Does gear matter?

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I travel to Thomann in Treppendorf, Germany to find out if gear matters at Gearhead University Peace,Adam

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Alejandro Rondón
But what Mary? But What? Damn it!
André Barranco
Who's the girl at 3:48 ? I know pretty much everyone up to this point in this video, but not her
Arno Online
That ukelele ending destroyed my soul
Asher D
Gear is an extension of the musician. If a master swordsman were fighting using a rusty old rod, he would not be as great as he could, but he would still be good. I believe a truly great musician didn't need good gear to play well, but it certainly is an important aspect of music.\n\nIt is also important to note that a poor musician with great gear will be just as poor as with low-quality gear. Don't invest in an amazingly well-crafted instrument before first investing in a well-honed set of skills. The same goes for any profession
thanks man! great video. and thanks for hanging out with us gear nerds ;)
Ben Levin
Excellent message and I enjoyed the ending a lot.
Benji Robinson
Brandon Kerr
I love this channel. \n\nLike it’s literally the opposite of clickbait. The title is usually a consise question that is exactly what the video is about and the thumbnail gives an answer to that question for those who don’t want to watch the video. Smart.\n\nQuestion: Which comes first when writing music? The melody or the harmonic structure? I’ve personally found that it doesn’t matter but I wanna see what you say.
Cade Eastwood
The coloured pencil metaphor was spot on. Can an amazing artist create art with red, blue, yellow : yes. However having the potential to access utensils that make different compositions more readily available explains why so many of us fall into the gear hole. If a new coloured pencil is available, you dont have to try and mix it yourself. If you find a piece that creates the sound you want and you can afford to add it to family why not right?
Cheddar Kung Pao
The best gear ceases to matter by disappearing and leaving you to focus on the music, IMHO. That might be a $150 Squier or it might be a $10,000 PRS. Depends on you and what you're doing. :)
My take: The only \
Christian Olsen
Although, I've noticed that cheap guitar gear tends to sound better than cheap bass gear
Cole Jenkins
Very mature editing! Made this video flow and function incredibly well.
Cory Mck
*Adam Neely the Anarcho-Nihilist*
Beautiful video. I've been playing the same cheap bass for over 7 years and i'm kinda proud of that fact. I think also there's an ideological, political aspect behind all of this will to find self improvement in the religious treatment and acquisition of commodities in order to compensate for the lack of reflective thinking. As a teacher i think there's a responsibility to show you don't need to spend more money to expand your limits.
David Summerville
A great video that I watched on a crappy phone. Thanks
Dexter Grif
I'm a drummer. You can put a bad drummer on a good kit and he's still going to be a bad drummer. But if you put a really good, technical drummer on a shitty kit, and they'll make it shine.
Dj Vianu
You look amazing Adam :)
Dual Coil Unit
You only discuss guitars and basses though. Depending on the kind of music, the gear CAN matter a lot. Look at keyboards for example: You got electric pianos and synths and organs (among others), and they produce completely different sounds and have a completely different feel to them. It would be really hard to learn to play piano pieces expressively on a synth-style MIDI keyboard, because the feeling is just so much different from the fully weighted keys. It's certainly possible, but harder. And in this day and age, a simple MIDI keyboard is all that a lot of people start out with.\n\nAnd when it comes to synths and effects, there's also a world of difference between different gear... For example FM vs. analog. If you want to make ambient music for example, you will (likely) need a really versatile and nice sounding reverb unit/software, because the standard stuff like Ableton's integrated reverb sound like total crap for stuff like that. The timbre of a sound can totally change the feel of any melody or harmony or rhythm...
Eerik Liiva
My point of view on the gear and does it matter.\n 1. Yes. Let me explain. My first bass was a cheap 100€ Rogue SB100 P-bass made of unknown wood. I started on it, I felt like a god. The action was very high and I didn't know anything about setups back then. After a while I was feeling that if I would have had better bass, I would in turn be better. I bought a used Dean Edge 5. It was my main instrument for years. I loved the crunchiness of the humbuckers, the fact that it was a 5-string and all and that it had some \
En 352
i enjoyed the commentary but despised your attempt at humor on bashing your advertising you ungrateful piece of chip
Eric Pingel
This made me think: \
Erik C 'Piano Man'
Does gear matter? Sometimes. In my specific situation it matters more than most. I often practice on grand pianos but record on digitals keyboards for the clear audio and midi data. For more technical pieces I can usually play fine on the grand, but sometimes takes weeks more of practice to be able to record it with the same fidelity and musicality on the digital. There's something about the action, feel and response time of the keys that makes all the difference. Probably due to the action being a completely different mechanism between the two.
