Spider-Man Games | Evolution of Web Swinging in 18 Years (2000-2018) v2

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► Evolution of Web Swinging in Spider-Man GamesWelcome to my updated list of Web Swinging in Spider-Man Games! This list includes games which were not in the previous list, including Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro, Spider-Man 2 (PSP), Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Spider-Man Unlimited, and Spider-Man Unlimited. Enjoy!Thanks for watching, ynSection.

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ABS - Gaming
Web Of Shadows and Spiderman 3 are still my favourites.
Abhinav Sonai
Adam RJ
Web of shadows 😩😩😩
Agente LM
1.- Spider-Man 2\n2.- Spider-Man PS4\n3.- Spider-Man 3\n4.- Lego Spider-Man\n5.- Ultimate Spider-Man
Ali M 750
Spider man 2 and ultimate spiderman were revolutions in web swinging for spiderman games I believe
Andy Pacheco
5:55 when you don’t got a PS4
Angel gabriel Mendez chavez
8:21 the song is perfect.
the only part i like about web of shadows is that u can pick evil or good and no other spider man game can do that but i still love the new spiderman more than all the other
Apple Does Random Things
*Yes LEGO Marvel Superheroes had only the finest of web swinging* 👌\n\n\n\nEdit: How. The. Hell. Does. This. Have. Almost *120 likes?*\n\nEdit 2: 159 LIKES?!?! NANI!?!?!?!
Aryan Pandey
Marvel's spider man 2018 is my favourite one.
Atomic Nixon
I love how you put spectacular spider-man’s intro soundtrack into Marvel’s Spider-Man! It fits very well in my opinion.
Ayrton César da Silva Miranda
Top 3\n1°-Spider-Man Ps4\n2°-Spider-Man Web os Shadows\n3°- The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Ps4 best by far,then although Web of shadows had terrible story the Web swing was awsome !
Big Smoke
You showed us the worst swinging video you could possibly find for web of shadows
What about GameCube?
Cell Madruga
So PSP Spider-Man 2 is basically Spider-Man (2002) with some new features
Cherp uwu
0:06 song?
Christopher Nunn
It's hard to imagine now, but in a few years, the new Spider-Man game will look goofy compared to what comes after.
Coeur De Melon
The best is Web of Shadows \u003c3
DDD Uchiha
They need to remake ultimate Spider-Man or at least do a remaster
Like video
The amazing spider man in my opinion had the best
Da Guy
Before Spiderman PS4, I feel as if Ultimate Spiderman had the best web-swinging. Idk if its the art style or what, but hands down it had better web-swinging than Spiderman 2.
El Sicario Jit
Ultimate spider man mi infancy :\
Hasan Nasir
Dude what's that song that comes up with spiderman 2018
Hd Network
Tbh I think Spider-Man 3 has the best web swing
Mario sube el camino
Ian Clark
Bringing back memories with the games and spectacular Spider-Man theme song
Ibrahim Waheed
Whats the song at the end?
Iceytornado 776542
Did I hear the spectacular Spider-Man theme in the Spider-Man PS4 web slinging scene
Iifanitik FAN FOR LIFE
My favorite is spider man PS4 2018
Jermore Fortin
Anyone know the music he used for the last swinging clip the Spiderman ps4 one
Jimmy's Awesome Channel
I don't know why everyone thinks Spider-Man PS4 is the best web swinging. 5:55 is clearly the greatest
Jonathan Seegers
To it's credit: Spider-Man 3 (PS3/360) has some really cool acrobatic animations!
Killer 221
Marvels spider man ps4 has won everyone's heart including mine who is a good old spider fan I've played all the spider man games and the best Web swinging was in 2004 in spider man 2 playing on ps3 and then web of shadows but then this game the 2018 one has the best Web swinging you feel like spider man this game gives you freedom you do super jumps or stunts in air or free fall from empire states or chrysler building or just see the marvel universe easter eggs like sanctum sanctory or avengers tower or wakandan embassy or the symkaria embassy of silver sablinova it just never gets old you just keep swinging and gain speed and be faster and better
Kobe Bonhomme
_Spider-Man 2_ revolutionized the swinging with the most *realistic* swinging to this day.\n_Web of Shadows_ has the most insane swinging speed to date.\n_Marvel's Spider-Man_ is non-stop and as creative as it gets. The best way to traverse New York thus far.
