Sony PS3 Slim 320GB: Unboxing


Better late than never! Unboxing of the Sony PS3. By popular request from followers on Facebook/Twitter/Google+. Picked up from ...

PS3 4.83 Firmware Update Released: Effects on PS3xploit HAN & CFW users


Sony surprised everyone by pushing out a 4.83 firmware update recently. This update does have some effects on CFW systems, ...

PS3 Super Slim Vs PS3 Slim 2018


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Top 10 PS3 Games With Best Graphics


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Top 25 Best PS3 Games of All Time HD


25 of the best and highly-rated PlayStation 3 games that the console can offer as of August 30, 2015. Get these awesome games.

Cleaning a PS3 Super Slim


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Should You Buy a PS3 in 2018?


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Warning PS3 New Update 4.83 Do Not Update For Now !!!


psx place ps3-4-83-ofw-now-live-beware-changes-unknown-stay-tuned.20951/#post-140270 ...

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 on SICK! - School (PS3 Gameplay)


NOTE: this is not the order in which I am playing this game, the levels are not linear, but I will organize them according to the List ...

Using the PS3 in 2018 - Review


The Playstation 3 is already 12 years old, which is hard to believe. It's fair to say that despite the rough start, the PS3 is iconic... but ...

FORTNITE ON THE PS3... (Fortnite PS3 & Xbox 360)


FORTNITE ON THE PS3! Fortnite PS3 & Xbox 360 gameplay with the lowest graphic settings on PC Twitter: ...

PS3 RSX GPU reballing from begin to end


I just like to share knowledge. Maybe I could have done things better, maybe not. When you like this video, please give me a ...

PS3 UNBOXING! Original Playstation 3 Fat Console 60GB PS2 Backwards Compatible


Unboxing arguably the best Playstation 3 console: original phat 60GB model. Backwards compatible with PS2 games!

Playing GTA 5 on PS3 in 2018


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PlayStation 3 / PS3 HIDDEN GEMS


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PS3: 10 Years Later


Xbox 360: 10 Years Later It's been 10 years since the PS3 brought the Sony ...

How to Install HAN on Any PS3 on Firmware 4.82 | Super Slim Jailbreak (PS3Xploit v3)


PS3Xploit comes through again with their v3 iteration, HAN short for etHANol, a way of modifying EVERY PS3 model out there as ...

what happens when you get on ps3 in 2018?


ever wondered what happens when you play and get on ps3 in 2017? watch the video to find out!