Sleepy Video Game Music for 2 Hours (Vol. 2)

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Mellow & Relaxing; 2 more hours of sleepy VGM goodness.----------Playlist:

dearly beloved dust to dust final fantasy kingdom hearts ma... main theme pokemon sleepy video game ost twilight princess undella town wandering flame

A Bit Of Piano
I was starting to feel relaxed, but then Epitath from FF6 came. I almost cried, that's one of the saddest songs ever :(
Really nice mix, makes me so nostalgic...
AJ casey84254
21:28 it is probably my favourite
Americk Seow
Anakin Skywalker
43:12 makes me more sad than sleepy :(
Anime Kitty
I really like how Fruddle added not only new beautiful music, but older pieces as well. My personal favorite section is from where the Super Mario Sunshine music starts (50:47), to when the Animal Crossing: Wild World music ends (57:42). These are awesome, and hopefully you had fun making these, Fruddle.
Augustine Sycamore
\u003c3 Illusion of Gaia. So rare to find others who have played it. *thumb up*
Bazel Sprout
Lol I played this music for my friend at 3:15 am and she fell asleep straight away XD
Bernadette Sprague
I just wanted to thank you for helping me find the right music for getting my newborn down to sleep at night! ❤️❤️
Despite this particular song being so relaxing. This level caused me many screams as a kid. Damn tooth monster.
Black Lotus
Listening to this as I play Civ 4 is one of the most calming things. Thank you for putting this together!
Bruno Dantas
Man please don't stop this beautiful work you are doing so far :)
Bubble Blast
I love fantasy life! Great compilation by the way!
I was really caught off guard when Truth and Dreams played second.\nI use that music as my ring tone.
Cloud Shadow
I one fall asleep on a game ones but I don't remember what game it was I think it was Zelda ocrena of time N64
first song is fantasy life? oh boy I found one of my new favorite sleep videos.
Daniel Hartwick
had to like purely because of the skip function :P
Daniel Valdivia
i love to wake up and listen this songs its make me happier
David Harris
Ahh we meet again. Sweet dreams everyone!
David Kurot
This is exaclty what I was looking for, thank you kindly!
DING DING DING DING DING. Fell right asleep by 0:02
Well done for the RE one, but where the hell is Skyrim?.
Dystopian Ted
The first song reminds me of those nights I spent roaming towns and getting from mission to mission in the game... I love Fantasy Life's soundtrack.
EFnine Man
22:22 what song is this from?
Edgar Espinal
How ironic. I actually listen to Wandering Flame (35:54) as an alarm to wake up. It's one of my favourite FFX songs. It's so soothing and relaxing to wake up with this.
Ezekiel Ford
Illusion of Gaia has epic music, but it is the hardest rpg I've ever played! Couldn't beat the first boss -_-
Frederick Lonanda
I learn for my exam now but this song makes me want to play RPG game....but the songs are good
Gaming Gameplay
i was already sleeping by listening to this music but woke up had a bad dream when 1:43:08 played 0_o
Guilherme da Silva Ⓥ
PURE BLISS at 35:54
Holly Ciampa
Dude, I love Fantasy Life. So glad it's not just me who loved this game. It's so underrated.
Diamond and Pearl Pokemon League (Night) was a hit in the feels that I was not ready for at all
Igor Kolosha
This brings a tear to my eye. )';
Isaac Badía
10:46 nice...
Pokemon music just gives me the feels and and makes me think back when I was a child, just carefree and oblivious to harsh world that will soon fall upon me.
Jason Brown
Final Fantasy X has such awesome much.  Wandering Flame is great, and I always liked the music on Besaid island.
John D
@24:50 yes!
Joseph Moore
Nier has such beautiful music. Shame i missed out on that game.
Josh Davidson
Listening to these video game music compilations just allows me to escape reality and forget about all my worries. That's one of the reasons why I love video games so much. There's times when I wish I was actually living in the video game world that I am playing so I can be free from all the hate and negativity of the physical world.
Julio :3
Eu escuto essas musicas dessevideo pra dormir kkkk, relaxa a alma u.u
Kaonashi/no face
I used to listen to this when I was having really really bad anxiety, and it would always put me to sleep. I listened to it every single night as long as I can remember, until I knew every single song on the mix and got tired of it from listening to it too much. The mix is just, heaven, but hell too XD . When I listen to this mix now, it makes me cry, but it also stresses me out and makes me nauseous..