Evil Sean
all i took from this ... he saw victor .. i have yet to see victor... also intoxicating voice there adam .. cultivated ?
Ezequiel Tomaselli Composición
I love the way you answer in the thumbnail.
Fictitious Freedom
The end.... Dudes a genius!
Gear Gods
What I should have said: gear only matters if you can't flange with your hands.
George Bingham
0:36 *Harry Miree screams in the distance”
GiggitySam Entz
I liked the fact I couldn't see the logos, thank you ! eue
Gran Ribeyro
Bass sucks Mane.. a guitar is more cool
As a longterm G.A.S. victim, I'd have to say that once you're a great player, gear might not matter much, but you might need quality instruments to get you there. \n\nMy experience has been that my first high-end electric guitar exposed deficiencies in my articulation, as it was much more responsive to intonation and had a wider dynamic range. My first vintage instrument inspired me to switch from using a pick to fingerpicking and in general all quality instruments always inspired me to play more and practice more.
Helium Road
People say Geddy Lee always sounds like Geddy no matter what bass or amp he's using, but that's only true to a point. Listen to 70s Rush when he used a Rickenbacker and then listen to Power Windows when he used a Wal. Sure, it sounds like the same guy using similar technique, but the timbre is very different. Same thing watching Rush on their 2015 tour when Geddy brought like 15 basses with him; his tone definitely changed with the bass he was playing. So in the case of timbre gear does matter. It won't make you a better player, though.
It totally does. I finally got a half decent amp, my guitar sounds better than ever and I practice way more than before because of that. Don't have to overdo it, but a little something is definitely important.
Janeen Clark
it matters as much as anything does. a 25 dollar plastic bass guitar with 2 watt amp might not suit you!
John JohnnyArt Pavlou
Sharpen the saw, \nor the axe. \n(In the woodshed.)
John Redberg
How to not get invited back to promotional events. XD
Justin Doan
Was gonna dislike because you didn't feature The Lick. Ended up smashing the Like button
Kerry Cronic
Gear matters to a certain extent.
Klapsigaar en Basgitaar
5:00 I don't think what you're saying there about Jaco and his instructional video is correct. To my information the video Modern Electric Bass was recorded in 1985 whereas his bass of doom was stolen in 1986. Also, what I remember from the video (but would have to be confirmed) is that he is actually playing his Bass of Doom there but with a maple Fender Precision neck (fretted) installed on it. I think he says he did it for practice puporses or something. So that does not really support your point (although true IMHO) that he sounded like himself on any bass because in the video he actually is playing his main bass, be it with a different neck.
Lawrence Siden
My son's first electric guitar was a $100 Squire Junior. He learned very quickly but after about a year, he seemed to reach a plateau. He was clearly losing motivation. I talked with his teacher. His teacher said it was time to get him a better guitar. I got him an Epiphone hollow-body archtop. It was just what he needed. He's had a few other guitars since then. That Epiphone is by no means the greatest instrument it was good enough to keep him going. When you get to a certain level with an instrument, you have to feel and hear it respond to you or it becomes frustrating. He's an adult now and has his own students.
The last branded video Adam will ever get to make.
Luã Santilli
Mein Gott! What is the music from 0:23? I love it
Martin Krauser
This is actually one of the only times I stayed to look at sponsor logos, so JOKES ON YOU; ADAM NEELY!!!!
Menno Barten
It does matter for me but purely aestheticly lol, I hated my plastic looking violin so I bought a nice sounding well made violin. I love playing violin every minute now (eventhough I still need to improve loads!)
Michael Briggs
A poor craftsman blames his tools...but it's still nice to have sharp tools.
MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs
So you like a pee bass? 🤔
A metalzone is necessary for good tone
Nathaniel Saxe
Nerenahd Dhaneren
Well, from a harmonica player's point of view, YES it does. Buy a cheap Hohner Blues Band, and you won't be able do do proper BENDS I almost quit playing. Buy a better instrument and then the doors of heaven are wide open. So, I'm this particular example, it does matter, and a lot.
