what happens when you get on ps3 in 2017?

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ever wondered what happens when you play and get on ps3 in 2017? watch the video to find out!--------------------------------------------------------------► FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!

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What's the background music and good video bro!
9m Stone
if you got battlefield 4 on ps3 add me need good teammates to dominate\n\nblackrangerOMG
I am ps4 pro
Abdur Rehman
Yup i have but (RIP:2012-2017)😳😳😳
Abhijot Dhaliwal
I still have a ps1 that is a very long time
Ahmed Hussen
I still use it
Aka Grant
I still use the PS3 is looking good today
Alex Montgomery
tf you talking about the ps3 ps store takes forever to open now mine opens in 10-15 seconds... something's wrong with your ps3/internet
Alex Underwood
I use it
I still use my PS3 daily!
Bahloul Gaith
there are many peoples can't buy a ps4 because they haven't mony
Burgz TM
hey spiltz do you mean what happens when you get on ps3 in 2017? #GetUrYearsRight
CJ Gilly
Yes. I have ps3 and ps4 pro and ps VR. I on ps4 more.
Cameron -Only first name
I miss pshome! Wish hacker would play hero to bring PS Home back from the dead but unfortunately! It’s “ permanently “ deleted means Sony wiped everything’s out like a HUGE delete button that makes em don’t exist anymore... and it’s destroys pshome’s locations stuff and everything’s a spirit to deleted... \n\n\nI’ve played PSHome since 2008 beta that was on summer! And I used to had legal obtained a 2008 Summer beta t-shirt till Sony removed from all of us.. and then hacker of jailbreak illegally downloaded that beta shirt got me.. real 😡! But welp.. Sony ain’t do nothing ! But letting em to take over on pshome so badly started on 2014 at worst and then worster in 2015.. Sony pull the plug on March 31st 2015 at 2:02am EST at that time I did spend my very last moments in central plaza with my bestie JonTVcentral till those nuke.. bomb dropped upon all of us! R.I.P PSHome 2008 - 2015
Christian McClure
Ya I play it
I still use my Ps3
Craig Copeland
it was a crazy ride the PS3 so many good memories!! 😊👍
Da Indi
How did you make the intro?
Destin Thomas
This video has my ready to cry because I loved PS3 and I miss it so much ps4 has taken over
Do you like Sugar
“Does anyone even have a ps3 anymore” BRO LOOK AT UR FRIENDS LIST 4hours ago 2days ago yes people still use it
I have a ps3.. that just been sitting there all dusty for a year or 2 now
Dwayne Parlett
Hi it's me Dwayne I have a fee free Account for the PlayStation 3 and it's a ESPN account there is updates but it is very sluggish I think it's Cuz the servers are running out do they actually called officials so vs Bigfoot off the PlayStation 3
Ethan Eklund
My friend plays one (ps3) and its his current sony console
They don't even have the whats hot option on the ps3 store anymore. Now its just the best of ps3
I have a ps2 and I just use the ps3 for Netflix and dvd playing
This is pretty stupid. PS still supports PS3 and even gives PS3 games in its PS+ deals (hell they still give out PSP games). They not only expect people to still be using it, but they're still somewhat investing into it. Games are still being made by third parties.\nYou hype up the video like this is something peculiar but I almost didn't even get a PS4. There are still probably close to a million if not more people who turn on their PS3 frequently. I don't know what lead you to make this...
Frederic Johnsen
Did you change the title to make the video relevant again?
GT Fizz
I still play PS3 🎮
Garrett Gamez
I can't afford a PS3 so I bought a PS4 \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nEdit:some people don't even know a joke.
Hank Anderson
I have one, not gonna sell it
I played my ps3 about 2 muinets ago
J.T. Rayborn
I'm still on the PS3 to this day.
Jerry the Rapist
What happens when you sleep in 2017!!??
Kayode Raimi
I still use ps3
Kiro Perida
I don't exactly know why, but I'm offended
Kurt Johnston
Bad internet if it took that long
Kyle Coulson
I Dow still play ps3 DEAD_LEDER
M N Chaudhary
I have ps3
NO CFW???!!! 😂😂😂
Macy Animations
He's acting like the ps3 is ancient..
