Top 12 LEGENDARY Upcoming Games of 2019 2020 | Most Anticipated Games on PS4, XBOX, PC

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Warcraft 3: Reforged, Doom Eternal, The Last of Us: Part 2, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Metro Exodus, Cyberpunk 2077, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Halo Infinite, Gears of War 5, Devil May Cry 5, Days Gone, Death Stranding | Top 12 Most Legendary Upcoming Games [2019-2020] Trailers | Most Anticipated Games on PS4, XBOX One & PC! Death Stranding

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So... it's basically one game, Metro, rest is two classes below it.
5tickm4n D
when blizzard has no more original ideas and they release the same game again and sheep jump on the bandwagon
Al allaboutTV
incopetent amateue seo noob
Alexander O.
The last of us 2 ....on PS... looool... not gona be near as good as the trailer \
Amir Ljubijankic
What is legendery here? All games in the last few year are basicly same
Anthem should be on this list
Holy shit I'm excited for Last of us
Arsene Lupin
what?? no kingdom hearts 3???
death stranding is coming just on PS4, not PC :( am I right?
Brandon Sierra
I got an add for one of these
Count's CRyPt
Cool I've been wanting a Warcraft 3 remake for years now! I recently I installed it on my laptop and immediately thought \
Darkstar 3000
Warcraft 3 was one of the most fun times I've ever had. I played 1-3 and loved the story! Tried playing WoW but it really isnt the same. I honestly cant wait for the next two? Warcraft movies, so excited!
David Blackman
Beyond Good & Evil trailer looked dope
Diana Dalos
1.The last of us 2\n2.Days gone \n3.Dead Stranding \n4.Metro Exodus
Drummers Eve
gears of war and halo? Christ how long are they going to drag out those dead franchises?
00:00 Warcraft 3: Reforged\r\n2:59 Doom Eternal \r\n4:56 The Last of Us: Part 2\r\n11:44 Beyond Good & Evil 2 \r\n15:13 Metro Exodus\r\n17:39 Cyberpunk 2077\r\n19:17 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice\r\n21:33 Halo Infinite \r\n23:32 Gears of War 5\r\n25:08 Devil May Cry 5\r\n27:47 Days Gone\r\n29:54 Death Stranding
Two games only worth of wait and buy: CYBERPUNK2077 i METRO:EXODUS
wait why are moblie games on this list?
Gary Lococo
I cant wait for halo and gears 5
Gerard Saliba
The best is already out, Red Dead Redemption 2 destroying all the games on this list
too bad the actual games wont have same graphics to the trailers. but nonetheless, EPIC.
How many of these do you think are over hyped?
Hasan Vai
wow devil may cry 5 has Aatrox :O
Igor Nikitovic
Warcraft 3: Reforged !\nBelievers in this game please like my comment, lets show others how big is our community:D
Jeremy Stockton
omfg last of us looks legit
Jordan Henderson
What's the song at the end?
I dropped shooters a while ago with zero desire to ever return to the genre but by golly, Metro looks like a funouse of tittays. Ima moterboat thee hell out of that sexy game. Hope it has some rpg level customization with all the gear and weapons tho. Love the dreary world dexign.
Que lindo es ser pobre xd
Kruger Tennant
vergil will always comeback alive and well no matter the situation he in
Lawn Mower Productions
Who else got a ad for Warcraft 3: Reforge, before the video
Mauricio Leite
5 game on PS4!!!
Mehdi Mohammadi
just like WARCRAFT III !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miki Flokster
Don't forget to boycott every PC (Political Correctness or Juden Marxism) games.
Warcraft 3: Reforged\r lol
Devil may cry looks like a mobile game
Nash Dasmurayan
I see people putting up's mine\ndevil may cry 5 \ndevil may cry 5\ndevil may cry 5\nand oh yes devil may cry 5!
look at this comment section not appreciating how sick death stranding will be...
Nicholas kent
Warcraft 3: Reforged\r on mobile.
Ninja Crackpot
Last of us 2 is basically Psychopath, a mental disorder game. Why the hell people looking for it.
Warcraft is a windows 95 game, even when they bring out warcraft III it's still shit graphics and good for windows 95.
Peter tone
Daryl has his own game now?
Rapopium xx
Whats the song the girl is playing in the last of us 2?