3:Spider-Man 2 (PS2)\n2:Ultimate Spider-Man\n1:Spider-Man PS4
Kroko Unseen Forces
My ranking of Spiderman games:\n\n1.spiderman PS4\n2.spiderman shattered dim.\n3.ultimate Spiderman\n4.web of shadows\n5.spiderman 2\n6.spiderman edge of time\n7.spiderman 2000\n8. The amazing Spiderman \n9. Spiderman movie\n10. Spiderman 3\n11. Spiderman enter electro\n12.the amazing Spiderman 2\n\nI didn't count web swinging i ranked games in whole
First to see his old ass 2000 swinging
LegoCon McD
LOVE that Spectacular Spider-Man theme at the end
Logan bual volgs Arabic
Marquise Eason
I don’t even understand how tf shattered dimensions is on here and edge of time
Mateusz Szymański
Spider-Man 2 for PC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Michael John
When I played spider man (ps1) as a kid, i've always wondered where the webs were sticking.
Mokka Streams
Cmon guys \tstop arguing over which one has the best swinging i mean it will always be the latest one it aint an opinion its a fact since obviously they improve even tho some others were a good try
Where is the first amazing spider man mobile
Nalapad Haris
Your delusional if you say the web swinging in Spider-Man 2 is better than in Spider-Man Ps4
Nightwing cosplay
Ps4 spiderman and web of shadows web swinging feels the best
Spider-Man PS4 in my opinion has the best web swinging
3:42 PSP, not PS2, stop saying it's PS2
Nope Nope
Web swinging without webs attaching to buildings or proper momentum is not web swinging at all it’s just flying with web effects
Octavio Rugerio
Jajajaja me recordó al mapa de GTA IV 3:30 :v
PLJ Markusz
Where is the amazing spiderman 1 mobile? Part 2 is here. Where is first?
Patreek Sterfetish
Ultimate spiderman was one of the best spiderman games ever wtf
Web of shadows, spiderman 2 and ultimate spiderman were the best ones to he honest
Pentagon Gaming YT
Best is E3
The best web swinging in fact is spiderman 2,web of shadows,and marvel spiderman,who else agree? Oh and ultimate spiderman too
You should do evolution of web swinging in other Spider-Man as well. Such as maximum carnage. Spider-man gameboy games. MvC games. Even though those games aren't open world . It would be cool to look at how it evolved over the years
Ray Plays Games
Think the amazing spider-man 2's web-swinging was greatly underrated, there was a lot of control and being able to corner buildings like a boss and the fluidity of it all was great. Too bad the combat and story were shit. Thank you sony for forcing a ps4 exclusive :\
Richard O' Leary
Ultimate, web of Shadows and spider man PS4 best in my opinion
Rusty 123454321
Woah woah woah how were u moving like that in WoS?
Man that spectacular spiderman theme at the end put me in tears i remember watching the cartoon as a kid
Sauci Cam
I think Spider-Man 2 still has the best web swinging.
SenKai935 DBZ
Dude........Spectacular Spider-man intro song with perfect marvels Spider-man swinging?You just made my day
Shack Attack
LMSH isn't a spiderman game & neither is LMSH2
Spider-Man Web of Shadows and Spider-Man PS4 has the best web swinging in my opinion but his web should been black when he use the Black Suit to swinging in Web of Shadows
Sheeju P A
I love the fact that the video is exactly 9:11 mins long
Souhail TV channel
I like TASM TASM2 Web of shadows PS4 And 3
PS4 Spider-Man swinging is definitely the smoothest & best looking. But the funnest and most satisfying web swinging is a tie in between Ultimate & Spider-Man 2. \n\nThe physics engine for those games was just over the top and made it so much fun. The physics engine for PS4 is much more realistic.
Swigith Swagith
Spectacular Spider-Man theme at Spider-Man ps4
The Emerald Warriors
Amazing spider man 2 was underrated
The Real Super Sam
Surprised that Web Of Shadows webbing actually doesn't stick to buildings. Spider-Man PS4 is the best. But I prefer Spider-Man 2 PS2. Too bad that is copyrighted web swinging though.
