Sega CD (Video Game Platform)

Sega CD BUYING GUIDE & Review - The Games Rock!


The Sega CD was a forwarding thinking add-on to the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive that had great games released for it!

Batman on Sega Platforms (Genesis/Sega CD/Saturn) Review - Master-Cast TV


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Top 40 best Sega Genesis platform games


A countdown of the 40 best cutesy platform games / platformers on the Sega Megadrive /Genesis. NO JAPANESE EXCLUSIVES.

Sega CD (Mega CD) - Fourth VideoGame Generation Recap - Adam Koralik


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All Sega Genesis Games - Every Mega Drive Game In One Video


All Sega Genesis Games - Every Mega Drive Game In One Video (almost) [WITH TITLES]

The SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Project - All 869 Games - Every Game (US/EU/JP/BR)


Check out all 869 SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games in one video. Click here to support us → The SEGA ...

Tales from the Console Graveyard: The Sega CD


Journey to the Console Graveyard to remember the infamous Sega CD, one of the first CD consoles, which featured full-motion ...

Game Sack - The Sega CD - Review


Episode 120 - Welcome to the next level! Let's take a good look at the Sega CD. It's not just an FMV-only machine. -Download ...

LGR - Sega CD Genesis Console Addon Review


A review of the Sega CD system from the perspective of a cheap, casual game collector. Predecessor to my Lazy Game Reviews ...

SEGA Mega-CD Top 30 Games


Top 30 SEGA Mega-CD Games Emulator used: KEGA Fusion 3.64 Roms can be found at This is MY ...

Sega 32X - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 26


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Corpse Killer (Sega CD 32X Video Game) James & Mike


James Rolfe and Mike Matei take a look at Corpse Killer on Sega CD 32X! Like James & Mike Mondays? See more game ...

Top 10 Sega Saturn Games


The Sega Saturn featured some amazing games including Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Duke Nukem 3D, Panzer Dragoon Saga ...

Top 10 Sega CD Games


The Mega CD add on for the Mega Drive or Genesis in the U.S had some amazing games released for it including the likes of ...

Your First 10 Sega Genesis Games


There are many of you out there that have never owned a Sega Genesis and may be considering buying one and collecting for it.

Sega CD - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 25


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Top 40 best Sega Genesis Action platform games


A countdown of the best Sega Megadrive action platform games. These platformers consist more of a run 'n gun / metroidvania ...

New System Plays PS1, Sega CD And More - SEEDI


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The Top 100 Sega Saturn Games In 10 Minutes


The Top 100 Sega Saturn Games ... according to the good folks at Retro Sanctuary. In 10 minutes! See the full list here: ...