Deniz Roman - Perfect two

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DeRo Deniz & Roman Gay couples Gay love

DrivingToLA 01
Does anyone know how big Deniz is? Roman looks so small next to him🙈💗
Gregorio Hernandez
Así me gustaría tener un novio cómo deniz
no at all, roman died for brain tumour and deniz for AIDS, so sad i loved them so much
Luigy Vasquez Lujan
their story line its really borin
Nuriah Billi
love love love Roman end Deniz de amor so sexy is good kisses macth
Star Fish
I felt sorry for them not to be together forever
are they too have a happy ending or not
karoLLzinhá carvalho
que sintonia os dois
Uh, not so much. See my Be Still vid. :(
Маргорита Добрынина
мой мальчики уже 5 лет вместе