<span aria-label="Grandia Saturn gameplay (1/5) автор: Edward Tohr 3 роки тому 51 хвилина 4 750 переглядів">Grandia Saturn gameplay (1/5)


In case you really want to watch four hours of unedited JRPG footage. In Japanese. Apologies for the ads that are probably on this ...

<span aria-label="What the HELL Happened to Grandia?! автор: Erick Landon RPG 5 місяців тому 10 хвилин 13 035 переглядів">What the HELL Happened to Grandia?!


Would you like to know what happened to one of the many beloved JRPG franchises out there? Here are my thoughts and ...

<span aria-label="Let Part 01 - The Treasure Hunt Begins


And it begins with the most epic duel in the history of video gaming. I might be lying. --------------------------------------------- Grandia is ...

<span aria-label="Grandia Full OST автор: MoltenFlarez 5 років тому 1 година, 37 хвилин 203 784 перегляди">Grandia Full OST


Sounds pretty...GRAND...right? ~Playlist~ (Credit to kevinmclevin for typing this up) 0:00:00 Theme of Grandia 0:04:41 The Sandy ...

<span aria-label="Full Grandia II OST автор: F4m1LyGuy10 6 років тому 2 години, 16 хвилин 87 995 переглядів">Full Grandia II OST


Grandia II (2000) was developed by Game Arts and published by Ubisoft. The soundtrack was composed by Noriyuki Iwadare.

<span aria-label="Grandia: Final Boss (Gaia Core/Evil Gaia) автор: AeroClash 9 років тому 10 хвилин 18 583 перегляди">Grandia: Final Boss (Gaia Core/Evil Gaia)


Watch in HD** (Optional) Judgment Day is here!.This is the ultimate boss of the game, the next and last one is no problem. **Gaia ...

<span aria-label="Grandia Official Trailer автор: PlayStation 8 років тому 2 хвилини, 15 секунд 85 551 перегляд">Grandia Official Trailer


Take the role of Justin, a young boy obsessed with becoming a great adventurer, who inherits a magic stone that leads him on an ...

<span aria-label="Grandia II - Final Boss: Zera Valmar Ending


Please read the description~~  ...

<span aria-label="Grandia - Part 1 - Treasure Hunt автор: Greeny83 7 років тому 24 хвилини 21 617 переглядів">Grandia - Part 1 - Treasure Hunt


Welcome to Grandia for the Playstation. This was originally released on the Sega Saturn and luckily made its way to the PS1 a ...

<span aria-label="Grandia Review! [PlayStation] The Game Collection автор: SuperDerek RPGs 3 роки тому 8 хвилин, 20 секунд 75 547 переглядів">Grandia Review! [PlayStation] The Game Collection


Join SuperDerek in his Grandia Review, one of the best JRPGs on the PlayStation! This JRPG was a ton of fun to play, and was in ...Субтитри

<span aria-label="Grandia III Review (PS2) автор: BawesomeBurf 2 роки тому 6 хвилин 24 483 перегляди">Grandia III Review (PS2)


The third game in the Grandia series has a few issues that prevent it from being great. Support the channel on Patreon!