's theme is pretty dang relaxing
RPJ Collectables
Knuckles is somehow the best and worst it!!
lo-fi Sonic beats to study/relax to
Soooo relaxing
This Brings back memories
Shane S.
you got a new fan, Tenpers! 🦔 🎶
Shining Silvally
Silas Omega
7:34 this song sounds like something straight out of Persona 5. \n\nI dig, I dig.
Woah, 7:34 got me, I used to play SAB2 all the damn time. Hell Imma go play some here in a bit, I miss my chao garden!
No City Escape 0/10
So Cringe
I can't describe how thankful i am .,.....BLESS
Some Weirdo
I will definitely be revisiting this video when I'm stressed.
Sonic Speed
I love you for putting timestamps in the comments, it's so easy to get to songs
*Planet Wisp starts off vid*\nGoodnite ;)
Thanks so much, dude! This is great background music for drawing and writing stories :3
Sonicice 24
Cool my boi I cant do it all tho
I listen to a lot of video game music mixes while I work at my job and I have to say this ones in my top 3.
SuperSonicfan 413
You saved the best for last! ^v^
TK Edge
ive played so many sonic games but I never noticed that he had so many chill songs nice going man...or WOman ;)
Tapu Kek
This is definitely gonna help me to study. Thanks for making this!
Don't forget you can subscribe to support me! A new compilation every week :)\nSi vous voulez me soutenir, n'hésitez pas à vous abonner ;)\n\nTRACKLIST:\n\n00:00 - Area Planet Wisp ~ Sonic Colors\n04:53 - Spagonia (Night) ~ Sonic Unleashed\n07:34 - Fly in the Freedom ~ Sonic Adventure 2\n12:29 - Stardust Speedway Zone Act 2 ~ Sonic Mania\n15:18 - Windmill Village Mode 2 ~ Sonic Rush Adventure\n16:42 - Deodoro ~ Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games \n23:13 - Space Trip Steps (Meteor Herd) ~ Sonic Adventure 2\n26:45 - Temple Trouble (Intro) ~ Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed\n29:06 - Stardust Speedway Zone Act 1 ~ Sonic Mania\n32:02 - Deeper (Death Chamber) ~ Sonic Adventure 2\n36:11 - Windmill Isle (Night) ~ Sonic Unleashed \n39:07 - Bright Sound (Dry Lagoon) ~ Sonic Adventure 2\n42:44 - The Dreamy Stage (Casinopolis) ~ Sonic Adventure\n44:58 - Dive Into the Mellow (Aquatic Mine) ~ Sonic Adventure 2\n48:37 - Empire City (Night) ~ Sonic Unleashed\n51:33 - Extras ~ Sonic the Hedgehog\n54:07 - Apotos (Day) ~ Sonic Unleashed\n57:28 - Owl Lights ~ Sonic Lost World\n59:36 - Savannah Citadel (Night) ~ Sonic Unleashed\n01:02:36 - Island Relics ~ Sonic Lost World\n01:06:01 - Mazuri (Day) ~ Sonic Unleashed\n01:09:05 - Deep Woods ~ Sonic and the Black Knight\n01:15:00 - Area Aquarium Park ~ Sonic Colors\n01:19:24 - Chun-nan (Night) ~ Sonic Unleashed\n01:23:08 - The Base ~ Sonic Adventure 2\n01:25:01 - Holoska (Night) ~ Sonic Unleashed\n01:28:19 - Sea Bottom Segue ~ Sonic Lost World
The 19th Fighter
43:00 I hear the coins.... uuuuh... Rings ringing. That just sounds wrong...
Thomas Kain
Just noticed the teeny knuckles in the corner trying to grab the ring. Impressive how much detail Tyson Hesse and the animation team include in their animations.\n*EDIT:* Every SA2 Knuckles song has some sort of lyrics by the same singer/rapper.
Stardust speedway act 1 would've done better than act 2.
Weegeemaker 320
* Plays video * Flying Battery earape starts playing.
Fav track 29:06
Xtrullox 123
Ok, you got me at the first one, i died of sadness there.\n\nThis is an amazing compilation ;)
Ywawi O o O
¡Please Anyone Help Knuckles!
Z -strike
Didn’t realize knuckles swinging on the ring in the background until i stared at this screen for so long, i love that they thought to animate that \n\nDope playlist btw yo!!!
Never knew how much I needed this playlist
honey eyebrow
32:02 is honestly one of my favourite OSTs of all time and one of the most chilled-out thing I've ever heard
I see Knuckles with a big ring.
masspower 11
I just wish you had sonic 06 results music
I was having a pretty terrible night. Someone who's supposed to be my life coach decided to be especially berating, abrasive, and nagging towards me, and basically made me feel like a failure who should be compared to my clueless father. So, when I got home, I turned on this video. I feel videos like this are very important tools when battling your own anger and sadness that is born from these trying times in your life. When someone says the wrong thing, chooses to destroy you with words, and makes you feel like shit. You're really not. Listen to something like this when things just aren't going like this, and hopefully, you will either feel better after a while, or take important steps to facing your problems. Or both.
sonic the bluest blur
i mean damn im crying
This will improve my study effciency
I hope you have insurance on that subscribe button because the moment I heard Fly in the Freedom I nearly broke it.