The Ghosts and Demons Of Bobby Mackey’s

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Is this haunted bar a gateway to the underworld?Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue!+Michael Fox+Hector Felix

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Abby Bird
Ady Marie
I want a shane dawson and ryland x shane and ryan collab hahaha on horror stuff
Alex Seger
So I recently started watching a podcast called \
Aoife Keating
Shane * gets slammed into the ceiling in the basement*\nShane \
Architectural Works
if u google earth the location of the wonder its creepy...located by a lonely highway...beside a river stream and an old railway its dark at night...its not always with all the murders....surely a hub for ghost.
Ashley Smith
Ashlyn Holly
Everyone talks about Shane's iconic line that made him into a meme but no one acknowledges how he screamed at the demons to turn off the light and called them cowards for 30 seconds straight.
Ayra Sibyl
The difference in their expressions at 2:24 HAHAHAHA
BoneJacked Fox
Captain Deadpool
My love for Shane and Ryan exceeds my hate for BuzzFeed
Cara Grace •
ryan *gets grabbed and scratched, dragged agaisnt the walls, smacked and slammed against the celing*\nshane : thats some strong wind right there
Carolina !!!
“Hey’s me..your boy”😂😭💀
Cassady Brockman
I hate demons and I do one per season\n\n\nSame
Cat xo
the infamous gif and meme lol i knew i liked shane for a reason .
Holy sh- I was watching the video and I suddenly found it really hard to breath and now my ribs really hurt. I need Jesus
Cerr Gaming
I love how Shane is always like I’m not scared and Ryan is the opposite and is always scared and paranoid.
Conan Ramos
I cant wait to see these guys mock Annabelle the doll
Courtney Holder
Am i the only one that notices every time someone is trying to explain themselves Shane smiles? Lmao
Dan Jackson
the cameraman is truly brave
Do you ever sit down and think that perhaps there are videos that are not aired because they turn out to be solved?
E r i k a
“Hey there’s me YA boi” omg Shane has me wheezing 💀 I feel like since Shane is not scared the ghosts fear him but with Ryan on the other hand...the ghosts like to mess with him more
Elizabeth. Garza
Shane is so funny😂🤦🏻\u200d♀️OMG.
Ella Neu
A meme was born at 17:18
Emily Franklin
hey there demons it’s me..\n\n\n\n\nyA bOi
You’ve heard of panic! At the disco, now get ready for:\n\n\n\n\n\n\nStartled by a disco ball\n\n4:42
Equine Cousins
Eve On Piano
*both watching at a ghost hole*\nshane: springsteen!\n*shane jumps into ghost hole*
Flame of Prometheus
You can actually watch a video of Carl's exorcism. It was shown on Ghost Adventures. Sadly Carl passed away a couple years ago...
Grace Ellen
Shane is yeeting himself to the demons
I'm here for the uwus
17:17 yes.
Im_better_you_ could_never
If Shane was not here I could not watch these videos at all just having someone making jokes helps so much omg
James Rivera
Shane can be in hell and he would still say, \
Janna Abdelsalam
without shane my anxiety would get the god damn best of me watching these videos
Jessie o
4:44\nRyan had a...... panic at the disco.......
Judy Sung
Who came here after the season 1 marathon?? 🙋🏻\u200d♀️
Karin Allen
4:42 \
Katelynn Allen
*reads title*\nI didn't know my school was featured in a Buzzfeed video
Lava Dad
I honestly think Shane's chaotic neutral energy and unabashed sarcastically rude attitude towards the demons really throws them for a loop. And that when ever he crosses the threshold of a haunted building he actually clears the place unintentionally. Maybe after he leaves, the place isn't even haunted anymore. Just a thought...
Shane just doesn't give a damn.
Lex Munn
1:06 \
Lexii Lopez
H3y th3r3 d3MoNs, iTs m3, yA bOi !
Lil Pingu
I'm standing near your hole and it's very dark.\n\n- Shane 2017
Lilyth Joy
I swear to god if I get one more \
Linda Fabiola
PlUngE US inTO dARkNESs DemOns
Lucy LaVigne
What's if Ryan's just scaring the ghosts away by saying Jesus Christ every five minutes
Mafalda Garcia
I love whenever Ryan is getting specially weirded out Shane starts mocking out the demons and they both end up laughing
MysticTube H2O
“Demons ! , Turn the light off!!, Demons! Your not trying hard enough “😂😂😂
Oliver Feeney
“You gotta kill em” \n\nShane talking to Ryan about the other Ryan
Police 159
Ryan’s face when the Church was locked!🤣\n19:46 “No Where”.
