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I would steal the UFO and sell it for 100.100$ $_$
100 subscriber challenge with some Videos
If I saw a ufo I will snap a photo and run like flash.
123marco Polo
Me and my friends what have ran as fast as we could
21_Tay_savage_for_life 21
i wold get the hell out of there
Alice Green
I would run
Annette Tyacke
I'll be it up
Aubrey Woodward
Jennifer and alien alien friend
Brayden Bro
Caleb Jones
Carol Amaro
Destroy him
Christian King
If I was walking on a trail I would go in the UFO and search inside
Coletta Lanier
get. Symptoms
Cordell Steward
Craig Jasper
Get out of thir
Cuauhtemoc Ramos
Take it duh 😫
Dartanion Wynter
I don't mess around with things like that so I'm going
Dawson Livingston
get in
DeMarcus Harmon
My friend
DeeTheKidd _
you play watch dogs 2 yet?
Demetri Jimenez
Sell it for a billion dollars
What I would do I would call police and never come back
Dorian Kilpatrick
I will run
if a saw a UFO i will poop
Ebrima Kanteh
Oh hell no those flip flop are stink as hell
Gaming with Monty
I will search for an Alien Friend
Gamingwith Jay
I would search it
Gavin Wilridge
Gwyn Tingey
i would get a rpg and destroy it
Heidi Penate
I well run
Isene Dort
i will take off i don't want to dye
Iymoni Lewis
I love you Kevin
Jack Woolston
And you are still my best sup and like yay
Jaden Anthony
Hey Kev what you doing playing Roblox can you play one of those Superman versus Batman versus Grand Theft Auto
Jadone Theus
I will say wtf then run
Jamall Osuman
Is in the video that alien and Hulk are you kidding me the video its crazy !
Janine Chmielewski
Jayden's Key
Trevor and franklin but nnnnnnnnnnooooooot micheal
Joe Bry Gonzales
I would run
Katrina Malbrough
I seen on
Kayla Nara
I would freak out
Keisha Hines
All hell naaaa
Kinnesha Simmons
That sum sh ain’t it
Kishaya Frazier
I would be like hell nawww I'm out
Kyle LeBlanc
ill text my boy stephen curry and teel him to meet me
LUL Clips
I thought this guy was family friendly XD
Lisa Moore
Run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the gingiyor bread man
London Wade
Oh hell yeah
Lorena Roman
I will search
M Williams
really dude you crazy i got a clock on the wall
Marianne Kent
Good room
Matthew Distin
Meshach Conley
I will run for my life
Mohamed Adan
hell no I will run for my life
Moises Espejo-Callahan
87 inches long distance
Naiga Mukasa
Ti. Me,
NatsuDrax 16
Nechelle Carter
check it
Nicole Hollinsworth
I will try to get my friend
Obie Hill
I will run 😎😎😎🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😁😀
Phoenix Phoenix
I will run
Quincey Adams
Kevin you stop playing roblox I had like when you played roblox
Ronte Mckoy
Be sad
Salmanianlegendnd101 The Salmia legend
My brother is one of the sideman and he showed me his Lamborghini
Seirra Clark
I'll steal it
Shaelen Thomas
Shanna Moore
so cool
Shannan Young
My life
Shardyna Thomas
Hey Kev can I come to your house
Shay Winston
keV i would proof my self that they exist
Stacy Carmichael
ill kill the alien and sell the ship
Statton Pacheco
Get out
Stephen Curry
I will get hell out there
Tamanna Zenifar Moon
Tay tay Mcglaston
Wow funny four so cute what do you think you're going to do for your next video try doing some video games on Roblox new pizza restaurant is so cool and check out young guy game get me the cow
Temari Robinson
I would go in it and take it to the supermarket and take my friends and be like give me all yo chicken wings.😎
Teresa Stowe
This is me. That's it.
My brother is 4 and he literally said Kevin is the best YouTuber he always makes awesome videos he's really cool isn't he so cute 😍😍😍 \nIn my opinion Kevin your brilliant and keep up the good work
TreShaune Neal
My dad
Tymir ashley
o heel yeah
Victor Darden
The aliens creeped me out.
Wendjy M
Where do you live real life can you tell me your phone number tell everybody your phone number
William Wade
i Will kill
XxHazel OceanxX
Decently I would be like hell no I'm out peace
i wold steal it and ride it
Yolanda Vasquez
I'll take it
Zaheim Stokes
alante presley
I mean sad
christina fields
I love your miss 😎
gaming with richboy
oh hell nol
hero brine
i will become a alien
humayon rehman
just me
I'll get out of there
lor squitterq
Take it duh
oofter 3000
hell no i will get out
savage boy 2.0
and I will pee in my pants
victoria dejesus
i would tell the news
yousef Danial
i explore its and tell it ervebodeo