Franklin - Franklin and the Bus Patrol / Franklin and Wolvie


- Franklin breaks a school bus safety rule and receives a ticket from the new bus patrol ...CC

Franklin Friends Polar Explorer | CHRISTMAS SPECIAL


When Franklins heirloom key opens a special Navigation Bar, the coordinates send Franklin and his parents ...

Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure Special


In this charming adventure story, Franklin and his friends unearth a lost treasure and in doing so, discover the true meaning of ...CC

Franklin - Franklin Fibs / Franklins Blanket


- When Franklin boasts that he can eat seventy-six flies in the blink of an eye, he never expected that his friends ...CC

Franklin and Friends - Franklin the Dinosaur Hunter / Franklin Paints a Picture - Ep. 26


Franklin and Friends - Franklin the Dinosaur Hunter / Franklin Paints a Picture - Ep. 26 Check out more of our Playlist Video ...

Paramore - Franklin (Official Audio)


Paramore - available now on Fueled By Ramen. Get it at ...

Franklins Magic Christmas Special


In this delightful holiday special, Franklin and his little sister Harriet embark on an arduous Christmas journey, to find help for their ...CC

Franklin - Franklin Says Sorry / Franklin And The Fire - Ep. 23


Franklin spoils Bears tree fort surprise when he blabs an entrusted secret to Fox. Now, Bear does not want to share anything with ...CC

Franklin - Franklins Submarine


- Franklin sets out to get the recognition he deserves after the local newspaper inadvertently excludes ...CC

Franklin - Franklins Homemade Cookies - Ep. 33


Once again, Franklin puts off the chore of dismantling his backyard fort until tomorrow and as a result, his day of fun becomes ...CC