Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (N64) Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 138

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Abused Memes
I thought mythologies was kind of fun.\n\n\n\n\nGets slayed.
Ace Adams
I'd like to buy some AVGN DVDs just out of support. I think the guy is hilarious and wish there were more episodes, as I've gone through all the Youtube videos several times now (eventually doing so again to ensure I'm caught up).
Adrian B
This game is not that bad yes is difficult but not that bad .
Alex Messam
To be honest, a Mythologies series does sound like a good concept.
Andre \
Oh man! My roommate back in the day actually had this game on PlayStation and played it hard... for a good week or so ha ha! Looking forward to more Nerd in 2016! Happy Holidays!
Anna Thouvenin
Conker's bad fur day, the only piece of game swearing more often than AVGN.
Ben Moak
How did i miss this episode?
Billy Price
Playstation version was better
Blizzard Jakkal
Mortal Kombat: Special Forces next?
Funny how you've put a Charlie Brown scene :)
8:55 This is what made the nerds brain snap.
Can I get 100 subs without videos? Shamrock
Chris Williams
oh come on the game was not that bad james geez
Christopher Heers
Clorox Bleach
I would definitely jump off a bridge to save the Nerd.
Cole Rilius
At least Shaolin Monks was a huge improvement.
Commander Karl
5:44 to 5:55, such a classic Nerd moment. \
DJ Cockwaffle
Din Jan
Please make more videos and more blu-rays and more episode. I've been a fan since 2006!
Eh See
Elif Sinim
Uhm, \
Er Well
The ass kicking he gets in this game is great.
im dying at the end. its like he came across the transformer and realized that even that couldn't save face for the game.
Fuck Youtube and Viacom
Did he play Conkers Bad Fur Day yet if not LET... HIM... KNOW.
We can all agree that Mortal Kombat: Shailon Monks did this game some justice.
amazing on the atari 2600 the government didn't care if we played games like chester's revenge about raping native american women for points, but a bloody fighting game? hell no, strike it down
The Mortal Kombat series are apart of my favorite memories. \nI can't say the same for this game.
Irradiated Ghoul
Funny, Mortal Kombat also had volumes 1-8 and then X.
James Payne
Are you gonna do Special forces or MK Advanced for us?
Anal Sauce, by AVGN. Pick up yours today!
Joe DeNardo
You KNOW its about to be shit when the nerd says \
John Becker
Nice to see you are upgrading your shitty game list to N64.  Of course, there is not much to put on the list.  Most of their games were decent.
John Lomuscio
I rented this game it sucked
Jonathan Szuhai
2:00 I didn't know Courage the Cowardly Dog was in Mortal Kombat.
Josh Waldorf
Type 1 if you're a Street Fighter fan.\nType 2 if you''re a Mortal Kombat fan.
Kamil Raku
Sub-Zero is my favorite MK character. How much he have to suffer in this game? It breaks my heart to see him going through all that...
9:30 \
Kimmo Laine
A magazine at the time reviewed it like this: \
King Harkinian
I'm a bit disappointed he didn't cover the FMV cutscenes more, since they all feel like weird sitcoms
5:45 For some reason when he says 'Don't' it sounds so heart-felt.
Marvelousness !
Charlie Brown at 7:45
Max Payne
Mortal Kombat: Special Forces is worst. Way worst than Mythologies: Sub-Zero.
Michael Vin
OMG, I remember renting this damn game back in the day. It was as horrible of an experience as I have ever had. This game me flashbacks.
Watching Angry Video Game Nerd videos is like watching videos about popping pimples\nYou know you're going to witness a lot of crap but somehow you just keep watching
Moises Charles
There is also a crappy game with Jax and Sonja Blade. MK Special Forces. on PS1
No, i dont want the controller lol
4 vids from this one to October 29,2016.MAKE MORE AVGN
Pat the NES Punk
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!
Pimp Master Broda
The controls in this game, a fountain of ass, they are. Up to jump, belongs in platformer, it does not!
5:47 - I would jump! To rescue my favourite reviewer!
I wonder what AVGN thinks about the Jax game.
Shoulda played the PSX version.
I kinda hope he does Special Forces at some point. That was PS1, old enough right?
Race Jones
Did you know?\nThe only teen-rated mortal kombat games are the original (excluding the sega cd port) and VS. DC universe.
Poor inocent nerd. He hasn't played MK Special Forces
Ricardito Flores 武
I fucking loved this game as a kid, even with its difficulty. It wasn't a bad game, it just was really hard.
Rita Du Plessis
Oh, you think that's bad....? Play \
Soundwave 84
I lost it when Blaster showed up
Oh god this game................
I actually beat that game
Stephen Quinn
Sub zero, now, plain zero
Someone Send Him Mortal Kombat Special Forces😀!!!!!! Cause That Game Is Even Worse Then Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero😡! And I Want 2 See The Look On This Guy's Face😂!
Have yourself a very merry Mortal Kombat khristmas!
Teague Prower
where did you get the end labels from?\n\ni notice you didn't give a website (as i'm assuming you got these from one)
The Great Guitar Man 2003 O_o
Mortal Kombat is so cool!
The Pats Fan
Never knew that Williams electronics would make this bad of a mortal kombat game. They made good arcade and pinball but this......
AVGN back on form. Brilliant video
Always great to see the \
Thirdocean 2000
i never knew that cartridges have spines\n\n\n\n\n\nthe more you know
This name is even more pretentious
*sound of Subzero screaming*
Timothy Nickles
I love this game when i was a kid
Toby Kassulke
still better than special forces
Tuxedo Trunks
The part where sub zero keeps falling to his death and he inserted the Charlie brown scream was really friggin funny
Tyler Pauls
7:44 That Charlie Brown part killed me xD
Tyrel Joseph
Victor Arêas
The best part is Sub Zero waving his arms when he falls to one of his many deaths!
Victor Kruger
Sometimes I can't believe that James managed to beat Street Fighter 2010, that game is way harder than this.
VikingWarrior HU
This game could've actually been a mediocre/good beat 'em up and then a series of games
How does Sub-zero remind you of n64 end labels
baldo rodriguez
Watching AVGN Christmas Specials always put me in the Christmas spirit. Even on Halloween at 3 am lol
dimitris bam
f#$k u this was a nice game back in the day!
dwayne frierson
AVGN should play Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks with Mike it be a cool gameplay who agrees?
jason thompson
there is one more terrible mortal kombat game...Mortal Kombat:Special Forces on the PS1.
Man, this game really sucks
matthew zaragoza
Can you make Avgn episode about mortal kombat's AI
That Charlie Brown bit was random! XD\n\
the retro kid
Charlie brown:ahhhhh 7:44
7:36 - 7:48\nScream-a-thon
9:45-9:53.; The Angry Video Game Nerd wins!...
4:57 is just perfect for some reason. Just the way he buries his head into his hands and says \
7:39 sub zero: ahhhhhhhhh\nAVGN: ahhhhhhhhhh\nCharlie Brown: ahhhhhhhhh