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The beauty of music in all its splendour.○━▽━○○━▽━○All rights for these songs go to the original artists/composers/owners of these tracks.

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0507 MAZ
i clicked on it cause i see grass starters
9ah teh egg nina the silly shrimp
Hey! I'm a Grass Type! Why am I not here?\n **makes a quick, temporary change for an account picture, and immediately changes back to Nuzleaf after realizing all of the Mr. Nuzleaf comments I've been doing**
Acid Man
Bulbasuar my favorite
Adhithya A
Is Eterna City a remix? It isn't the original, right?
Akhil Gajjala
I really liked the lacunosa town remix! Thanx!
Ashwing of StormClan
What’s your favorite track? Mine is ORAS credits. And plus it’s so fitting with the beautiful forest background😊
Bonne compil tenpers ça a pas mis beaucoup de temps a upload tout ça ?
Blueberry Meows
Twinleaf town, my favorite part of the OST
Brener Raad
Pokemon has one of the bests osts ever created
Very soothing music.
Hey it's me
Charming Penguin
Does anyone realise that ash has all these grass starters?
Christian Trnka
pokemon league xy is the best imo
Cielo Pachirisu
Mais, non Donjon Mystère ;3; ?
Claudio Salto Juárez
me encanta la música de pokemon, en serio, gracias! :D\n\nJ'adore la musique du pokemon, vraiment, merci! :D
56:25 the nostalgia overload
No Mystery Dungeon music? You should really look into that!
Cristina M
Verdantuf Town ❤
CuteUmbreonGirl 20
So hood making me sleepy I don't think I can finish the comment...hdhrhdhdjakjdhdjdzzzzbdjejdjeh y tx
David Muhs
would love it if you used timestamps and annotations. i like the choices in music
Divine Wine
i'm the only one that think that treecko and chikorita they are having s**?
Ethan Small
Eva crm
Salut je me permet de demander si quelqu'un ici fait de la stratégie où souhaiterais apprendre
this makes me wanna play pokemon 247\nXD
i didnt know music will play so much role in memories but every time i hear this i travel back then when i felt while hearing this music. so much memories, too many good times and just one title. Pokemon❤😢
Pokemon League at night hits hard
Fatih taşdemir
which music devices used? sample: piano, violin.
Why am I crying?
Gotrek Spezzastelle
Happy Griff
Thank you so much for this! I really enjoyed listening to it while drawing my pokemon zine! Very inspiring~ Totally favoring this to listen again!
Hapy Bearr
pokemon was always good to me... ☺ It still is
I Can't Believe It's Not Sans!
Oh man all this needs is virbank city now
Isadora Félix
i clicked because of grass type.
The first one was less relaxing and more HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE
The Littleroot theme makes me wanna play Omega Ruby
Jam Hopsey
I'm a simple man, i see grass types in the thumbnail i click
James DeGrado
u tha hit mang ty ty
Jaxon Welch
luv da songz
Jesse McFarland
even though you made this three years ago thank you so much
Joe C
Thank you! This is an excellent collection of Pokemon music
Jonathan H
Really nice playlist! just wish there were time stamps for each song
The song at 40:31 is a version of Professor Rowan's intro dialogue that I can't find, it's also shared with the Hall of Fame. Twinleaf also had a different version than what I know in your video, not sure where you took these songs from.
Kenny Chan
J'adore! Je suis une grand amis de Pokemon
Krishnan Giridharan
This has got to be the best compilation that I have heard yet. Thank you so much for making this video! This has helped me through 4 exams already and I am sure it will continue to be of use to me!
Loge À Rythme
Tenpers utilise Hypnose musicale ! C'est super efficace !
Lord Cradily
Lovania AKA Sans's Gengar
I forgot what the Winter/Spring/Autumn music for Undella sounded like. And I've only heard that version 28 more times than the summer version.
What is that Treecko doing to that Chikorita?
what is the last song? i know it's from the end of bw2, but i can't find the version that you put in this compilation.
14:09 - Surf ~ XY i love this
Matthew Ng
I was too focused on chikorita's cuteness than to listen to the music
Matthew Pennant
I find this music so therapeutic
This is awesome! it helps me draw and calm down.
Miro Heiskanen
Has my 2 favorites: That one town that Wally's aunt and uncle are from, and Laverre City (cuz amourshipping :P)
Monkey D. Bryan
That Littleroot theme makes me wanna cry.
Muhd Shukri
why am i crying
Nathan Baca
The credits track from gen 3 just too much nostalgia. I beat ruby for the first time about a week after I got it in the backseat of my grandparents car on the way to visit my dad for the weekend. I remember watching the credit video with with the audio in my headphones cause the noises irritated everyone else, but I’ve always loved the Pokémon osts. I still hum the route 1 song to myself sometimes when I’m walking around town🤣
can anyone tell me the track on 21:00? it sounds a little like ss anne from pokemon blue but slower. some timestamps would be great too :D
These 'Pokemon Relaxing music' compilations are so great! Always nice to listen to and it really helps with work.