Not Right Music
Do you include effects and recording techniques under the umbrella of \
Pontus Erickson
This thumbnail is kinda like reversed clickbait
Welp, there goes Adam’s last gear sponsorship
Rhett Shull
Great video man, you nailed the whole idea.
Simon The Magpie
gear and magpies - I feel summoned
Unrelated to the subject in discussion, man this video felt like an epic YouTube musician crossover, so many great people! Infinity War has nothing on this.
Enjoyed the episode, Adam! It's a damn good question!
Stephan C
While in the general context it really doesn't matter, in the context of having a gig in a Beatles cover band it probably does.
Teatru Subtitrat
This calmed down my gear acquisition syndrome (GAS) for a while, I'll rewatch it every time I want to buy a new microphone.
I purposefully buy cheap things to not to be confused for being rich tbh.
The Tinker
I think gear matters to certain extent. I think it only matters if for example if on a cheapo guitar the frets are not good but if it cheaper guitars does everything correctly than no gear doesnt matter.
3:00 That is a really great analogy. Kinda mind blowing too, lol.
Gear is the top 10% the rest is skill.
Tristan Voitcu
Gear does matter. Not in the way you’d think though. I believe gear is important to help encourage one to practice. I always find that I enjoy practice most and practice most efficiently when I have a new toy to play with. Gear doesn’t make you a better player, but it does want make you want to improve.
Not relevant to your point but in school my bass clarinet teacher kept telling me that my technique was the reason I had trouble getting anything above a high D to come out in tune, not anything related to the instrument. I was told this for three years before I found a hidden loose screw, tightened it, and magically found I wasn't having issues anymore.
Xavier Smith
The most comfortable guitar I ever played was a squier affinity strat. Too bad there's no consistency from one squier affinity to the next.
Zachary Williams
Getting the best gear for your money is the real question because now it's all good even the cheap stuff
Zack Stachlewitz
at least for me when it comes to guitars i think good gear does matter. A few years ago I was really bad, never felt like playing, until 3 years later when i finally got kind of ok. Last year I got a Taylor 110 CE. The playability is amazing. I began to fall in love with guitar, and I actually like to practice now.
7:25 “$300 crap guitar” it’ the price of my most expensive guitar
Funny,\n\njust last week I bought a piano at Thomann (no joke) and just now I was finishing a session of 1 hour strait practicing only scales. Why did I do that when I barely have done that before? Because I just liked how the keys felt under my fingers.\n\nFor me the answer is the same in any field, not just music. A good running shoe wont make me a good runner - or even a runner at all, for that matter, because I find running boring and I get no joy out of it. But if I enjoy running and I start to push my limits and expand my running skills, surely a good running shoe will not only boost my performance but more importantly my enjoyment of running. Maybe I will even explore new things like free running because my new shoes make it that much easier to jump and land and I didn't even think of jumping and landing before with my old shoes.\n\nAnd yes, Thomann is an insane music store and my eyes always get bigger than my wallet :(
When I was in high school, I had a $150 Peavey Raptor. I was always shit at playing because I didn't practice. I always thought that guitar just sounded terrible too.\n\nThen a friend of a friend came over, picked up my guitar, and played some insane licks that sounded GREAT. That's an eye opener I will never forget.
I think gear matters in that certain sounds can help you think differently as you play. Maybe this is a bit different as a drummer, but different cymbals help me think about playing music in different ways. I have a set of dark cymbals and a set of bright cymbals and when I switch between them, I feel myself playing different things, because the twoI sets lend themselves to different sounds and moods. I can see this being true for guitars, basses, trumpets, etc. A lower quality guitar may have a buzz or other imperfections that may make certain styles sound awful, but will make others work really well.
My opinion is: Today, even the cheapest bass has acceptable sounds. The matter of expensive gear it's just one, Status Quo, if you got one, you're the man. Just because that exactly gear it's a luxurious thing.
daniel hayun
of course that gear matters \nyou learn an instrument\nyes instrument = yes learn\nno instrument = no learn\ninstrument=gear\nyes gear = yes learn \nno gear = no learn\nyes learn = cant afford gear \nno learn = sitting at grandmother's couch and playing fortnite \n\n\nya
Of course gear matters....when the issue is related to gear, hello. \nYou can shock yourself by picking up a different instrument, and immediately play more inspired, its always worth exploring.\nNonetheless, its been thoroughly and obviously well established that the level of musicality, comes from...wait,...the musician.\n \nAnd all those other factors matter as well.\nAsking whether a more expensive item is just that. The bulk of most expensive guitars are not bought for their playability.\nA brand new Squire is an excellent instrument, there is more in common in the squire with the vintage guitars that survived and are revered for their values than most of the current fender line.\n\nBTW, you are a fantastic ambassador for the art of music, BRAVO and thank you.