Ray The Retarted Rino
Robert Thompson
Finally, a Warcraft game that isn't a WOW expansion. I mean, sure, it's just Warcraft 3 remastered but it's good to see that Blizzard still recognizes that Warcraft existed before WOW. Jesus Christ Last of Us: Part 2 looks incredible.
Rocco Wagner
Death Stranding reminds me of so many films...I hope the gameplay is on par with the feels
Rusty Cage
Great line up but how'd you forget Ghost of Tsushima?
ST. Upid
somebodys gotta make dota in warcraft reforged haha
Sam Crazy
Android? 🤷🏽
Sergey Musalitin
а где ghost of tsushima
Simo Chebab
The Last of us part 2🔥🔥🔥
Ghost of Tsushimaaa.
whats with m&b bannerlord :(
The Elder Scrolls VI
I should called this DOTA 4 K
The Humble Geometric Figure of Doom
my top list:\nCyberpunk\nDeath Stranding \nWarcraft Reforged.
LEGENDARY games that are not out yet.
Tymoteusz Gancarz
great list
Uknown YouTuber
No anthem! \nNo crackdown 3!\nNo star wars fallen order! \nNo Titanfall 3!\n=unsubcribe
Umar Niazi
Ghosts of Tsushima ?
Unbreakable Porsche
Good Work!!\nLiked all the Titles :)\nKeep it UP :)
Ville Lepoaho
If Cyberpunk 2077 is typical CD Projekt Red Quality, it's going to the the game of the year.
Wvlking Wonders
Bruh,The game play in Death Stranding is totally insane!!
Yaz Al
you forgot Anthem
Yousf Alam
The last of us 2
Zhander Drake
Minecraft: Dungeons...
last of us quite awesome
Basura de juego
1 the last of us 2\n2 death stranding\n3 cyberpunk\n4 metro\n5 days gone (skeptical about this though)\n6 ghost of tshushima
damien odwell
0:21 can any one see how reflections do not work that way? XD
dick dickerson
the only one i want is cyberpunk 2077
Warcraft Reforged looked great!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n15 years ago!!!
esojzx W
devil may cry . . . . orgasmic, combos combos combos!!
every day we stray further from god
Doom eternal looks more colorful than doom 2016.
hector leyva
The last of us is kinda sick 🤭
The last of us 2 ... blows my mind
huso bilge
metro exodus , original soundtrack of the film 28 weeks later ;) you welcom
Thanks for pasting trailers after eachother..
Hello!! Does anyone know the music played at the end (\
omar alajmi
Wow Death Stranding's Graphic is like from 2080 or something 😅🔥 the game looks good... but i wonder if it's only running from those black ghosts instead of shooting them with weapons & other things rather than running. Cuz from the look of it, this game wont be easy it looks very difficult. Plus the Story itself is something outta my league damn Kojima 😓 Plus that Warcraft Reforged looks sick i loved the game way back in the days.... how come Ghost of Tsushima isn't here ? Or atleast the new Anthem Demo that got released 2days ago 👌🏼 pretty good games for 2019 hopefully we got more exciting game trailors as well cheers bro
how is something upcoming legitimately described as legendary ?
sami alshahri
1:23 human knight: \
Great Video
song name at 34: 11 pls?
Doom Eternal number One👌
space Human
Get ready for some demon slaying yeeeeaaaaa
sunil shonu
The last of us part 2 : Excited\nBeyond good and evil 2 : cant wait \nMetro exodus : Goosebumps \nCyberpunk 2077 : Badass ( like i own the world kind of vibe)\nSekiro : ill give it a chance \nDays Gone : 100% Completion\nDeath stranding : Creepy
twoja ssstara
Metro exodus and cyberpunk
varathras LP
idk but reforged w3 is pretty boring because only new thing is graphics but gameplay is still same buildings/units 2/10 and only because of graphics\nDoom eternal hmm what should i say game for brainless ppl \nDeath stranding looks interesting but it s confusing not saying it s bad it s potential will show after release\nRest i will not coment because i never played it (i mean if it has any episodes before not the games that are TBA)\n\n\nOh and i know i will piss off a lot of ppl because what i written but it s my opinion and i am not saying u must agree with me so please leave hate coments for yourself
wlat barznjy
1:50 from a beautiful cinematic trailer to a cartoon.... WTF is wrong with these developers
Hope Blizzard will give us some new games instead of reforged and mobile diablo 3. Blizzard is now far away beyond Rockstar.
Евгений Калашников
warcraft \u003c3
Nothing for me here.
Old games are you kidding? unsubscribe!!