10 Minutes of Pro Players Deleting EVERYTHING Compilation

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Bahadyır 1
6:42 kimse asmamış abi
1:45 he kills zed then he ss like an idiot? 🤣
Blank _
like the lb that pressed rq and deleted jhin lol....
Chevy Cayetano
Is this a trash imaqtpie compilation?
Christopher Wilczewski
who is the player at 6:53
10 minutes of best support plays on lcs and msi
Cyprian Małyszko
Pro Players, not IWD...
Dawn Wolf
I always feel bad for sneaky getting one shotted
This kalista play was insane
Der Mit Den Fröschen Laicht
10 Minutes of Froggen soloq? I'm ready
What I learned from this video is that Jarvan with Duskblade is really good
Jacob Foot
Was it just me who thought they got a Skype notification during that Janna play?
Joseph Isaac
How does that work at 8:06?
Julian Eric Klinger
Killer Orange
Fizz khalifa wtf
Log Dog
0:43 Oh I got a Skype message... wait I stopped using it 5 years ago
Malphas Mikaelson
4:45 just shows how trash this game is. He's a Graves with only 1 level higher than the ADC and he only has a completed ghost blade and some more lethality. 190 ad and a bunch of lethality can do that? Retarded. Adc's could never do anything like that at 190 ad.
Malvious Graive
tfw a skype notification pops in the video and confuses you by thinking you have it open, but realize that you don't use skype anymore.......
Marcin Trynkiewicz
0:43 what a great bait
This thumbnail bout some ups why i quit this game 🙂🙃
OREO Blaster
Phil K
you wana hear the most annoying sound in the world ...5:53
2 and 7 draven\nOne shots kaisa
3:10 Qtpie isn’t pro anymore, but he will return...
Succ Me
3:30 Is the _the_ overwatch manchild xqc on blitzcrank?
Valux (le Velux)
froggen is soooo overrated, he is a fkin noob playing braindead champs only.
William Cardinal
3:30 you can see the evolution of imaqtpies reaction
7:30 That was surely a \
Xerendity LoL
8:05 what strat is that called?
You Smile We smile
0:43 anyone hears skype chat sound ?
Yurshadow 992
9:29\nAPX RAY on Jarven IV 7-1-13\n\
Zeon Cohen
The cover page face looks like if he were asking \
alex liu
o i thought the poppy was gunna one shot
3:34 is that blitzcrank overwatch XQC? He said that he used to play league and was high ranked.