Darkwing Duck - Turbografx 16 - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 135

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The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Darkwing Duck for the Turbografx 16. This is the first time the Nerd has done an ENTIRE EPISODE dedicated to a game for the TG16 (the original card-based console). However, he has briefly talked about the Turbo Grafx 16 CD game Fighting Street for the CD-based console, as part of the Street Fighter 2010 review. NEWS: The AVGN Movie is now available on DVD. Get it here.

Capcom (Video Game Developer) Darkwing Duck Gameplay Mega Man Series (Video ... Nintendo (Video Game Developer) Review TurboGrafx-16 (Video Game Platform)

Let's get the cast of Darkwing Duck to play this 16-bit compost heap. :)
Apex GT4
It’s not like I have to get the D
Apple Jar
Lol you summed up the new mad\nMax with the old \n... Drive, shoot, drive, shoot ect ....most repetitive shit I've played .. Shame though had a lot of good aspects
Blaze And X Animations
10:45 Me When My Mom Says: Times Up on the computer!
Captain Comics
Actually, Nerd, you have (kinda) reviewed a game on the Turbografx-16. Remember the Street Fighter 2010-video? You talked about Street Fighter 1 on Turbografx there.
Carlos Pacheco
Chris Westergaard
I'm watching this instead of the election results.
Cody Smith
I think it's time that James went more modern.....\n\nPlaystation, N64 & Saturn games!
Csúb - Az Űrmedve
Cygnus Destroyer
I've known about this game for a while now, and I'd love to play it, but it's too bad that Turbografx stuff is so pricey these days. Also, I got a kick out of your chart at the end. I guess I'm what you'd call one of those masochists, and I regularly enjoy playing those games. I would definitely put Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde lower than that. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is much better than Action 52, but that's just my opinion, of course. I actually had fun when I got both endings of the game. Sure, it can be quite frustrating, especially with the barrels at the end, but I've played worse.
Daniel Cordell
It's not over yet. They made a PCE Disney series sequal with the same machanics reskinned with a few bug fixes based off of the TaleSpin characters but even the bug fixes can't save the jumping bit at the very start of that one.
Ironically its one of the most expensive TG16 games, complete copies like in the video are like $200
5:45 So many games that I have felt that way about.
10:15 to 11:00 Mwah! Now that is grade-A saltiness! Classic Nerd!
The shit-scale should be a regular part of the avgn episodes.
The Nerd wants the D..
Ellie Gray
How is anything worse than dr jekyll and mr hyde, ive played big rigs and desert bus and superman 64 and E.T but they dont even come close to dr jekyll and mr hyde
Eric Plourde
that's a tenacious D
Ethan suomynona
Anyone who's played the game:\n\nWhat does the D do and how are you supposed to reach it?
Freddy Dingo
As far as bad Disney games go, Fantasia on the Mega Drive takes some beating. That game is toilet.
I played most of the games at the beginning preview if the games for the the turbo graphix 16, wish u would do more on that system!!!
My cousin had a TG16 growing up so I played it a lot. I have fond memories of Darkwing Duck, but I was 8 so I didn't know any better.
Some people get the D
Game Sack
That's a really bad TurboGrafx-16 game, yeah. But there are worse. Oh yes... comically worse.
They put a \
Garl Vinland
Henry Stanley
I'm the terror that flaps in the night\nI'm the bad video game for your Turbo-Grafx 16 console\nI'm Darkwing Duck!
Kid Niki's not a bad game! Not the best of Irem, but it's pretty good. The sequels, that were unfortunately left in Japan, are even better.
Hydro Cannons
The Nerd feels like an ass because he can't get the D?
I'm a potato.
Ink the Deer
Hey James! It turns out in order to jump on enemies, you have to press the jump button SLIGHTLY before you hit the enemy. Still stupid but jumping still works.
It's AhhhRealMonsters
Man! He really wants the D 😂
Jamie O'Connell
AVGN, what did you think of Disney's Lion King on Sega Genesis?
Jason Unruhe
Shit, James really wanted the D.
Jay J
Lol at 10:34 Comedy Gold xD
