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After the compilation with the Fire types, here the one with the Electric types! However, it's the last of the series. But in November...Après la compilation avec les types Feu, voici celle avec les types Electrik ! C'est cependant la dernière de la série. Mais en Novembre...○━▽━○○━▽━○All rights for these songs go to the original artists/composers/owners of these tracks.

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201 Chuо
Nice touch with the particle effect. It's subtle, but it adds to the calming nature. Is this the first time you've used it?
Abysmally Blake
Amran Sandhu
the raichu though
Angelica Lopez
Hit the play button. Was instantly caught by the lake theme daaannngg
Assad Benchiker
L'illustration/ image de la vidéo est très belle.
Attorney Oppa
Based God Zyzz
I love this background you used, it fits so well with the song from 10:45, all the pokemon just toying around while Raichu is scared. Happy times!
Biggie Pizza Cheese
Wtf is with Raichu?
Chris M
Thanks for the videos. Can't wait for what's next
Christopher McCormack
Those pokemon don't look very calm or soothed. Raichu looks as though if it were to hear this music again, it would start having PTSD flashbacks of being stuck up a tall tree during a lighting storm.
Commander Corgi
Calm~ :)
Cyan Strike
Friend: Are you seriously pounding that stuff right now?Me: What? They're emotional songs! You tell me not drink like hell!I'm not going sober now!
Daijobu Beats
Hay ! Back in business \u003c3 thank you for your mixes it's always cool !
David Feng
the raichu is me in junior year tryna hang on for dear life... all too relatable
damn! the SM music was pretty goog, now I am frustrated that I sold my games xd
Drake Corbett
here 9 months later, playing a game about mining *finds this has it on loop* but legit thou this i could prob fall asleep listening to this
Elementaria Typia
En Novembre il va y avoir des nouveautés ? Que j'ai hâte d'y être ! En tout cas c'est toujours aussi bien, continuez comme ça, toi et tes compilations . 👍👏.
Thank you, you helped me to relax, and now, i only want to sleep! Hahahah
Félix Graman
Está genial para hacer tareas nwn
Glitchy Demon Fairy
Undella Town - You forgot it!
Goro Akechi
That Raichu is us from listening to the beautiful soundtracks
great mix but I don't like when older gens aren't thrown into the tracklist :/
Ok but why isn’t anyone talking about the raichu
Heather Chaundy
yessss another one!!! these are my fave :D
That riachu is scared of hights and it’s adorable. And thanks for the lake, real nostalgia.
Very good mix. I appreciate that you put a lot of tracks in that aren't in many other compilations.
Matthew Plants Vs Zombies
Micah Buzan
Pure stress relief.
Michail Katriliotis
Yolo Minum and Plusle lol!!!!!
Michelle D.
I love the music theme for Juniper's Pokémon Research Laboratory, it's so beautiful and soothing...
Omg i want this soundtrack i want to buy :O
Miro Heiskanen
So happy you started with the lake music! 😍
Nathan Poret
Wuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaa \u003c3
Raichu is afraid of heights?^^
Nayaru Engarde
*hears the lake theme and instantly hits like button* \u003c3
Noa Sundsfjord
i like your music
Norma Mohd Nor
Aww,poor Raichu looks scared...
Thanks for continuing to make these. \nI enjoy listening ^_^
PhilippineEevee - FoxesRule
What does the title says again
Remco F. Gerritsen
This list is pure perfection...SO much emotions!
Screaming Goats
Lake music will always be my favorite♡ or floroma town♡
SkepticSceptile Pokevids
I know someeeeee French so is it French because..\n\nCotCot Bonjour Comma Cava
The background isn’t soothing lol
Soaring Latias
im excited for pokemon fall music!
