Tianjin explosion video captures fear of eyewitnesses - BBC News


Footage of two massive explosions in the Chinese city of Tianjin, taken by a stunned eyewitness, captured the fear and terror of ...

Family shares selfie video of daughters final moments before gas explosion


Editors note: This video includes material that may be upsetting to some viewers. Nearly one year ago, 12-year-old Linda ...Nieuw

Massive explosion tosses first responders to ground


Raw video: Huge blast after propane tank caught fire and exploded knocks down firefighters, police officers in Limestone, Maine.



Skip to 2:21 for the aftermath. Im back breaking my old TNT ball record this. I was going to provide a download but I accidentally ...

13 killed in an explosion shop in Bhadohi,Uttar Pradesh


At least 13 people were killed and six injured in an explosion at a shop here on Saturday afternoon which led to the collapse of ...Nieuw

Underwater Explosions at 120,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys


Gav and Dan usually blow stuff up in regular air, but did you know you can also blow stuff up in other places?Follow Gav on ...Ondertiteling

BEST EXPLOSION Collection | Big ShockWave


⬇⬇⬇ READ MORE ⬇⬇⬇This time I dont had the time to make a proper top10 (for who follow me on the other social media should ...

Explosion Shockwave in slow motion | Slo Mo #30 | Earth Unplugged


Si and Sam detonate plastic explosive in some extreme high speed action. The explosion makes a visible shock wave - but is it ...

LEE MCKINNEY - A Neverending Explosion


Lee McKinney // Infinite Mind - out March 29, 2019 The expansive solo release from Born of Osiris guitarist, Lee McKinney.Nieuw

All The Largest Nuclear Explosions In History


The first hydrogen bomb was tested in 1952, delivering a blast many times more powerful than any weapon used in World War II.

Deadly Tanker Explosion on Italy Highway Causes Extensive Damage


A collision on a highway in Italy caused an extraordinary blast that killed at least two people and left at least 70 others injured.

Massive explosion at Ukraine ammunition depot forces evacuation


A huge explosion at an ammunition depot in Kalynivka, west of Kiev, Ukraine, early Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017, forced the ...

Bhadohi blast : 10 killed in explosion at carpet factory in Uttar Pradesh - TV1


Bhadohi blast : 10 killed in explosion at carpet factory in Uttar Pradesh ▻ Watch LIVE: ...Nieuw

Bhadohi: 10 people dead after an explosion in a two-storey building. Rescue operations underway.


This segment of Zee News brings to you latest from UPs Bhadohi, where 10 people died after an explosion in a two-storey ...Nieuw

Explosives Expert Rates Unrealistic Movie Explosions


Weve all seen action stars walk away from ridiculous explosions in movies. Here, Columbia University explosives engineer ...Ondertiteling

Destroyed in Seconds- Chemical Plant Explosion


An explosion at a Nevada rocket fuel plant generates a massive, earthquake-like shockwave. Subscribe to Discovery!

Explosion in two-storey building in UPs Bhadohi, many die


At least 4 people were killed in a mysterious explosion in a two-storey house on Saturday afternoon in Rotaha Bazar of Chauri ...Nieuw

Huge Building Explosion at 2500fps - The Slow Mo Guys


Gav and Dan celebrate the release of Battlefield 4 by setting off the biggest explosion they have ever done. Check out Battlefield 4 ...

1000 Degree EXPLOSION Experiment *GONE WRONG*


1000 DEGREE EXPLOSION IN MY GARDEN SDMN Clothing: My Twitter: ...

Massive explosion at Ukrainian military ammunitions depot


Massive explosions at a military ammunitions depot in Ukraine forced authorities to close airspace and evacuate the surrounding ...