Eterna City sounds oddly different..
Olan Natsuro
C'est tellement génial ! \nJe t'aime ! ❤️
Orbtus 384
02:27\n\nAh.. I feel like I'm in home..
Paul Radcliffe
At 1:09:22, I think it's the soaring in the sky music from ORAS. So calming :)
Schoolwork is so stupid, but Pokémonmusic definitely makes it better. Thanks for making this compilation! :D
Quilla Kocha
all of them are main pokemons with leaf type
Random Blackkidz
Can I use this for my next video
Could you do timestamps, thanks
Just finished listening to this! xD I can only relate to Platinum and Black & White 2\nNever touched Black & White, XY, Heart Gold &Soul Silver and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire but hopefully will have the leisure to!
Red The Fighter
this is just good (no hate comments saying that red aint supposed to talk, im not game red, im manga)
Rinkashi Tamoto
20- Prof. Rowans Theme i guess
SD Unit
There is so many Relaxing Pokemon music compilation, but certainly you have done the best.!
Samy Kre
c'était beau wallah *-*
Shadow Matrix
weedasaur the chill type pokemon
Soaring Latias
My dog fell asleep to this
Spencer Meilstrup
This is the one hundredth comment
At 33 minutes.. I seriously thought my indicator in Euro Truck Simulator was going nuts.. never heard this music before so didn't know about those sounds. xD
Switch Cube
i love grass type pokemon!
Sythem Sammich
*hears marine tube*\n*becomes sad*\n*hears more nostalgia*\n*cryes self to sleep*\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWell it worked for me
Turn on subtitles to see easily the name of the songs!\n\nTRACKLIST:\n\n00:00 - Marine Tube ~ BW2\n02:27 - Littleroot Town ~ ORAS\n04:34 - Twinleaf Town (Night) ~ DPP\n07:09 - Verdanturf Town ~ ORAS\n08:57 - Eterna Forest ~ DPP\n11:27 - Pewter City ~ HGSS\n14:09 - Surf ~ XY\n16:14 - Eterna City ~ DPP\n18:11 - Dreamyard ~ BW\n20:51 - Oceanic Museum ~ ORAS\n23:29 - Pokémon Center (Night) ~ DPP\n26:41 - Anistar City ~ XY\n29:01 - Lilycove City ~ ORAS\n31:11 - Nuvema Town ~ BW\n33:05 - Route 113 ~ ORAS\n35:37 - Pokémon League ~ XY\n37:28 - Surf ~ HGSS\n40:24 - Professor Rowan's Laboratory ~ DPP\n43:04 - Fortree City ~ ORAS\n44:41 - Lacunosa Town 「REMIX」 ~ BW\n46:30 - Surfing ~ ORAS\n49:17 - Tower of Mastery ~ XY\n51:44 - Anville Town ~ BW\n54:20 - Cruiseferry SS Royal Unova ~ BW\n56:25 - Pallet Town ~ HGSS\n58:31 - Game Sync ~ BW\n59:34 - Amity Square ~ DPP\n01:01:41 - Laverre City ~ XY\n01:04:12 - Pokémon League (Night) ~ DPP\n01:07:10 - Snowbelle City ~ XY\n01:09:16 - Soaring Mirages ~ ORAS\n01:12:34 - Undella Town (Spring; Autumn; Winter) ~ BW\n01:15:45 - Credits ~ ORAS\n01:22:48 - THE END ~ BW2
The Lonely Cottonball
Are Snowbelle City and Exploring the Skies switched? (correct me if I'm wrong)
Tbh I never heard of the unused Eterna City music. So weird and beautiful :o
Thibaut Robine
Salut ! Bonne compilation :D\nSi je peux te suggérer deux trucs, si tu pouvais mettre dans la description les temps de début et fin des morceaux ce serait top (ou alors le titre du morceau à l'écoute sur l'image). Ensuite, si tu pouvais mettre un effet de fondu en fermeture sur la fin des morceaux, les transitions seraient plus douces et plus agréables à l'oreille :)\nBon courage pour la suite !
Timothy Gabrielson
Eterna Forest is one of my favorites. It is just so relaxing~
Tyson Williams
Grass type is superior type
Unison Young
wonderful starter, good to here some bw especially bw2
WallyRocket 87
This is a great upload, thanks for this!
this is exactly what i need to have after seeing sayori hang them self :{
Zachary Battles
me encanto tu lista gracias :)
deming xie
Why no time stamp
Treecko wit dat blunt...
mhmmd vikri
Ayo ramai ramai memblokir akun Tenpers. Biar aja akan memblokir akun Tenpers.
pepper cola
i love that picture i have always loved grass types from the very start my friends always said pick charmander but i liked bulbasaur and his evolution ever since then i have always chose grass even in sun and moon grass type justs give me a very relaxing feeling and hope they are so calm and gentle
Enterna forest.... No words... Amazing mix thank you very much!
Where do you find the artwork for your playlists? I love all of the pieces you use in each one, so I was just wondering where you found them.
what is 14:30 song ?