Soft spoken

[Japanese ASMR] Soft Spoken


Happy new year!*Please enjoy the video with your earphones or headphones plugged as it is in recorded in stereo ...Субтитри

Current Movie Releases, Long soft spoken ASMR


Soft spoken ASMR looking at the Entertainment section at latest movie releases in theaters. Relaxing review of ratings and ...Нове

*ASMR* Sassy Hotel Clerk Role Play | Hotel Check-in | Soft Spoken


Meet Bong! She is a sassy, crazy, flirty, chatty and awkward character. She is very expressive and has high energy. She is ...Нове

[ASMR] Chilling Together at a House Party (Soft Spoken/Whispered)


Contact Email: [email protected] (For channel related enquiries, media ...Нове

ASMR-ish Acer Chromebook Tab 10 Unboxing and soft-spoken casual Review/Ramble


Trying my hand at soft-speaking while doing an unboxing of the new Acer Chromebook Tab 10. I shot this video over the summer ...Нове

ASMR Soft Spoken Chat (#1)


My first chit chat/advice style video! Let me know what you guys think, and if you would like me to do another video like this, please ...Нове

ASMR | Dollar Tree Shopping Haul / Show Tell (Soft Spoken)


NOTE: I am so sorry about the tinny/beepy audio in this video. I thought I had fixed the problem, but after finishing this hour-long ...Нове

ASMR 1 Hour Drawing Map of Italy | Soft Spoken Binaural


Deep voice English/Italian Soft speaking in Swedish accent - while Drawing the map of Italy - to help you relax and sleep. ASMR ...Нове

[ASMR] Medical Exam - Walk-In Clinic Roleplay {Soft Spoken}


Hey Shan-anigans!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday vacation! Dr. Shanny is back and ready to treat you at the Walk-In ...

ASMR Tingly Hair Play and Brushing - Back Tracing - Soft Spoken


Let this channel be a place where you can relax, tingle, calm down and feel safe! I do all kind of different content, mostly in English ...Нове

ASMR: Favoris janvier (show tell) - soft spoken livres du mois - chuchotement


Triggers: soft spoken, chuchotement/whispers, asmr old school, crinckles (emballage), tracing, hand mouvements,page turning ...Нове

ASMR | Play Money Show Tell / Making Change (Soft Spoken)


NOTE: This video will probably look and sound different from my normal stuff. My computer died this morning, and I used my sons ...Нове

ASMR 🌺 Sleepy Pleasures 🌺 Soft Spoken


Good evening ^_^ Tonight well chat about things that help us feel sleepy in this comfy atmosphere. Enjoy ♥ Greetings 0:00 ...Субтитри

Hypnotic Message for the New Year 2019 - Soft Spoken, Hand Movements


Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! IS it feeling very for you yet? I hope so! But if not, it is common for many people to ...Нове

[ASMR] Reading to you for sleep- Soft spoken relaxation


Hello there Lovelies! This was a sample of work a subscriber had given to share with you all. The Author is simply looking for ...

ASMR | Head massage and energy healing on a new friend (soft spoken)


In todays video, I give my friend Elizabeth a relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage, encouraging the release of any ...

[ASMR] School Nurse Exam - Takes Care Of You {Roleplay} {Soft Spoken}


Hey Shan-anigans!! Sorry that this second video was a bit late this week. Still getting over being sick - which is why I still look ...Нове

[ASMR] Librarian Roleplay | Soft Spoken - Patreon Requested


Hey guys, check out my very first ASMR Librarian Roleplay. In this video I focus on a number of ASMR triggers, which include ...

[ASMR] Make-up On You And Me ♡ Soft-Spoken


Hello gorgeous! Enjoy this pampering makeup on you, and Ill join in as well so we can get ready for our event on time! I hope you ...