Rayne of Pain
I think we can all agree that \
panic! from a disco ball
Rosalind Kidwell
Ryan: I'm a little freaked out now.\n\n\nShane: very poor cable management 😂
Rose Petals
*DEMONSSSS* \n*DEMONS YOU COWARDS*\nThat had me dead 😂😂
Sam B.
2:23 The two only acceptable reactions to hearing someone's story of the supernatural.
Samantha Loves
Sandy Torres
Shane is never scare toss Ryan under the bus a demon bus.
Savana ?
Ryan: Flung around the room, strangled, hung \nShane: Buddy that one mad boi \nRyan: He. L. P\nShane: did you hear that wind\nRyan: Dies\nShane: Jesus Christ what happened\nRyan: Haunts him\nShane: Jeez that winds strong must be a tornado
Shenanigans sandwich
Ryan: *literally possessed* \nShane: *passes him snickers* \
Shorouq Ideis
Shane yelling \
Silent Tris
When he yelled, *\
Sinead Perkins
this series is like a drug, it's absolutely killing my sleep but it's so addicting
Soul Brick
I read the title as *demons* *of* *side* *boob*
Special Soul Spectre
Their actions are disrespectful to the souls
T0ki T0ki
The scariest thing about when they go in the dark is that I can see my reflection in my phone
Trevor Vatten
4:42 Panic! At The Disco
Truly Potter
*satan himself appears in front of Shane*\nShane: Those are some pretty weird looking shadows\n*Satan possesses Shane*\nShane: WhOs PuTtInG dRuGs In My FoOdS
Imagine being trapped in a country music bar for eternity. Cruel and unusual punishment.
Victoria Freeman-Shepherd
panic! the disco....
Why the F*ck pinetree
“DEMONS! YOU COWARDS!”\n*Ryan starts to panic*“this is a *wheezes* death wish!”
You Tube
I watch this rather than ghost hunters
Yuri Seo
Ryan, Shane, you should try researching about one of the haunted forests in Japan or haunted tunnels in Korea.
Heyyyy its Ya uhmmm..... skinny penis
ZackTGM // The Gaming Master
Death: Your time has come..\nMe: *goes away to another world*\nMe: ohhh I’m at heaven.\n\n\n\n\n\nGod: Welcome\n\nMe: *ITZ YO BOI*
Zaina Bsiso
*Ryan reads the warning about the place being hunted* \nShane:OH LOOK HOW COOL THOSE NEWSPAPER CLIPS ARE
all i could think about was how Zak Bagans got scratched to hell here.
Shane dies and becomes a ghost \
*starts video*\nme: I hope they brought salt...
it was the summer of 2001
Ryan: I just got startled by a Disco ball\n\nI guess you could say you PAnNiCkEd aT THe DIsCo\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI'm so sorry
jacob petrik
At 15:32 there is eyes in the corner
kim yugyeom
17:17 me greeting depression and anxiety
kuro neko
The demons be like: \nWTF is wrong with you
luminescence hearts
*What the hell? These guys are doing really dangerous stuffs. I hope they stay safe.*
16:10 LOL that is SO Blair Witch Project! 😂😂😂
murphy pendelton
omg sksksksksk
What if Shane actually has experienced paranormal things, he just doesn't wanna admit to it???
Do correct me if I'm wrong but I can't just help but to say that I think Ryan and Shane misinterpreted at 10:00 where it says that the lady was decapitated INTENTIONALLY to conceal the body's identity AFTER her accidental death caused by the 2 men; not accidentally cutting off her head while they were trying to perform an abortion. Could someone clarify this for me? Idk why but this is bugging me.
peppergurl boop
And a meme was born.
rebex estes
I like seeing skeptics doing these investigations.. just seems more legit than watching the ghost hunting shows where they want to find something and kinda force everything to be paranormal
salvador de leon
“The got peter frankton tapes in here, AND SPRINGSTEEN ohh”
skyby paints
I say Shane is a demon, and is just having fun, reason why nothing messes with him
Am I the only one who's genuinely concern for shane because he keeps on startling entities? :---)