Thanks to all of you that submitted for me to recreate your musicallys, I made sure to make them especially cringy lol! Also be sure to watch my other videos from this week where I tested viral instagram DIYs include edible rainbow slime that was extremely satisfying & try to recreate Lisa & Lena's cringey musical.lys with my husband Matt for Marriage Monday. Join the !!

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How do you do the shake screen that the fan did??? 2nd one. Plz answer!!! Anyone!!!
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Can you please react to my musically because I am your biggest fan. My account is Chev then some numbers but I follow you so look for my name Chev
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It’s mean how she calls them cringe but I love u 😂💝😶
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To everyone who reads this I hope you have a grate day 🙂
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Can you do mine. That would make my day. Can you do one of mine. Princess50249
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2018 anyone?
This is just great.. I had my earphones on at 1:59 so now I can’t hear.. great lol😂😂😂😂😂
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This is emmi \nEmmi has no friends \nOne like one friend
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You are one of the funniest people l no😹🤣😂😅
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I'm back again Rebecca and I know the other doll blackjack is that right tell me
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2010 anyone
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2018 who is waching this in 2018? Because i am 😊
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Can you recreate my musically my name is unicorn8680
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hahaha haha hahaha love this one
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1:59 RIP for headphone users \nHaha 😂
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im in 2019
Jimin’s Lost Jams
I woke up\nI won the lottery\nI met Rebecca Zamolo\nI got my dream car\nI went to sleep\n\nSadly, that happened in reverse
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Your so god
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Reacting to fans cringy musiclys Me:ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaas yeahhhh 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😜
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1 :jake Paul\n2: Hayden summeral\nAnnie Leblanc\nJojo Siwa
Rebecca Zamolo
This was so much fun to do! Thumbs up this video if you want me to do a PART 2 with even more Cringe! lol And just to restate what I said in the video, I am the CRINGEY one, not them... and I asked them to send ones that thought would be cringey for me to do :)
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2018? #CringeCrew
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Even tho the video is old I am glad to be watching a happy,funny, normal video instead of the Game Master videos
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Recreate some of my tik toks! My username is: SophiaM_Unicorns
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1:59 RIP headphone users
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What is rebbeca\n1.amazing\\n3.sweet\n4.awsome\n5.nice\n6.preety \nAnd lastly fabuolos\nfabulous best YouTube ever and soo perfect in her own way
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