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chases corner doh much fun family vlogs fgteev funny videos funnel vision

Adam Smith
looks so fun
Aiste Aiste
Are you in Iceland
Alfonso Lawrence
I so wish I was there
Andrew Tran
duddy friend me in roblox my name is charlizard44339 with the rainbow wings and paint brush
Ark Dur
For FV Family thumbs up only they have 2K I like all
Bishnu Pun
go to wild wild wet in Singapor
Brenda Hutchison
Brooke Niehaus
I love to watch funnel vision👍❤🙌
Bruhitzbrandon !
Baby looks like he is -c-r-z-a-y not to be mean tho
Bryce Veloso
Shawn always gets me
Chase Cline
I love you guys so so so so so so much
Chris Wilkins
i like your videos so much. from Lily-Rae.
Christian Mavrikis
I want to go there because that place looks fun
DaHaynFlash 808
Shawn is gonna be a pro youtuber
Dan iollo
How you put chase in the wave first
Dead Wolf Z
Omg Fgteev I love your videos I'm a huge fan!
Elizabeth pugh
i m eating jely ryt now
Shawn is so cute
Faze_ Kodak
Is Shawn wearing red eye contacts
Fred G
A look in the back of the thumbnail
Gabriella Jackman
Hey Shawn
Gaming Janna
My heart melted when Shawn said bye to the people on the elevator ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Gracie Evans
Disney World Is so fun!!!!!\nWhen we went this year back in September, we had a blast!!!
Iconic Image Photography
i love you guys one day i hope i see you yay
J26U2D3E Games
OMG 😲 I saw you guys that’s me in the background at 12:56
Ja'Lasia Phillips
I sub I like mike
Jacob Partridge
Lexi almost got her butt saw
Jamie Torres
Lex should have her own Chanel 😜lol you guys are funny and crazy.
Jayjay Jonah
next year I’m going up to America in June
Jennifer Reid
I'm playing fortnite
Jephunnee Loiseau
Have you ever called cyst versus bro another YouTube
Jesus Liera
Shawn is savage at a restaurant
Jordi Paula
I mean Duddy
Juliet V
I meet funnel cakes family
Kai Mclean
when did shawn ever get super saveg
Kailyn Ruiz
I went to that place and my mommy hug me up so I won’t drown
Karen Crow
I want to meet you ware do you live what is your zip code.
Kate TheGreat
Why a new channel I am confused? 🤔I 💝💜💖💗 your channel so much tho.
Kathy D
That wave pool is so cool
Kira Brown
Did you hear about the little girl that tipped upside down in the Harnest to float in water. when you were there I was there at the same time you We’re.
Lee Raisbeck
I bought your Mike merch
Lesley Wiley
#Shawn The Savage
Lilu Dallas Contortion
uh oh
Linda Sapp
Who wants to meet. Funnel vision
Lizzyb Goldey
I am new here
Loretta Ealey
i love your videos I love to what them all the time
M'n'M channel
Lex is sexy
Mai Yang
I didn't know that Shawn was a DJ😏
Marta Diaz Calidonio
Shawn is so savage !!!
Medina Becic
I was there yesterday :oooooo love ur channel! Its a very good place to stay
Melanie Mansell
Shawn is just the cutest
Mi Palma
Best famliy
Michelle Mcnamara
I wish to meet final vision it is my biggest dream
My LPS World
This is the fake fv
Myrtice Lee
typhoon lagoon and blizzard beach not toddler lagoon and teenage beach
NY Auto Traders Leasing
I want u to meet me in person
Olivera Pajovic
I want to meet funnel vision in real life
Omer Ali
I love you
Queentessa JG Kurniawan
Get beter soon chase that bee learn his lesson and shawn was savage at dinner
Ray Rodriguez
We're was this?
Reign Delos santos
7:41 so funny
Rest Tuy
When hahha
Riki Boy
oh my god that wave is big
Rob Lewis
Funnelvishon Thebes the!!!
Ronia RBLX
I went there and in the intro thats where I exactly standed\nI can't believe my fav youtubers are at where i was😱😱😱
Ryan P.
This is fake channel
Do you have a little videos can you post a video about Pennywise
Saeed Elhage
I love to wavemso much my dad drag me der and i scream like crazy
This is cat, she is 0 years old one like on this video and on this comment = 1 year older she gets!\n👧\n👘\n👟
Shaun And Jodie P&C
Can you meet me at my name
Steph J
Beast family
The Neighbors Vlog
That looks so so so so so fun!!!!!!
The Savage crew
Shawn is a savage
The pink pencil
13:08 to 15:28 swiches on savage mode
Thestink SK
I in America but I never see you 😞😞😞😞😞😞😿🤟
Timothy Tan
Come to singapore
Turnbull James
subscribed and liked;-)
Unspabale Fun
I want to see you guys in America my channel name is unspeakable fun
Yamin Ainaldin
Your stealing content
Zeke Zurinskas
Omg i'm so mad because i was in Disney the same time as funnel vision and the building next to them and i didn't see them i'm so mad i just want to meet them!
#thumbs Down kid and what is that
chase pullar
I want to meet funnel vision
dominc dangiolella
Hi my name is Rodney I'm a big fan
gabriela sanchez
shawn is cute and insane at the same time
hi pixl MARLON
And Daddy I love your raps
janette cassar
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Shawn fell down from the slide
I went there at dinner for my sister's 15th brithday!
lori satchell
gust get a life
lyndsey williams
I wish I cud see yous some day in flint
philicia mchana
You so cool
ultimate bros
I want to go there
Shawn said my birthday