Want more? Old Gens version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbnF8M5ilxk\nActivez les sous-titres pour voir facilement le nom des musiques !\n\nTRACKLIST:\n\n00:00 - Lake ~ DPP\n02:35 - Pokémon Center ~ HGSS\n04:04 - Villa: Lilycove City Bossa Nova ~ DPP\n06:08 - Fallarbor Town ~ ORAS\n08:45 - Juniper's Pokémon Research Laboratory ~ BW\n10:40 - Hometown ~ SM\n13:44 - Ten Carat Hill ~ SM\n16:47 - Dive ~ ORAS\n20:05 - Jubilife City (Night) ~ DPP\n21:58 - Ferry Terminal ~ SM\n25:02 - Team Galactic Building ~ DPP\n26:37 - Aether House Music ~ SM\n28:58 - Oreburgh Mine ~ DPP\n32:22 - Nacrene City ~ BW\n36:11 - Salon Shop ~ SM\n37:40 - Sea Mauville ~ ORAS\n39:44 - Pokémon Center ~ XY\n41:22 - Poke Pelago Island (Night) ~ SM\n43:47 - Solaceon Town (Night) ~ DPP\n45:53 - Route 12 (Winter) ~ BW\n48:23 - Aether Paradise ~ SM\n50:46 - Pokémon Link ~ ORAS\n52:54 - Heahea City (Night) ~ SM\n54:58 - Wonder Trade ~ XY\n56:20 - Underground Ruins ~ BW2\n58:13 - Hotel Richissime ~ XY\n01:00:02 - Snowpoint City 「REMIX」 ~ DPP\n01:03:38 - Relic Castle ~ BW\n01:05:49 - Southern Island ~ ORAS\n01:08:08 - Paniola Ranch ~ SM\n01:10:36 - Mt. Coronet ~ DPP\n01:14:00 - Wi-Fi Communication ~ HGSS\n01:14:42 - Lacunosa Town 「REMIX」 ~ BW\n01:16:45 - Reversal Mountain (Black) ~ BW2\n01:20:15 - Encounter! Diver ~ ORAS\n01:21:40 - Marvelous Bridge ~ BW\n01:23:58 - Seafolk Village (Night) ~ SM\n01:26:41 - Hall of Fame ~ DPP\n01:29:20 - Ending ~ SM
That One Weeb
I feel sad when I hear the SM ending..\nMoon was my first Pokemon game...\nI lost it for three months...\nI found it again...\nBut I lost it again...\nAnd I'll never have back that Hydreigon I trained from a Deigo from Wondertrade...\nThe Axew I trained into a Haxorus...\nThe Bagon I trained into a Salamence...\nAnd most importantly...\nMy Litten.\nMy level 72 Litten I never evolved, because I loved it too much...\nThe Litten I beat a Pokemon game for the first time with...\n\n\n\nRest in -pasta- peace,\n Litten
TheBlueMeteor YT
AWWW I love that raichu
Great job! Now you just need to make a \
Thicc Boi
SM had great music but was too story focused, handholding, and streamlined for my tastes.
I don't think that Raichu is calm or soothed.
Tropical Yeti
why isn't there a Togedemaru or Dedenne in the background?
Vladimir Protasov
love it
old gen
Your Mum
hey Tenpers glad to see your back i love just listening to your compilations when i do work and what not im looking forward to your future compilations
Your Slowbro
Fantastic video! Really helps with my studying and I appreciate the timestamps.
Zachary Z
Raichu: I am neither calmed nor soothed! Get me down from this tree, right now! This is the WORST place to be during a thunderstorm!
i noticed you included songs only from the main game series line. just wanted to remind you that there are plenty of other mediums in the pokemon franchise which produce amazing music! such as the Secret Dungeon games, and even movies.
nathan gebrewold
Love the video, it helps for when I need to study
new covergirl wet slicks fruit spritzlers
this remix of snowpoint city goes AWFF
is that pokeremixstudio's remix of snowpoint city? and that being said, could you source the artists of the other remixes in the description?
יואב אנגלנדר
emolga is my favorite pokemon