James Rolfe

James Rolfe/Angry Video Game Nerd QA - TooManyGames 2018


James Rolfe, head of Cinemassacre and also known as the AVGN, held a QA at TooManyGames 2018! Was very interesting!

Use Your Words AWESOME! with James Rolfe and Kevin Gamble!


Full Episode HERE: LIVE SHOWS ...

Things Cats Do


James Mike discuss things cats do. Cat failures, cat fighting and more. Tell us what weird things your cat does ...

Breaking Bad - TV series review


James reviews Breaking Bad!James Twitter #retro #retrogaming #nes #snes #jamesrolfe ...

Top 50 Favorite Films PART 1


Cinemassacres Top 50 Favorite Films by James Rolfe 50 - 26You can see any of the movies using the affiliate links below50 ...

Top 20 Mistakes in TMNT (1987) by James Rolfe


belongs to cinemassacre.

Interview with James Rolfe from AVGN and Cinemassacre


Scott and Andy sit down over the interweb, and get candid with James Rolfe aka The Angry Video Game Nerd.

What will I watch? (Netflix browsing)


This is what happens when I browse Netflix.

ROLFE: A No-Budget Dream (2002)


This is a documentary made about me, filmed and edited by fellow college students in 2002. It shows a ...

James Rolfe / AVGN / Cinemassacre Mailbag 3 - Live like a Windrammer as you Fuck


Fight hard style yo and you will soon have a future in balls so give shits abouts it.

Top 10 Popular Films I Dont Love


Have you ever had an experience with a film that differs from the majority? Heret love ...Субтитри

Travel vlog #4 - Visiting James Rolfe


The fourth travel vlog from our trip to the filming locations. Welcome to my channel about Movie Locations and Movie Talk!

Name that Tune - Metallica


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Silver Surfer No Shots Fired - James and Mike Mondays


James Rolfe and Mike Matei attempt a challenge with Silver Surfer for NES! Follow Mike Matei on Twitch https ...Нове

The Original Nerd Room


This month marks the 10 year anniversary since James Rolfe made the Castlevania II: Simons Quest video. The very first Angry ...

James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) Panel @ SoCal Retro Gaming Expo 2018


Here is the full James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) panel from SoCal Retro Gaming Expo 2018! He basically just took ...

Ghostbusters 2016. No Review. I refuse.


My preemptive thoughts on the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. Just because it has the Ghostbusters license does not mean I will ...Субтитри

Shut Up and Talk: James Rolfe


Doug sits down with the Angry Video Game Nerd himself to talk games, movies, and family. Check out AVGNs channel here ...