Doscha - Joscha and Deniz

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A little Joscha/Deniz tribute video.

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sorry if this has already been asked, but the clips of denis and joscha getting it on, have they already aired or not???\n\nhugs from the UK xx
Alissa Torres
Maybe they would be good together but to me its only Deniz and Roman....too bad Roman died :(
From which episode is 0.01-0.11?
Antwan Tito
where can i watch it with english subtitle 
Arzhur Reyes
Deniz & Roman was better......!!!!
Carl Lafleur
OMG did they finally remove Roman???
I dont want to provocate anyone but I'm so pissed off from gays and all these homosexuals and bisexuals
Eleyna Grichois
C'est trop bien
Enrique Sanchez
I can't believe they made Deniz totally straight now. So typical and insulting.
Izzy belle
Roman and Deniz were epic and can't be beaten, but I would've liked to see Deniz be with a couple of other guys rather than him being straight. Especially considering in how much he loved Roman.
J'Na Johnson
Where can i can find/watch the gay storyline at?? Pls respond back and thanks if i get a response back!
there is a way to see this soapopera with english or spanish subs????
Jandre Lombaard
i loved it and i need a boyfriend please
Jhay Garcia
miss mimi can you pleased give the password in vimeo.. thank you😍
John Baran
Latino men are the hottest! Mucho caliente!
Jullesa Kirkland
Is this a movie
Leeanna Hanson
Can someone help me to find the story of joscha and deniz please
Maira Pe.
Hola puedes subir la historia de deniz & roman please
Mang Juan
is this a series? title please...
Meraxes Targaryen
Do you know where can I see the series since the beginning ? At least Deniz and Roman's part
Vogliamo Deniz & Roman !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Renato Botelho
Very beautifulllll
Richard Stokes
What show is this? All I can find is clips.
Ron Borgstedt
Loved the music, what is it?
bart you
i would love to catch the beginning of this storyline where can i get it
Aww, I miss Roman... But is good that Deniz didn't became straight again... :-)
Oh man I need to see this storyline.
deniz and roman is still on air?! I thought that soon after roman died,the show stopped
la date
I'm sooo disappointed they deleted you're videos! I just found out your blog yesterday and I spent hours watching the 1st 50 videos and I was so excited to finally have another gay storyline to watch. And now I'm so frustrated because I didn't even see a real kiss (not dreamed)!!!! I don't understand why whoever deleted them do not take this opportunity to promote their show worldwide like so many others did! I can only see it as a positive influence on the show! I already missed the roman and deniz storyline. It's not like a bunch of gay fans would make a change if they still allowed them... Really I'm so angry and so frustrated now I can't have my daily gay dose. So Im gonna watch F F for the 3rd time eventhough I cant understand a word in german... 
lalelu tag
igor dolgatschew ist mega heiss
liz luna
Can't they come up with a more original move with the guy realizing he is attracted to another man. This pool scene is the exact copy of the one between Deniz and Roman.
where can i watch this storyline?
did deniz and joscha ever get together or was this a dream?
oscar foster
ya hace falta que deniz tenga otra relación como la que tuvo con roman,urge.
The scene at the pool makes me remember when deniz see roman in the pool and he did the same :)
saly Khalil
hey can some one help me where can i watch this or gave me a link please
is this during or after Roman?
فاطيمة عامر
ماه سموه موسلسله هذه 😍✨🔥😮💘