RESIDENT EVIL 7: BIOHAZARD (Honest Game Trailers)

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A Potato
When playing a horror game you got that feeling that every corner theres a jumpscare until\nyou get a shotgun
do re4
Ad Vice
do some of you guys know what is the song playing in the background when the player is slaughtering the monsters around 2:23 ?
Aditya Mohapatra
Plz do Outlast(1)!
Please do Dying light pleaseee
Akise Belisario
Say \
Asmit Basu.
haha that guy looks like he definitely lost his security deposit. Omg i started laughing like a retarded seal :D
I know the contex of the guy in the thumbnail and it pisses me off a little b/c its upside down
i would have called it ''Resident Evil 7: Daddy's Coming''
Basic Bitch
Guys i played this in VR and since other people were watching me play, when Mia frigging tried to murder me (again) I accidentally punched my friend in the face!! #failsof2017
BatmanFan 76
3:44 Did You Know That The Japanese Version Is Called \
Bear Grills
Chris Topher
Love me some item management while using plant medicines 💆\u200d♂️
CinderPrint Productions
Pokémon Sun and Moon honest trailer!!!
Coleman Christy
Do Zelda Breath of the Wild when it comes out.
Commie Doggo
Yay my comment was in the intro
Cool Coyote
yup its silent hill res evil combo which makes it good
D Bone
Daniel Aspajo
Yo Optimus Prime voice say this: \
it's not a reboot
Duc Nguyen
Emerson Cooper
Yup! That about sums it up! This game is much better in VR
In 2017, we have President Evil.
Outlas 2 \u003e RE7
Gabberman9000 Films
1:34 More like \
Do club penguin! XD 😂😭
Gunawan Putera
it is weird that i think that little girl in resident evil 7 is kinda cute?
Heather Holt
Why does the first aid juice attach his leg but his hand had to be stapled back on...
Hudson Williams
How about a Megaman Legends Honest Trailer?\nStarring:\nMegaman Volnutt-Cyborg Ash Ketchum\nRoll Caskett-Winry Rockbell\nData-Curious George Wearing a Cereal Bowl\nTeisel Bonne-Human Zim\nTron Bonne-The Awesomest Female Pirate Ever Made By Capcom...Sorry Ruby Heart.\nBon Bonne-Baby Hulk\nServbots-GIR's Family Reunion\nYuna-Sailor Moon...On the Moon\nBarrel Caskett-Cyborg Papa Smurf\nGlyde-Every Grown-Up Male Anime Character Ever\nDenise-Human Carmelita Fox\nSera-Creepy Namine\n\nCapcom's Half-Life\n\nAlso Starring the Companies Who Deserve This Franchise More Than Capcom:\n-Nintendo\n-Namco\n-Square Enix\n-2k\n-Scott Games\n-Sony\n-Sega(Yeah, I stinkin' said it!)
JA Hull
Overview of Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Warcraft, Starcraft, Street Fighter, Sonic, Five Nights at Freddy's, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxer, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear..., but only did the Honest Trailer for Assassin's Creed Not So Bad and Assassin's Creed Sucks To All Get Out? Come on! Assassin's Creed 1 and 2! Do it!!!!!
Javier Burgos
question: what's the average age of ''youtubers'', both viewers and makers of videos? an answer would be very helpful for me.
i like how he said \
Joshua Nelson
Still waiting for a _Silent Hill_ Honest Trailer.
F.E.A.R honest trailer when?
Kaiden Krueger
This game was written by the same person who wrote FEAR and Condemned.
Kristian Aleksandrov
Say \
Li-Li Mandragon
If you can't forgive your wife for sawing off your hand, your not a real man.
Liam Ruttan
Say \
LoL Maniac
03:35 shits
Lord Solaire
2:08 didn't need to call the cops after all.
Lord Tozuya
For Honor, just do it!!!
Lucas Chua
The Lego batman Movie
Michael Coffey
I could never and would never play this in VR... no fracking thank you lol
MightyBlader 777
I was thinking about that Resident Evil in Japan was called Biohazard, I was thinking they will call a biohazard 7 Resident Evil,but Anna turned out to be true😲
Mobius 1
Do Ace Combat.
Monric Gaming
Say \
As much as I love the pullback to the old series with the new RE VII, I can not and will not forget the characters I grew up with like Leon, Jill, Claire, Ada and all the other ones. RE would not feel the same other wise. I mean yeah the RE series became more action packed, that doesn't mean they can't go back. Also I liked RE VI for its story and not its gameplay; liked how they brought back Sherry.
Mum Carnivore
I want a divorce.
Nathan Palmer
Wait a minute, if they call it Biohazard 7: Resident Evil, then does that mean that all its predecessors are called Biohazard as well?
