Don’t Recreate Fan’s Cringy Musical.lys at 3AM Challenge! (Surprise reactions)

Don’t recreate fan’s cringy musical.lys at 3AM challenge! I tried recreating fan’s cringy musical.lys at 3am and some surprising things happened! I have had several ghost and paranormal encouters in my past 3am challenge videos including unboxing haunted mystery boxes, making diy slime, googling myself, and doing gymnastics, but this musically challenge was scary! Join the SEND FAN MAIL TO REBECCA!12021 Wilshire Blvd #714Los Angeles, Ca 90025

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Aaliyah Ingram
Did you guys see that at 5:21
Aleena Owens
Did you guys see the ghost in her kitchen like if you agree
Alicia Gee
Oh it's just Matt haha lol
Alma Lopez
I see a ghost behind you it's like a woman 😵😵😵😵😵
Amanda Mansell
I saw the goust
Amir Altllas
I. So. A. Ghost
Andrea Garber
i saw matt he scard me
Ann NangSanKham
There is a white shadow in 5:21 if I am right leave me a like
Arije Ferjani
There is someone in the backround there a shadow that is why Matt change the corner of shooting it is in 5:21 if I am right please leave a like
Arleen Candray
There was a doll that popped up on your table
Bardi Parsi
at 5:21 i saw someone at the back of rebeca zamolo!!!!
Beast Money Maker
Did you see the figure in the background
Briana Linares
Bronte Borger
I saw a ghost in the background at 6:32 up in the balcony 1like if you saw it
Carly Rutherford
Did any body else see that shadow? in the back round when she was doing the no pants one? like if you saw that!
Carmindy Hughes
I think this is scary
Charlotte Birch
Ahhhhhh a host !!! AhHHHH !!!!!!
Danny mendoza
There are ghost behind you go back and look in your video
DeAnna Price
I saw a goast in the do you have shorts on
Denada Kalajujkvhjohggg bbvxE11aq zþ
I saw a ghost in the short pants video
Edward King
I saw a ghost 😯😯👻👻
Emilia Jankowska
Emma Luciani
Mat with mask on
Enrique Alvarez
did anyone notice the ghost in the background ?? give a like if you saw it
Ex0skeleton Studios!
5:21 there is a creepy white shadowy ghost!
Freya Paulino
I love you
FunAlexgaming Alex
I see a ghost at 5.21
Genevieve Navarro
Did anyone see the ghost OMG like if you saw😮😱
Hey It’s me
Haha we love a good sister scare. @mattslays
ILoveunicorns OMG
It's something behind you
Isabella Avina
1 like if you are the biggest fan of Rebecca and if you are not don't whatcha rebca
Iupita Loano L
Did someone see a ghost in the backround
Lol the figure was matt
Janay Galarza
I just heard someone say i want to play
Janelle Pitre
Their is something that was their at 5:21 live a like if I'm right
Jesenyah Daoud
I saw a ghost at 5:21
Josie Bray
Juan Pedro Rizo
OMG did you see the ghost! Like if you did
Kasandra Cabrera
Omg omg Matt in the mask I freaked out😱😱😱
Kate W
That was so funny when Matt was in the background at 2:52!! 😂
Kaya Cockayne
Rebeca when you did that dance what you didn't know there was something in the background
Kaylah Blake
Keila's Toy Channel
There is someone in the backround
Kelly Welch
Baby matt
Kentasha Johnson
I love you Rebecca’aed. Matt
Kimberly Perez
OMG I actually spotted Matt in the background and I got so scared
Latoya Robinson
I saw a ghost the time was 5:23 and 5:24
Lavondia Brown
It's the floss
Layla Gacha Life
5:21 like if u saw it too
Leanna Tamayo
There was a ghost in the back
Lizzie B
2:47. Matt was behind her and I didn't think it was him with a mask and it scared me so much when I first saw it! 😂
Lps Full moon
Do u here the song at 639 it’s defrent
Maria Allard
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI'm scared\nLike if you are 2\n\n\n\n(Even if your not scared...\nleave a like)
Maya's World
So funny when Matt randomly comes in with a mask at 3:00 😂
Michelle Tome
There is someone in the back of you
Mihaela Ciucu
OMG did you see the gost? Like if u did
Mimmithecat101 Perez
Did anybody else see the ghost figure at the second floor in 6:32 like if u saw
Nae Firstlady
At 6:32 imsaw a ghost up stair
Nozipho Zondi
Numa Fung
I saw a gos on your back
Olivia Beattie
I was flipping scared when Matt came out of where ever he was in and I literly paused it because I was scared 😣😥
Rebecca Zamolo
THUMBS UP this video if you want me to do a PART 2! Thanks to all of you in the ZamFam that submitted your musical.lys! xoxo WHAT WAS THE SCARIEST PART FOR YOU?
Rosalinda Botello
Rebecca someone was in a mask when you we're doing the boom boom boom!
I saw something in the background 😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😨😨😨💀👻☠️
Sami Ahmed
Something happend during the vedio
Shaylee Piatz
I seen a ghost in the backround
Sophia Johnson
I saw a ghost in the back
Sumeed Hussain
Guys did you notice something upstairs at 6:31
Ursula Godin
There is a ghost in the background
WildWillow 99
Mat as a baby freaked me out I nearly ran out of my room
X Rebirth X
Yahayra Perez
Pero es caos pi You rata
Yosha Moodely
I saw a ghost on the wall at 5.21\nOMG i was so scared
YouTube Channel
I saw someone behide the stair
Zaina Rabadi
I saw Matt wearing a mask hahahaha
ace family fan
Like if u saw a 👻 at 5:21 I know it probably wasn't real but still
akjshdkjhaf ioudijs
ayisha sidheek
At 2:47 there was a face behind the stairs
emma sandahl
there is a ghost in your house
fortnite god360
did you se that like if u did
funimate. liv
A ghost appears at 5:21 - 5:24 (behind the chair in the corridor/hallway) and also 6:30 - 6:34 (up) Like and reply if u seen it or not
gamer ll
Who saw someone move when she just started her 2nd musically
jorge flores medina
At 12:20 do you see an orange head
kaylah Jantzen
Can anyone else see the ghost in the back round at 6:32 into the video
khloe Lynne
That prank though
mohamed alkaabi
Uil you sat i do no its tutus his is the flos
nattasha hillsworth
Rebecca truly sore a ghost in the kitchen and light up and it scaered me
pauly hap
3am is scary for me
rathan kandasamy
Did anyone else become too scared and just scrolled through the comments like if you did!
super gacha midstar
That scared the frick out the figure
the bffs Candy
I saw a ghost behind you at 5:12