Relaxing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Music

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Who else thinks Wind Waker needs to be on the Switch?
could be really awesome without all the wrong notes .... what a shame.
Agent 3
The great sea is so nostalgic for meh I still remember sailing in circles for hours just to hear that music
Annabel Rose
I've started suffering from frequent stress-induced migraines lately that have made it difficult to relax and focus on my writing. This really great selection of soft and gentle music (perhaps aided by a touch of nostalgia, I'll admit it) really helps to soothe those aches. Thank you for that.
Sorry but what... the hell is this?\nAs someone who grew up with Wind Waker being one of my first Zelda games and listens to it's soundtrack every so often, who the heck composed this?\nIt sounds like someone playing it well but having these sudden urges to add random notes just to make it sound half-attempted.\nSorry but... you might want to actually use good compositions of the songs.
Audrey Rashelle
i wish link was real
Augustus Autumn
Thank god I have an N64 Programmer to play all of these old games they aren't found any more. :) They always bring back my childhood and make me remember these happy times. I praise you for posting this mystical music complimation. \u003c3
Beanie Boy
thought i loved breath of the wild more, this pulled me back to my senses
Thank you for this.
Bob Marley
I'll cry right now
Brenton Bushnell
When I heard the song change to the minor tone around 12:18, I checked which beautiful song was playing and realized that it was Beedle's shop! Hahaha I can't believe how great the song sounds when played more seriously! Thanks for this vid!
Bruce Keller, Jr.
First Zelda game that came out for the Nintendo GameCube. Was my third Zelda game to play as a teenager. Am 34 now. The music is just so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes. Cannot get enough Legend of Zelda.
Carolus Magnus
Shit, 52:26 made me tear up a little. I love this game. One of the few games that have a real soul. :)
Carson Love
Just wanna say I love how you have taken the time not only to post this video, but to \
Clotilde RDS
My Wii is one of the few that doesn't take GameCube games and I never had a WiiU. Gosh I wish it comes again for the Switch. I would buy one without even thinking.\nWind Waker's music is outstanding and I am really looking forward to playing it.
when you are humming along because you know most of the songs*
Crispy C
Omg I miss this game so much
My favorite game!!\nis beautiful
David Coleman
David Ransdell
Nothing like working on a paper at 12 in the morning the day its due and listening to music from one of my favorite Zelda installments lol.
Did you no gaming
Laying on the Couch with a can of beer, headphones on, listening to this beautifull music and remembering the old days when playing wind waker on the gamecube, great times..
Docktor Dicking
Came here to study.... just bought a new copy of the windwaker for my old GC... (lost mine long time ago)
best zelda game ever created. Ive spended a few years with this game and still playing on my old gc
Délice Musical
Enjoy this compilation ! :)\n\nWhat's your favorite song ? For me, it's \
Enzo Campi
this musics brings so much memories ! Best fucking game ever \u003c3
Francisco Muñoz
This takes me back to my childhood. Wind Waker was my escape from my parents divorce. \nSuch a poetic game about embracing adventure, caring for your loved ones and doing the right thing. This iteration of Link, and seeing him rushing to rescue his sister, inspired me to be there for my younger brother. I also used to play this at my great grandmother's house... now every time I see Link's grandmother I think of her.
Game On Gaming FTW
this was the first Zelda game I ever played, and it helped me create a bond with the Legend of Zelda! and now I am truly addicted to it! so thank you. you truly are the best you tuber.
I can’t stand the music and art it’s amazing ;-; :)
Gäksch -
Who is cutting onions here :^)
I need this game on the Switch!!!
Hygienic Hank
did you like every comment
ah, I still remember those good old days walking though windfall island! And riding The Ocean Waves looking for the missing pieces of the triforce in order to defeat ganondwarf. This game will always have a place in my heart.... lowkey had a crush on I was 9 or 10 when I first was introduced to this game by a buddy of mine! if it weren't for him, I would've not been able to experienced this beautifully made game! I've beaten this game more than 20 times minimal! I miss these good old days. Thank you for making this! You just made me cry and remember the one big factor of my childhood... You made my day!
Itachi RS
picture almost made me cry :( NOSTALGIA
this version is omg its wounderful ♥♥♥
My first legend of Zelda game \u003c3
James senpai
Windwaker hd was my very first ever Zelda game and it made me cry because of how well all of this music is composed. Thank you for collecting all of these beautiful pieces of music and putting them all together in a single video. ^^
Jaron Joshua
Honestly, I was never a big fan of Wind Waker but the soundtrack is awesome. It's my favorite thing about the game.
wtf is that scale at 1:34. My ears
King of Hash
Waaaaaaw 😍
KirbyHuff Kirby
My first Zelda game I ever played was Wind Waker so it's my all time favorite... Nothing can beat it... I just wish Nintendo would listen to us and have Wind Waker on Switch I'd love to buy it again (I have it in Game Cube and Wii U)
Kyle Mitchell
One of the first Zelda games I've played and it's still my favorite! :3
Kyler Butikofer
35:30 this song always makes me want to tear up ;-; ❤
Thank you soooooooooooo much for this!!!
I'm at peace whenever I hear Zelda music tbh
Luke Hatake
It’s all remixes I’m pissed
Lyle Postle
This is cool, but whoever remade these songs butchered the first one.
MDH2K16 !!!
hahah i love it even my favorite game of zelda.