Marcus Allen Lovell
I have one
Mars Mars
Yeahhhhh it’s 2018 I still play online on black ops2 and ghost and gta ps3 still work bro lmaooo
Master Gamz
what happens when you get in ps4 on 2023 😂😂
Mic Spam God
I've had my PS3 since 2011. I played on it today actually. I own a 1TB Limited Edition PlayStation 4 and PSVR. I have a PC too and yet I STILL manage to play on PS3. Lol\nI like to get my money's worth out of my belonging lmao. ALL of my stuff I own is brand new or looks brand new. My PS3 is literally brand new looking and everything I own like I said.\nI played GTA IV and MX Vs. ATV Alive on PS3 today if you were wandering. I play GTA IV on PS3 because I mod on it and it's still so fun actually.\nI play tons of popular games on my PS4 yet I still go back to PS3 as well as popular PC games.\nSo this proves people still play it lol.\nI know people who have the same shit as me yet they still play PS2 and like PS2 to the most!? Waaaah!? I don't know how but this blows my mind.
Mohaboy Gamerツ
This was not uploaded on 2018?????!!!!
Moyad TV
Ps2 and proud 😂😂😂
i have a ps3 still playing on it
I still have and play a PS3...
Omer Alam
i play on it for b02
PS4life 90
I still play it what is purpose of this video 😂
I ve a ps1 and still play pirated games:/
Try ps2 and PS1 in 2018
PlayStation Boy
Ps3 is very very very very very good console l play with my ps3 every day!!!!!!!!
Pokemon GO
Got ps3 2011=2017 got ps4 Pro
Pro Gamer
my friend still plays on his ps2
Rex Plays
I do still Play in my ps3 cause I don’t have a ps4 :(
Rockstar Gold
Dumbass ps3 is the 3rd best console
Samuel Little
Everything about you blows.
Sebastiaan Leeuw
I have one
I have a Ps1 a Ps2 a Ps3 and a Ps4
\u003eNot knowing Catherine\n\u003eNot knowing Suikoden\nDo you even game bro?
When I saw 2 or more years ago I got a little sad. It’s crazy how long it’s been
To be honest all this channel is clickbait and boring videos like what did your really think would happen seriously 😕
Teriffica Yesterdayw
Display mode option widescreen vs standard?
The Killer Gaming Harry
anyone still get on the PS3 in 2019?
TheLassKing YT
Ps2 and ps3 was the best day off my life i missed old games... but ps3 was the best because we had free online #ps2 #ps3
Tk Leche
I have a ps3 and it’s 2018 and I sill plat it even when I have a ps4
Tom Ferrari
Last time i played on ps3 was last month and everything still works fine. MW2, Bo2 and Gta V still have the servers running fine. From my games, only Gran turismo 5 and 6 have shut down their servers.
Tom S.
whole video says 2017, thumbnail says 2017, description says 2017, but title says 2018
Tony Abrams
5 ads in 13 minutes calm down with the greed
Trystan Marshall
Nope don't have a PS3 or any kind of PlayStation for that matter I prefer Xbox because they are better and I can Bluetooth my Xbox one s controller to my phone and I also won't touch PlayStation anymore because with my experience with the PlayStation 2 that I had back in 2002
My childhood
I use my ps3 and ps4
Uchiha - Zone
I have ps3 and play it a lot who want to be a freind with me
Universal Block
Its 2018 and servers arent down i still play online
What's the whole point of this?? Played GTA IV on my PS3 yesterday...
I still play ps3
Yawning Vids
i do in 2018 for modding
anonymous the leign
I have one but here and no get on
boris man
saddest video ever. cmon sonny!!!!
danielramosjr2005 Ramos
Mine don't work places for free
everyweek randoms
Tons of people still get online with the ps3 in 2018.
It’s still a great console and today 4-24-2018 I can still sign on and download from the PlayStation Store on my PS3 Slim using my WiFi.Some servers were taken down like Gran Turismo but I just downloaded some demos too.Its still alive 🙂Besides not everyone can afford a PS4.Hell I still play my PS2.Good games are good games no matter if it’s 2018 or not.
gabriel the gamer
Yup I do
irrelevant Blanco
My PS3 username is : IBlanco \nI still use it!
jableK ツツ
spllitz IS WATCHING PORN O PS3??????
mahmod altmimy
I still have ps3 😧
shishtar shooketh
Damn 2006 wasn’t that long ago. It wasn’t 2006 bc.
skoby skoby
Friend me
the gamimg boy
Hey splitz i have so lonely on ps3 and my friends have been offline 15 months ago :( in 2018
This video has made me a little dumber after watching it.
ver sace
Im currently playing bo2 on ps3
xaiver cooley
I play my ps3 all the time bro I don't want it to die on me and I have no choice to get a ps4
Θανασης Τζιμας
Lets see what happens in 3...2...1 *Ali-a intro plays
I know what happens when u log in ps3 in 2018.. it just log you in that's it.