Jonathan Mello
AVGN's shit scale is better than IGN's rating system
Just Some Guy Ok
There is a trick to programming the timing on moving platforms. Apparently Marios developers are the only ones who know it.
Kamil Raku
Sad they fucked it up. NES version was pretty nice :)
Keith Pixton
The NES version was created from Mega Man V.
Kreigh Dimasuay
1:21\nNot sure if this was intentional, but there's a Paperboy cartridge in that stack.\nForeshadowing?
You need to get the ''D'' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
7:43 and 10:45
Luke Riley
MASF Reload
1:35 Paperboy is in the stack of games. I wonder if this was supposed to be a tease for the later episode.
I am the terror that flaps in the night\nI am the bad jumping controls that ruin your game!\nI am Darkwing Duck!
Mr Wookie4life2015
When the litter box is full the cat shits somewhere else!!! Lol so true bro! Omg I love your videos so much! And your movie was awesome 😎 thanks nerd!!
Naud van Dalen
4:10 Everyone's experience with the NES Classic.
10:49 My reaction on the 2016 Election results.
Pat the NES Punk
How dare you attack the TurboGrafx-16! It had NO bad games on it! Well besides this one. But that's it! OK, Battle Royale is pretty bad too. And then Deep Blue is a weird fish shooter that's better left unspoken of. But hey, it's still got a good batting average!
Phantom thief
4:09 - Yeah, exactly like charging cable in my PS4 controller.
Ronnie James Osbourne
*The Shit Scale Is Genius...*\n*Classic AVGN!*
He reeeaaalllyyy wants the D
Those cards were awesome compared to the huge, bulky cartridges used by other systems at the time.
Show With No Name
What about a Neo Geo game? You haven't reviewed one of those yet.
he wants the D
Stephen Chase
Best video game review series ever!!
Taekwondo Time
Has the nerd ever reviewed *Sword of Sodan* on the Sega Genesis? :D\n\nThat game had so much potential but the awkward controls, bland level design, unfair traps, and terrible game play ruined it. It is widely considered one of the worst games ever for the Sega Genesis console. AVGN hasn't reviewed them all until he tackles this one. :)
Pause at 13:15. Um...did James always have that tattoo?
This is a great review, feels like an old episode of the nerd. So funny!
now he should review bootleg video games.
TheSimpsonsFTWBreadwinnersFTL EDCP PAN
James your anger makes me laugh
All these years later and still loving the nerd... Fan since 2008. Besides, our channel wouldn't be here if it weren't for you guys!\n\nLet's get a \
I had a TurboGraphix 16 as a kid....I loved it. It came with Bonk (big head caveman...like their mario) and had some good titles like Splatterhouse.
This Gen Last Gen
Toxic Touch Productions
it's funny that there's a copy of Paperboy in the stack of games at 1:24. he just played it.
The episode that the shit scale was introduced :-)
Vilmundur Gunnarsson
''The penguins dont come when you're anywhere near the D'' Goodnight everybody.
Wing Lau
he wanted the D
Xander 'The Wolf'
Sometimes you really have to work hard for the D. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Youngboy B
Youssef Dirani
Angry Sideburn Nerd
Zach Gabriel
Zico Tops
13:15 Didn't know you had a tattoo
Hey, James should review the School Days visual novel game.
ben bot07
I actually put on my 3d glasses at the middle finger
At the end I felt like he was about to say “I’m the nostalgia critic I remember it so you don’t have to”
...and right away, James is trying to get the D.
Trust me. Even I went \
James wants the D..
That safe. I did NOT see that coming.
AVGN wants the D
I had a TurboGrafx - still do, technically. It was a good system. The handheld was cool, too. I wish it had been more successful.
is it possible to get the D?
omer Tirpan
Plssssssss play Crash Bandicoot
peter petrarca
In 2018 watching nerd videos
You hold the scepter,\nwe hold the key,\nyou are the devil,\nwe are the D,\n\nwe are the D, we are the D, we are the D, we are the D, ....\n\nDamn, now i've got an earworm^^
shrink high guy and requestor
10:49 Every person's reaction to Julia's death in Cowboy Bebop.
subscribe to die instantly
4:23 Guitar Guy? 😢
The best series on YouTube is still going strong after all these years.
11:53-13:01.; I learned something new.