The Deniz Roman Story pt. 7

Part 7 of a visual overview of the Deniz & Roman story from the German soap, Alles was zählt. I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.Part 1 :

DeRo Deniz & Roman Gay couples Gay love

i loved the chemistry that igor and denis had - it was sizzling!!!!!!!!!!
Antonio Sanchez
que pena que no este esta historia en español. yo solo la he visto con sub en ingles. una pena
Why did he just use him to make jealous someone else ....!!! 😭😭😭
BriJus KiTa
Why they are broke up again??? Is Deniz's fault, right???
Edward Jefferson
I cant wait for my videos of roman and deniz
Hijeme Jr
Where the rest of the videos ,?
Jake R
Honestly I feel sorry for deniz to love someone that using him to make someone else jealous
Kathy G
There are nine altogether; click on the above links. It brought up nine, too. They did break up, but--bring a box of tissues when you watch eight and nine, I'm warning you.
Monica Garrido
como se llama plis
Ricky Guillory
what was the song
Riza Castillote
where's part6??!!!
SongFei Tan
這鬼打牆的情節!!!Grrrr...\n連摔照片的橋段都一樣\n算了,只要Dennis Grabosch戲外幸福我就忍了
Theophilus Silas
please how can i watch their full videos ( with english sub)
aby lev
what happened here?why does it seem like they broke up?i never got to watch all the show and it kills me that i never found out what happens at the end. anywhere i can watch it with english subtitles?
miriam ortega
but why broken uo if in the part 6 are so good??
They were my favorite couple from al the Europeans soaps. Deniz and Roman acting and chemistry was simply intense and real. Got to love the writers and the actors.
Perhaps the greatest negative is that since Roman departed the series, Deniz \
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