Game Master Fortnite Dances Cheerleading! Then We Call the Cops!

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Adriana Sanchez
You should do the hype
Aiesha Murray
Call. The. 🚓
Alfie Argyle
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Ann Enslin
Hey why dont you let him take of his mask.
Ayana White
Bernika Nova S
Hai trinydi. And beyond mai name is. Zahira. i. wane to. Now you. Home
Bonnie Loft
I love you guys so so much and Trinity you are such a good cheerleader :) i hope the game master leaves you alone soon and you guys are my fav youtubers:)
Boo Bise
Bryan Gjocaj
Carla Gaddis
It's the day that you call the police on a hacker I see that it by the picture love you guys😊😊😊😉
Carol Sutherland
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Chanade Lewis
Mall mops.
Cinthia Hermosillo
Bad hacker
Corey Alexander
Hi Toya roooooo
Cristian Guerrero
Cupcake cookie Rose
I think the game master likes to play fortnite
DIY Mania
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Des is amazing too
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Fahrin Jazid
I am actually 1st grade next year i am 2nd grade.
Felipe Neri
Take of his mask
Gabrielle Hasell
A house with a big garden 🏠👗
Girl law Ofthewild
I dance to the keke in my school every one screams when we dance to it there like OOHHH
This is not the real game master if u check Rebecca zamolos last video u see the game master in it u are lying
Ileanna Miller
Trinity you’re such a talented little girl and I can’t even imagine how you’re gonna be like when you are my age I hope you have a lot of fun with whatever you get with the 1million dollars... if I had to pick what to do with one million dollars is I would want to help find a cure for cancer and help the people in Puerto Rico but also save some for myself I would get my favorite bands merchandise and save some for college ty for all the videos you do have a nice day!!❤️❤️❤️
Jack Carney
I would like to buy the money for a vacation
Jennifer Lerma
Thats not the gamemaster because with rebecca the gamemaster was there or theres more than one gamemaster right
Jenny Kettering
Xbox 360
Jolene Byrne
Get the video when the cops take game master to jail
Juan Morales
He did good
Justin Daniels
That girl's idea of money is so funny! Ha! Ha!
Kimberly Garcia
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Liliana Scharding
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Lily Daniels
I did that same cheer when did cheerleading
Thanks for keeping us entertained loving the uploads💖
Makeda Brown
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Marilyn May Campbell
I love you video
Marta Larini
That’s fake game master we have to hear him speak
Mashani Ahmed
Zorgo diffuse
Michelle Seeds
Call the cops
Mika-janet Booth
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Novita Sandra Santoso
Trin is good at cheer leader for me.Good job Trin!!!
Rachel Smith
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Rayyan Areef
You are soo wet more wet than a towesoked in water
Riashad Bhuiyan
Richelle Foo
Thanks for keeping us entertained Love the upload
Rommel Villanueva
That. Is. Great game master
Roselyn Dellava
They didnt said to the game master orange justice
Samantha MacCallum
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Santos Chu
Sarah Marshall
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Serenty Franco
I live in California and I did not have cheer when I was in Kinder and I am 4th grade now
Sharon Au
I hate your channel
Shunniiqquaa Piittmmaann
he got cameara in your 🏠
Skye Pie Panda
I'm a dancer I can do lots of backflips in a row
Sowe Family
The game master is a troublemaker like if you think it’s true
Stacey Philips
kill the haker
Stacey's Girls
Make him take his mask off
Stacy Star
The best Beats
I am well like you guys your the best x
TheDavidHouse Loomis
i will get a project zorgo mask
Tosha Morgan-Andrus
Trinity and Beyond
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Trishyamel Gutierrez
Trin make another part of the vedio please and your both pretty and your mom ask well and your dad is handsome
Zoe bravo 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆👉😆😆😆😆👍👍👍🤸🏻\u200d♀️🤸🏻\u200d♀️🤸🏻\u200d♀️🤸🏻\u200d♀️
Yu Ting Ruan
Ummmm nooo😂
Zenaida Chavez
No there is kindergarten cheerleaders
Zoe Pritchard
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aaliyahlovesme joy
Omg so cool how you get the money
creeper gamer
I’m second and i rlly like the game master when he is chubby
darren Liaw
Im 9 years old
emma gardner
I wanted to see the police take the game master away
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febryan bacornay
hey let the gamemaster go if you don't want to let go GM I will hack your video I no how to hack video
Zombie 11:58:PM
karen hu
That was sooo funny don t u think
liam carroll
Me because ya all cute and I think ur amazing
luca Walsh
naturally nisha
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paul andrews
I love your chaneln❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗🌸🌸
You should not let hem go home to the chubby hackers so they could do a prank on you guys
I do cheer leading too.
suzette davila
That's not the real gameaster the real one was on Matt and Rebeccas channel making them make the truth serum and then he took matt
zakia alsalhi
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