1-Day in ANIMAL CROSSING ☀️ Relaxing Music Compilation

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A very peaceful compilation, ideal for working and studying ;)Une compilation toute paisible et toute mignonne, idéale pour travailler.○━▽━○○━▽━○All rights for these songs go to the original artists/composers/owners of these tracks.

music song compilation relaxing soothing calming Animal crossing

Ah, Animal Crossing music. So nice and relaxing. Can't wait for the new Pokemon compilation.
The New leaf is one of the old backround musics of RHS
Blueberry Productions
4pm yassss
Callum Jones
1:37 \n\nGracie: You wish to buy this umbrella? Oh it would suit you perfectly, darling!\n\nGracie: Lets see... yes... yes, this would be 150,000!\n\n\n\nMe: *Wishes to show the shock emotion but hasn't unlocked it from club LOL yet*
Catcakes Drawing
aww remmeber playing this, sadly y nintendo broke so there fixing it , its been years thaank you tenpers
Chris M
Thank you
Christian Ester
I’m sorry, but 7 PM has to be New Leaf. You monster
Combo Cat
This music is awesome just like ac
Ouch! You hurt my *ChIlDHooD!!*
Doodle Dreams
Nintendo is Literally murdering me by not putting out a new Animal Crossing. after 5 years my heart is about to stop.
Ele Phant
KK Bossa got me good😭
3:00 nostalgia \u003c3
Florian Lalande
Tenpers \u003c3\nMerci :)
Friendly Neighborhood Nerd
Mr.Rosetti looks so angry- Probably from how many people leave without saving. 😬
Gabriel Frommelt
Ooooh... How i hated this Mole!
Aw, this is so nostalgic! I gotta play that game again, it´s been like forever!\n\n*Realisation*\n\nIT´S BEEN LIKE FOREVER I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF MY TOWN!!!
I'll use my trusty frying pan as a drying pan
I just can't unsee Tom Nooks Nose being a moustache xD
this song resembles けものフレンズ at 22:28
Lethan Drimes
why the french translation of the description doesn't wink
why does the first tune of this song sound identical to havana by camila cabello X'DD
Mollie Quiton
Okay....... We have a problem.\nWho disliked this??????!!!!!!!!!\n(Tenpers, thanks for making this)
Mr. Mudkip
Narrae Allen
why does the cat look demonic
Natasha Friedmann
It'd be cool if the background changed to match the time of day the music is playing.
Oisín McHugh
Amazing . Thanks 👍🏻☺️
Otaku Burrito Chan
k.k. looks stoned
PuffleFuzz Plays
resetti has legs? KK has no reproductive organs?
oh no my poor villagers
Reed Laughlin
I always forget how much I love Animal Crossing music. Hype for the switch game
03:02 childhood ♡
Sara y Little
This song it’s sow good for do homework and draw
Scratchy Harris
Great music to full asleep to
Awh! I love these songs so much! They’re so nice and relaxing to listen to :D all songs in animal crossing give people different feelings and points of views. If animal crossings OSTs don’t touch your heart I don’t know what does
Snowpaw 7396
Can’t unsee:\nK.K. Slider is naked\nSo is Blathers ^\nTom Nook has a mustache\n😂
Solène Martin
Merci pour ce moment de détente et de sérénité, très agréable ! Je mets tous les jours cette playlist chez moi en fond :)
That cat looks terrifying..
i love all of u
Want more? Snowy version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbAAEeSM5W\nUne nouvelle compilation tous les vendredi ! A la semaine prochaine.\n\nTRACKLIST:\n\n00:00 - 1 PM ~ New Leaf\n01:37 - GracieGrace ~ New Leaf\n03:02 - 2 PM ~ City Folk\n05:15 - 3 PM ~ Wild World\n06:50 - 4 PM ~ New Leaf\n08:36 - 5 PM ~ City Folk\n10:10 - New Year's Day ~ New Leaf\n12:45 - 6 PM ~ Wild World\n14:56 - 7 PM ~ City Folk\n16:57 - 8 PM ~ Wild World\n19:42 - K.K. Bossa (Orchestra) ~ Movie\n21:59 - 9 PM ~ New Leaf\n23:49 - A Lonely Night ~ Movie\n25:10 - 10 PM ~ New Leaf\n26:37 - 11 PM ~ Wild World\n29:28 - Midnight ~ City Folk\n31:30 - 1 AM ~ New Leaf\n33:39 - 2 AM ~ City Folk\n36:13 - 3 AM ~ Wild World\n37:48 - Tortimer Island: Lobby (Night) ~ New Leaf\n41:35 - 4 AM ~ City Folk\n42:39 - Igloo ~ New Leaf\n43:52 - 5 AM ~ New Leaf\n45:54 - 6 AM ~ New Leaf\n47:25 - 7 AM ~ Wild World\n49:02 - 8 AM ~ City Folk\n50:08 - 9 AM ~ New Leaf\n51:19 - 10 AM ~ Wild World\n52:53 - 11 AM ~ City Folk\n54:59 - Noon ~ City Folk\n58:18 - Town Tree ~ New Leaf
This is just what I needed today. Thank you.
Winston Dias
Wait isn’t the wild world and the city folk music the same
Yamil J.R
Would be awesome other games music compilations since almost every relaxing music from pokémon is already compilated, awesome work btw!
Yuki Nekomimi
Super! Tellement agréable pour travailler avec, merci beaucoup \u003c3\n+1 abonnée, j'adore les compil Nintendo (surtout Pokémon et Animal Crossing \u003c3 ), c'est super, merci beaucoup :3 \u003c3
Waiting for another compilation like this!
[Aqua! :3]
Tom Nook looks like he has a mustache.
charlotte i guess
this is such a wholesome idea thank you
clap that hoe
I'm crying this is great I'm literally falling asleep listening to this... so many memories
this photo made me realize kk slider is naked..
hunter girl
yep we can't forget about kk bossa in a great video
la guapa
Isn’t all animal crossing music relaxing though?
louise white
Listening to 7PM: \
olivia grace
I love studying/doing homework to this music. It always helps me focus! :)
papa elf
I have all the Animal Crossing games, and I still cried because of nostalgia.
1AM New Leaf is the best 😊
I remember getting this game for Christmas, it was the year it came out. I was so happy and excited! I was in love the moment I started playing. I loved how it looked. I remember my first town, it was nice and fairly cozy.
추억이다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
동물의 숲 맨날 저장 안하고 끄면 저 맨왼쪽에 너구리가 화냄
I like the GracieGrace song ♡