Natsu Dragneel
Can you say \
Say: \
Please say: \
Nohsyek Gaming
OMG Carl Winslow killed me.
OneToughCookie TheYouTubeHero
No Luigi's Mansion reference? Creepy old mansion and you didn't say squat about that game? Honest Trailers, I expected more from you...
Pennywise The Dancing Clown
It's not a reboot😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Random Dude
anyone else notice\n\nmASter handS\nASS\n\ndefinitely loSt tHe securITy depoSit\nSHITS\n\nThat was pretty snakey.
Raven Hernandez
Good to see I wasn't the only one that thought the little girl from F.E.A.R...
Roger Puzzitiello
Say \
S G M de Paz
Vaya subnormal...... ¡¡el puto juego se llamaba BIOHAZARD (el original) !!\nPero como en estados unidos ya estaba registrado ese nombre de videojuego lo cambiaron y le pusieron resident evil, en japón como no tuvieron ese problema lo dejaron como debería ser su nombre: 'Biohazard'\nHay que informarse un poco antes de hacer un vídeo sobre algo para no quedar en ridículo básicamente......\nPd: Esto no es un resident evil, que no os engañen, es una copia mal hecha de la demo de P.T. (La cual sigue siendo infinitamente mejor que esta BASURA )
Sakura Kinomoto
I unlocked the infinite ammo finally ugh 😄😄😄
Resident Evil Revelation is like a mix between the first three original games and Resident Evil 4. It has RE4's camera style and shooting mechanics (you can now move while aiming though), but also has horror, full exploration with backtracking, puzzles, and more. It's a good balance between RE4 and RE5. Sadly it doesn't have fixed camera angles though :(. I wish I got the full version, as I only played the demo. I hope the game has RE4's mercenaries mode, because that will definitely bring in more fun into the game.
Sexy Madafaka
pleaaaaaaase say\
Shado White
But to be fair this is like one of the best resident evil after 1 and 2
Now, please do the Alice's saga. I NEED that Resident Evil honest Trailer!
Legacy of Kain Honest Trailer?
Star Dragon
Tata moto
The Fant
Say: Bongo bongo bongo i don't wanna leave the congo.
The Passionfruit Whalrus
I enjoyed playing this on my channel. Still creepy on the second play. Ethan is wierd though, runs like he's wearing lead shoes and does not even comment about dismembered horse leg art in the woods.
Tix Nofal09
Hell yeah this game is Perfect
2:12 it actually becomes Quake
Tyson 120
Wayne Trailers
Please say 'aa-bra ka dab-ra\
White nigga
Damm this man really does what ever it takes to be with his girl, this game has a love story better than Romeo and juliet
William dabill
What are ya buying, what are ya selling
Zack Matthew
I dont think they can make Resident Evil a horror genre anymore...unless they took out the gun. With today graphic and our familiarity with guns on game... its just action. But overall I dont really think Resident Evil is that horror of a genre even from the original... its just the way the camera is and the tension... small area. Hard controls. A simple shoot and run. Slow monster and sudden fast monster. Resident Evil is just action genre first, horror genre second.... so I find it fine for them to make it action...
aloysius fung
Do Devil May Cry Series !!!!
big smoke
do an honest trailer on lisa
david master
Make crisis honest trailer.
2:07 Seems like a missed opportunity to use \
Really great story, right up until it's revealed to all be another Umbrella conspiracy, and all the interesting stuff about the Baker family gets tossed out the window in exchange for some tortured ghost girl bullshit.
keynan martinez
My thoughts of the resident evil series 0-7:\n\nRE0: Its a good prequel but not as better than 1\nRE1: A great classic but is probably the hardest in the series\nRE2: The second best i've played, great story, gameplay, and characters.\nRE3: Kind if like 2 but with more tension with the Nemesis trying to kill you.\nRE4: Best game ever, has the most replaybility and does what other horror game don't have- a perfect mix of horror and action.\nRE5: More action than 4 but is way more fun playing with a friend.\nRE6: I honestly like this game, its good but the replaybility is low than 4 and 5 (not to mention ITS GOOD).\nRE7: Never played the game but i've seen walk thoughts and thank god its back on track.\n\n\nFun Fact: all the RE series has infinite ammo if you beat it or another way, not lying it true.
did anyone else think there was a hidden message in the starring with the orange letters? ASSBIGGINEHDOMILANYDEGPESHITSASLO..... damn
maria roda
Do supernatural.
prakhar pant
Do evil within honest trailer please
rocky balboa
Please do Alien Isolation.....\nPlease!!! Please!!! Please!!!
Do Deadspace 2 trailer
saim amir
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the cosmic anvil
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