Tim Xman
In my Personal opinion, (out of all the Old games atleast) *Ultimate Spider-Man* had the best web swinging.\n\nIt by far felt the most Smooth, Fluent, Swift, Controlled, Fast Paced & Fun. Spidey naturally does dozens of cool tricks and flips while in the air. And if you did the races with Johnny Storm you can increase your swing speed...and it’s amazing how fast Spidey can actually move through the city \nIf I remember the controls correctly if you press triangle you can crawl up your own web to boost yourself higher and gain momentum. Press square to gain a swift boost in speed. And the sound effects for the webs honestly sound pretty good 😂 also the webs actually stick to buildings unlike most games lol \n\nBut my vote 🗳 for top web swings are \nMarvel Spider-Man PS4 \nUltimate Spider-Man \nWeb of Shadows\nSpider-Man 2
Tom Flurry
i almost teared up at the end
Tom Holloway
It's crazy to me that not only has it taken 14 years for a developer to finally make web swinging better than Spider-Man 2 but they went all the way back to PS1 era web swinging with The Amazing Spider-Man 8 years after Spider-Man 2 on the PS2!!!!
Tom Panôl
Why you don't talk about spider-man 2 on Nitendo 3DS?It is on the family to,even if is a cheat!
True Gaming
This vídeo ends on 9:11......* x files ear rape theme song intensifies * * shows footage Of plane crashing into building*
Verisitate veris
Obviously Spiderman ps4 has the best web swinging but aside from that one it would be web of shadows and Spiderman 2
Virtual Sea
Look at the total time of the video lol\n\nEdit 1: Marvel Spider-Man PS4 is the best in my opinion
William Villasenor
What is Spider-Man swinging on at 0:53 ?
XLimit 230
I can‘t wait for Spider-Man PS4 New Game + So ready for it.
8:35 whoever is playing that is a freaken beast at it
Zuper Zucc
Yo they deadass had the spectacular Spider-Man theme song
acrazee family
You forgot lego marvel avengers.
the people who say spiderman 2 has best web swinging than spiderman ps4 are clearly blind in nostalgia xD
Ultimate Spider-Man had such good mechanics
2:57 Roblox oof
chamil hemmunt
spiderman web of shadow is best fighting
dhruv pathak
That triumphant music in the end tho, as if we’ve been waiting since Spider-Man 2 lmao. Other games such as Spider-Man 3 and Ultimate Spidey had good web swings tho
e iTsAfReErEaLeSTaT
I'm still want to say....\nSpider Man 3(PS3)\nJust like\nSpider man FanMade in Demo Ver.
izzy B
I guess I'm the only one who likes the way the amazing Spiderman looks :/ I really liked the camerawork on it. It was like watching an intense action movie scene!
krech mt
Ultimate spider man was the best and had the best web slings imo
light sprite
I love spider Man like if you agree
nizzo gamer
Music in the intro??
no hawk
its slinging not swinging but Its okay that you've been saying it wrong for 18 years
Spider man web of shadows,Spider man 2 (PS2),and Spider man 3 (PS3)
ran oram
As bad as the amazing spider-man 2 is, the web swinging is quite fun
relolomen 1
8:22 Se nota que se inspiraron en el soundtrack de Danny Elfman que por cierto es de los mejores soudtracks que he oído jamás
• Music by Connor Hickling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCmglXbgmcI\n\n0:11 Spider-Man (2000)\n0:26 Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro\n0:40 Spider-Man: The Movie Game\n1:14 Spider-Man 2 (PS2)\n1:56 Spider-Man 2 (PSP)\n2:18 Ultimate Spider-Man\n2:59 Spider-Man 3 (PS3)\n3:40 Spider-Man 3 (PS2)\n4:09 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows\n4:42 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions\n4:55 Spider-Man: Edge of Time\n5:20 The Amazing Spider-Man \n5:54 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes\n6:10 Spider-Man Unlimited\n6:44 The Amazing Spider-Man 2\n7:12 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Mobile)\n8:03 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2\n8:21 Spider-Man PS4