Katie C
I'm so glad Illusion of Gaia made it on this list!!
Couldn't sleep so I listen to this woke up hours later wrapped around my headphones
Kuhntee Nyctiproc
This has helped get my baby brothers to sleep. record time, every night.~
Legalus Nozef
magically ^3
I hate how nobody's mentioning viva piñata at 28:18 :(
Sleepy music is right, I put this stuff on as backround noise while I did my school work and woke up almost 2 hours later will a very stiff neck and no work done.
Mark Roche
I love game soundtracks total escapism😬and gaming👍
Melissa TheLonelyEvaPilot00
Loving your playlists keep em up friend. Some are pretty nostalgic.
It's music like this that has me appreciate life.
Messiah of Depression
u deserve more subs
Micah Buzan
This soundtrack offers instant stress relief.
Mike L
Nice. One of the better collections out there.
Minh Nguyen
each song takes you to a new beautiful world...
Orcacat Zoey
Fantasy life? I LOVE that game ! I still play even tho I competed it and the DLC I still love the game!
Outfield MC
This music makes me want to stop growing up.
minecraft must be in it has most sleepy music ever
Phi Klim
This is great, thank you !
Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts! :D
Rafa .Carvallo
Oh my god...'The boundless ocean' takes me to another place...
Raptor X
This is really great mix for relaxing/sleeping :))
I love this world
Rodrigo Silva
Beautiful setlist. I'm grateful for your effort. I'm using this soundtrack for reading, painting miniatures and for relaxing after a hard day of work. Thank you!
Rose Blossom
Yeeessssss start that soundtrack and have the picture be Fantasy Life!!
Ru .C
Thanks for Uploading. Great playlist. The Wandering Flame from FFX...........................
Rym Casabranca
Rémy Miller
top kek
Saturated Neō Wax
is the first picture from anything
Skretin Man
Okamis track❤️
StevieSpready StevieReady
Love it! Your playlists make studying so much more relaxing and easier!
Sébastien gzn
Wandering flames is so charged with emotion. The aftermath of sin's attack on the beach of mi'hien, and when Jecht tells Tidus \
Thanks man (or girl) for those compilations, really helping me for my work.
The Pixel Kingdom
Thanks so much! I love your playlists!
The Red Guy
I mix this with rain sound effects and what a treat it is ~_~
I think that this is one of the best playlists that you've compiled yet.
Thiago Marcondes
Its make my son sleep... he calm down when he are nervous for something... thank you about these musics. please keep up working and uploading on your musics videos
Thisname Isnotfake
you are a legend
Tomás Alvarez
There's a mistake, 32:00 it is Song of Healing, not Clock Tower
TotallySeriousGamer - YT
Fantasy Life! LoZ! Kingdom hearts! all these good games!! :D
Tsuki Paws
Immediately hears fantasy life music and thinks of hundreds of hours clocked on my 3ds trying to get past master level in my life as a hunter.... played this only several years ago. Why am I already feeling nostalgic?
Twitching Sole4
Fantasy life ❤
Victor Nivia
Okami \u003c3
Seeing Yume Nikki on here was quite a pleasant surprise!!
Illusion of Gaia just gets to me
how kind of you to put skip buttons thanks for this :)
I love these type of vids. Saves me playlist making time. I'm shocked Fantasy Life isn't on these things more.
XoXo Zo
I love fantasy life :)
Very great! Thanks so much for the calming music
Ah yes, hello fellow sad teenagers.
I'm chilling in a rocker with my 3 month old getting lost in this beautiful music
levi southern
did you have some videos deleted? there are a few certain videos im trying to find that im having absolutely no luck finding. i know of at least one song in one of the videos and im almost certain it was one of yours. i just cant find it lol
After listening to like hundreds of mixes of this kind I came to ask myself: Does Nobuo Uematsu eat or sleep?? Or is it just composing everyday what keeps him alive? :D I mean come on! Like every fourth compositon was made by him?? :D
It's a great list which has helped me go to sleep, but I just wanted to point out that the LoZ:MM song isn't the Clock Tower theme song, it's the Song of Healing.
the undella town theme got me right in the feels
try force link
Thank you
Баки Кун
Fruddle, thank you. It is really worthy work of yours to find, combine, style and thoroughly organize all these great songs!
It just makes you want to drift off and let your worries go