Martin Wright
love legend of this makes me complete. feel so at ease with this\nloz makes me realise life is,epona,tingle,beedle,darunina, rutu,zelda, anyone.loz is life
Mau Quintanar
The songs repeat a lot
Morelia Blanco
the windwaker is one of the best games zelda has i got the wind waker hd on my wii when i was about nine or eight i love it
Je me suis servi de ta vidéo pour trouver les lignes de basse qui me manquaient à la guitare.\nC'est super joli. T'as gagné un abonné, je vais aller donner des pouces aux artistes originaux. Merci pour cette compilation !
NiCk JonEs
This hits me right in the feels, nostalgia feels. I want to try and find this game somewhere now, as I was unable to beat it as a keed. One of my favorite soundtracks by far :)
Nigel Ng
Nik Porc
just recently picked this game back up. So much fun and one of the best Zelda games made.
BOTW Is my Favorite Zelda game, but Wind Waker is extremely close to beating it. And Toon Link is hands down my favorite Link.
Favorite music, from my favorite game! This is my new studying music! Thanks so much! Also, I’ve made some music compilations on my channel QWCProductions if you could check those out. Thanks a bunch!
Raistlin Furlong
When I listen to this and feel the warmth of the beautiful memories playing this with my dad on GameCube years ago comming out of my heart I am truly at peace
Rebecca Wettig
Wow everyone gets a heart
Rebekah Haggar
Words cannot even express my love for this game. The music, the art style, the gameplay the story. Everything. Is perfection. I played it on Wii u not GameCube as I’m only 18, but I still feel like it was the game of my childhood. This game brings out every emotion, sadness when leaving grandma, but mostly pure joy, and a sense of belonging. When I feel lost in the real world I can find myself within this amazing world that Nintendo has created. Thank you Nintendo.
Retro Gaming
Love it \u003c3 Windwaker is one of my favourite Zelda Games ;)
... *sobs*
I would absolutely buy Windwaker again for Switch
God I love that art! And music as always
The switch definitely need a collectors edition of all the great games from majoras mask over wind waker to twilight princess
Merci beaucoup ! Quand je révisais pour mon bac j'arrivais pas a me concentrée est grâce a toi j'ai eu mon bac ! Et donc pour cela je tenais vraiment a te remercier :D
I had a gamecube years ago and I played every game we had. We had Wind Waker and the Majoras Mask port. I was a 5 year old zelda fan.
SammiiCake Gaming
So in love with this! My boyfriend asked me to put music on, found this, now it's mainly for just me :D
Toon Link is the best Link in my opinion. His sister gets kidnapped and he ain’t having none of that. Teams up with random pirates because he’s so determined. He wasn’t just handed the Triforce because he’s link ( like Ocarina of Time Link) he had to get it piece by piece. Not mention he had to restore the master sword with only the help of bird face and mini tree dude.
Stycks Gaming
16:49 not windwaker wtf -_-
Parfait pour travailler :)
The King
I first played this game on that summer's day...when i was 13 years old...Now 25, i still remembered it, like a photograph left in a tiny wood box...
The Mistaken
The Ryukan
For some reason, everytime 39:09 rolls around, a damn ninja starts cutting onions
The Writer's Lens
When you hear these tracks, it makes you wonder which of the Zelda games had the best overall soundtrack. And then I think, \
I'd buy every single zelda if they were all availible on switch/3ds just to have them in 1 (2) place(s)
Thomas Dubuisson
Beautiful music, amazing artwork. An image of Heaven on Earth!
TimTimInABox 89
When I first heard of Zelda, I wanted any Zelda game my parents could find. For my tenth birthday my parents got me my first Zelda game which happened to be wind waker hd. It was a coincidence that it happened to be your tenth birthday in wind waker! I felt like the game was tailored to me. Here I am pouring my heart out in a comment that will probably never be seen but to everybody who has never played a Zelda game, enjoy every moment. Celebrate like it is your tenth birthday. Then many years after you may still feel like a child just listing to the music. With the rate Zelda game are coming out, you won’t see one for the next five years. We will need to treasure the one we have until the next comes out. Music can help with that. Good music can help with that. Zelda music can help with that.\n\nThanks Delice Musical.
I love love love the Windwaker style of cell shading. Everything looks so bright and vivid!
Trevor Williams
I knew this was a bad idea. I just want to whistle all the tracks/play Wind Waker, and not study
Wind Waker HD was my first Zelda and I love it. Now I need to see how it looks on the original.
Great picture
Xaelvik 1
Xtrange 4rtist
Got a Breath Of The Wild ad while watching bRUH\n\nAlso I love this--
animefreak 76
Nostalgie ;-;
arminor 16
I love zelda
the switch needs to have windwaker on it you dont even have to upgrade the graphics again just rerelease it because it is the best zelda game for me personally and ocarina is good but wayyy to overatted and this is a better game
daniel gonzalez soriano
Thanks nintendo, for filling my childhood with art!
Wow this is amazing:) Perfect for studying during this finals session
I prefer windwaker over breath of the wild. Nice collection of music by the way :)
hi there
I love this game.
jaan westphal
came here for relaxing music while writig, immediately started to cry from all the feels
just a weeb
I first played wind waker when I was 10 years old. I was absolutely amazed at the vastness of the ocean and the seemingly infinite adventures you could go on to the many islands. it was then that I became interested in boats and the sea, and now, fifteen years later, I own and live on my very own sailboat, going on the adventures I fantasized about a decade and a half prior. such a wonderful and exciting life was borne from this game. it will always be my absolute favorite, and I will never forget it.
leah lmao
This game is so nostalgic because it was the game from my childhood. I remember watching my brother play it and then eventually playing it myself. just wow this brings me back
WW was my first at 7 years old, it will always be my favorite.
I love it
my first Zelda