Deniz Roman - How it all began - DeRo // AWZ [NEW AUDIO]

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Hey Guys.. In some countries the original video is already blocked (as for example in Germany.. :D) So I decided to upload another version of it (with a song that's rather unknown.. I know.. In the beginning it sounds a bit weird.. :D) I hope - especially for us Germans - that it won't be deleted again.. Have fun watching it!! I don't own anything!!

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Aldiene Silva
onde acho essa série , pra poder acompanhar???? só consigo ver esses vídeos alternados no youtube. Adoro series gays.
Andres Vazquez Mendez
Anna Mountain
Anthony Matswell
Wayne Jackson - Hallelujah
Carlos de Jesus Sevilla Aceves
What is this soap called? I need to know!!!!!
Flavia Melo
ele podia não morre. Eles faziam um casal lindo
Flora Hamon
Vous pourriez mettre le nom de la série en français ou du film.\n\nSVP
And after all this loveliness, he had to go and die. Hate this lovestory. Cried a river with these two.
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Holly Dunbar
Can someone please tell me what's the name of this show and where can I find this at?
I don't get why people are crying in their bathtubs.
Ivan Brisbane
Anybody know where I can watch Roman and Deniz from the beginning to end with english subtitles?
Jayara Felizardo
Jayshia Madames
Joemarie Narciso
So nice
Julie W
Google deniz and Roman vk.
Keymoni Edwards
I need for YouTube to create a LOVE button...ASAP
Luana Miqueloto
Luise Britta
I want Deniz to have a boyfriend again but for whatever reason the writers only make him fall for girls. :(
Mang Juan
is this a series? title please...
Mari Fr
Mohamud Shire
sadia and sam friensa.😋😆💓😅😃😶😆🤗😎😋😆😶😅😉😅💓😉😅💓😶😆💓😉😅💓😉😅💓😶☺
Nichole Wilhite
Where can I watch this with English subtitles
Om Parkash Varma
Precious Odunayo
what's the title of the series,?
I need more DeRo fanvids/FanFiction, there's no enough out there.
Rémi Paquet
where can i find the series of episode of
Stacie Streck
Ugh this couple makes my heart hurt. I was so obsessed for the longest time with their relationship, and how fucking cute they were...
I love this song. I want to watch these two so badly, already have the links lined up, but I'm in the process of watching 3 other couples, with a LONG way to go before I get to the end of them, and I KNOW I'll get as addicted to DeRo as I am to the 3. I'm already running on no sleep as it is!
Vanlalpekliani Chinzah
Name of the movie plz...
Vikra Negi
andy l
Good song, i like it
antonette hall
The show is called all that matters
joshua pettyfer
what the title the video ???
lexy Rose
full storyline with subs is on dailymotion watched it recently so it is still active if you like them look up Joscha as well same soap but current and deniz is a part of it if not the part i would have liked.
mehrasa ahmadi
the series name plz ?
this story was disappointing to me, i didn't even finished it when i was watching it. Too much cheating going on. Dennis even cheated on Roman with a girl he fell in love with and treated Roman like crap. Roman proceeded to cheat on him, it was a mess, and on top of it Roman dies. Didn't like it at all.
qiongying yin
my favorite couple😍😍
sido BMZ
I want to be like this some one telle me please
tsuki sakata
whats their language?
тутси милашка
а что за песня, подскажите, кто знает, пожалуйста)
مصطفى حسن
هاذوﻻ مغرومين