fidel dely
Besides subjectively and slightly differences like: this is an american tele, this is an MiM, indonesia or an Squier and they \
Yes, gear really does matter to me. I play better with active pickups over passive pickups. I play better with a nice all tube amplifier. I play better when I'm playing on a sealed cabinet with Vintage 30 speakers. I also play better when I'm NOT worried about low quality cables and other components. My guitar rig set me back about $4000 which is about right as nothing in that rig is too extravagant but I could also easily hand my rig off to anyone in the industry that plays rock or metal and they'd be perfectly happy with it. \n\nWhen you make a living using the gear then gear really does matter.
jacques joel Juan
All these years I pronounced cajun like the ethnic
kevs musicandstuff
Oh wow an Adam Neely video that does'nt have the lic-...oh nevermind \n\n(Never Change)
Visiting Thomann at Treppendorf is something between a pilgrimage and visiting Disneyland :)
Expensive gear doesn't matter. Good gear matters. Bad gear matters. What's important is that the gear isn't in the way.
Gear matters a little bit, usually makes the instruments more comfortable to play and you get more full sound from all the frets in my experience. Technique is definitely way more important though.
Great Video....
IMO it matters to a certain point. The huge $ distance between a Squier to a Fodera doesn't matter, but the small $ distance between a Squier and a REALLY CRAPPY bass do.
The ending kinda sounds like a demented version of Radiohead's bloom
The ending could wake up a dead man
couldn't agree more. I just turned 53, I've played guitar for 40 years (got a guitar for my 13th birthday). Last 5 of those years was spent away from my substantial gear collection, which has been locked in storage. I've moved to Sumatra to mostly surf. I bought just one locally made, cheap nylon string guitar, that plays well, and stays in tune. I can say that this time has made me a much better guitarist/musician..almost twice as good as before..though its hard to quantify. When you take away, all the gear choices, home studio, amps, pedals, plugins..bullshit. And just focus on making the one instrument you have in your hands, sound as good as possible, focus on practice, focus on song writing, focus on singing, harmonies, I taught my self beginner classical, fingerpicking, old blues....I stopped hiding behind pedals, amps. I'm a much better musician now. I had some chops already, but I never practiced enough, and I was always trying to buy my way to a better sound, which never really worked. Having said all that, I'm really looking forward to playing with my gear later in the year when I relocate back home. I can recommend a sabbatical away from distractions.If your in a funk with your music, just go live in the jungle, desert or a mountain cave for 5 years (or even just a month or 2), with one instrument and focus on your technique :)
red comn
At the stage where you can be specific in which you wanted it were the moments where you knew which you were comfortable with. \n\nReally it's all that
It's all a matter of taste for sure! I have a $250 bass that I love, but I also love the $2200 one, too! They get different vibes even when I'm using the same technique...If I play certain slap grooves, the $250 has a more powerful tone, but the $2200 one has a different great tone, and it plays like butter. Gear can also matter in the sense of repetitive injury...higher action can cause more wrist issues in the long run, for instance. Sometimes my gear purchases have to do with avoiding injury.
I think it matters most if the gear in question makes it easier to make the sound you want to make.\n\nMost of my guitars are cheap 1960s Japanese guitars that I bought for roughly $50 each, and I absolutely love the way they sound.\nOn the other hand, one of my amps is broken, and the only other one is a tiny, tiny battery-powered amp that has a limited, kinda tinny sound. So I'm using virtual amps now, AmpliTube to be specific. Since I come from the psychedelic '60s and early heavy metal '70s school of guitar, I go gaga for fuzz, wah, echo, reverb, and even rotary speaker effects, so with AmpliTube I can have that tonal pallete at my disposal.\nBut at the core of my sound is what I can get from old clunky Univox-Ibanez-type guitars, with old rusty strings, warped necks, iffy intonation and stubborn tuners.
6:53 Did you just break your censorship vow, Adam?